Mamoru Miyano

(41 years old)

Born: June 8th, 1983

Place of birth: Saitama Prefecture, Japan

Death: -

Miyano Mamoru is best known for voicing many characters such as Yagami Light, Setsuna F Seiei and Hakugen Rikuson for Death Note, Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and Koutetsu Sangokushi respectively. He was nominated for two awards at the 2007 Seiyu Awards: "Best Lead Actor Award" and "Best New Actor Awards" for his role as Light Yagami. In 2008, he won the "Best Voice Actor" award at the 2008 Tokyo International Anime Fair, for both characters. At the 2008 Seiyu Awards, Miyano won "Best Lead Actor Awa

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