The Simpsons

  • Premiered: Dec 1989
  • Episodes: 738
  • Followers: 9503
  • Running
  • FOX
  • Sunday at 20
  • Animation Comedy


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Season 17
The Bonfire of the Manatees
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 11, 2005
Homer gets into trouble with football gambling debts. As compensation, Fat Tony wants to use the Simpson home for shooting the adult film “Lemony Lickit: A Series of Horny Events.” Homer .. show full overview
The Girl Who Slept Too Little
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 18, 2005
The noise of early morning construction next door is keeping the family awake; there is a new stamp museum under construction. The family successfully leads a protest that gets the stamp .. show full overview
Milhouse of Sand and Fog
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 25, 2005
When Maggie is showing signs of being ill, the family goes to “the more boisterous house of worship” in town to find Dr. Hibbert, who tells them that Maggie is developing the chicken .. show full overview
Treehouse of Horror XVI
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 06, 2005
It is game six of the World Series and Kang and Kodos decide to speed up the play of the game and they fire the acceleray. They shatter the fabric of the universe and everything is .. show full overview
Marge's Son Poisoning
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 13, 2005
The family is at Paradise Pier, where Marge was looking forward to riding the Ferris wheel all her life, only to find out that it is being dismantled with some of its equipment being .. show full overview
See Homer Run
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 20, 2005
Homer is ready for everyone to shower him with gifts on Father’s Day and Marge and the kids go to the mall to obtain the presents. Lisa decides she is going to make something for her .. show full overview
The Last of the Red Hat Mamas
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 27, 2005
The mayor’s estate is used for Springfield’s Easter celebration, and in the course of the events, Homer embarrasses Marge in front of some new potential friends. To make it up, Homer .. show full overview
The Italian Bob
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 11, 2005
After being humiliated by Mrs. Krabappel's class, Mr. Burns finally decides to buy a new car, so he orders a Lamborgotti Fasterossa. He sends Homer and his family to the factory in .. show full overview
Simpsons Christmas Stories
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 18, 2005
When Reverend Lovejoy and Ned Flanders are unable to deliver the Christmas sermon, Homer steps in and tells the story of the birth of the baby Jesus (Bart), King Harod’s (Mr. Burns’) .. show full overview
Homer's Paternity Coot
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 08, 2006
The result of Marge's anger against Quimby’s new toll road leads to the discovery of a frozen mailman and his 40-year-old mail. The old mail is delivered to the recipients, including one .. show full overview
We're on the Road to D'ohwhere
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 29, 2006
Bart obtains the key to the steam tunnels under the school and with Milhouse they go down to check them out. When Bart turns just one of the little valves they find in the valve room the .. show full overview
My Fair Laddy
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 26, 2006
Mr. Krupt is the school’s new gym teacher and introduces Bart and the kids to “BOMBARDMENT!” Bart’s attempt to get back at the new gym teacher results in the destruction of .. show full overview
The Seemingly Never-Ending Story
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 12, 2006
The family is on a nature walk through “Carl’s Dad Caverns,” when Homer tries to get a piece from a stalactite. This results in the family falling through the cave floor and winds up .. show full overview
Bart Has Two Mommies
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 19, 2006
The family is at a church fund-raiser, where Homer tries to ensure his rubber duck onto victory, but Flanders wins the big prize, which he doesn’t want and gives it to Marge. In return .. show full overview
Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 26, 2006
Homer is stoked for a party, where Lenny shows off his new plasma screen HD TV. Three days later and Homer still hasn’t left Lenny’s apartment. Lenny eventually gets him to leave and .. show full overview
Million Dollar Abie
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 02, 2006
Homer spearheads the effort to get pro-football to bring a new franchise to Springfield. The football commissioner, on his way to officially award the franchise, stops at the Simpson .. show full overview
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 09, 2006
At the power plant a movie is shown where the workers endorse outsourcing and Mr. Burns announces that he is closing the plant and moving the work to India. Homer is the only union .. show full overview
The Wettest Stories Ever Told
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 23, 2006
As the family waits for their food at “The Frying Dutchman,” they pass the time by telling stories. Lisa tells about the Mayflower’s journey to America, where Marge and her kids are .. show full overview
Girls Just Want to Have Sums
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 30, 2006
The family attends "Stab-A-Lot: The Itchy and Scratchy Musical." The musical's director is a graduate of Springfield Elementary and Principal Skinner puts his foot in mouth when he .. show full overview
Regarding Margie
Episode overview
Air date
May 07, 2006
Marge goes on a cleaning frenzy before the housekeeper she’s won the services of comes to the house. One spot remains and she mixes a number of toxic cleaners together to tackle the job. .. show full overview
The Monkey Suit
Episode overview
Air date
May 14, 2006
Working through their checklists of things to do before summer ends, Lisa gets the family to go a museum. At the Springfield Museum of Natural History there is an exhibit Lisa is .. show full overview
17x22 Season finale
Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play
Episode overview
Air date
May 21, 2006
When Homer hears that the Isotopes are on a winning streak, he takes the family to the game. The first baseman’s game is going bad, caused by his sexy singing wife Tabitha embarrassing .. show full overview

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