• Premiered: Apr 2011
  • Episodes: 38
  • Followers: 17
  • Ended
  • Tokyo MX
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  • Action Adventure Animation Anime Comedy Fantasy Romance


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Season 3
Once Again, The Hero Returns
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 11, 2015
The three heroes return to Flonyard but Cinque and Nanami's summoning is disrupted by a lighting bolt, leaving them stranded in a forest. While their friends search for the duo, they meet a girl named Sharu who offers them aid.
The Dragon Priestess
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 18, 2015
Cinque and Nanami help Sharu protect the forest against hordes of rogue beasts, but after reuniting with their friends, a bigger threat appears.
Decisive Battle! The Dragon's Forest!
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 25, 2015
The armies of Biscotti, Gallete and Pastillage join forces to vanquish a powerful demon that threatens the forest. To help Sharu seal the demon, Cinque, Nanami and Rebecca bring their powers to the limit.
What's Passed On
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 01, 2015
With the crisis averted, the heroes return to their respective kingdoms, but when Nanami and the Genoise Trio pay a visit to Pastillage, they get into a slimy mess when some dangerous creatures break free at the castle.
Exploration at the Crystal Mines!
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 08, 2015
Cinque and Rebecca joins a scientific expedition that turns into a dangerous adventure when a cursed creature threatens the local Fairies.
The Lion's Arranged Marriage
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 15, 2015
The time has come for Leonmitchelle's annual challenge in which whoever defeats the princess earns the right to marry her, but this time, a new and powerful contestant who is an old friend of hers, appears as well.
The Little Prince and the Legendary Hero
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 22, 2015
After almost defeating Leonmitchelle in the challenge, Prince Leaf from the Kingdom of Halver is showed around Galette, Biscotti and Pastillage by the locals, and after attending one of .. show full overview
Recollection: The Story of the Hero and the Princess
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 01, 2015
Adel and Valério tell Couvert and her friends their exploits to clear the land of demons along with Brioche, Isuca and Valério's long lost sister, Princess Clarifier, the one who summoned Adel to Flonyard and became her closest friend.
The Star Whale in the Sky Sea
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 08, 2015
Upon learning that something is amiss with the Sky Priestess, Sharu seeks for the Heroes' aid and departs with them to the insides of the Star Whale, a massive flying deity where she resides.
The Sky Priestess and the Star People
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 15, 2015
Upon meeting the Sky Priestess, Cinque's party learns that the Star Whale is infested of demons, and the only way to cleanse it is by the voice of a talented singer. With Aria, the Sky .. show full overview
Song of the Stars
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 22, 2015
Once returning with reinforcements, Shinku joins forces with Gaul against Verde to rescue Aria, while Milhiore uses her song to heal the Sky Whale.
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 29, 2015
Once the Sky Whale is restored, Shinku and his friends return to the surface. Some time later, the heroes are once again sent back to Earth, promising to return to Flonyard in the near future.

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