Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun

  • Premiered: Jul 2014
  • Episodes: 12
  • Followers: 140
  • Ended
  • TV Tokyo
  • Monday
  • Animation Anime Comedy Romance


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Season 1
This Love... Is Being Turned Into a Shojo Manga
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 07, 2014
Chiyo Sakura, age 16, tells her crush Umetaro Nozaki that she is his fan, but he responds by giving her his autograph. She then says she wants to be with him always, so Nozaki invites .. show full overview
Say Hello to the New Heroine
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 14, 2014
Nozaki introduces Sakura to his friend Mikoto Mikoshiba, a popular and flirtatious guy who Sakura soon learns is actually painfully shy and is often ashamed of his own words. He spends a .. show full overview
Violence vs. the Prince
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 21, 2014
Mikoshiba introduces to Sakura and Nozaki his best friend, Yū Kashima, who is known as the school prince, but is actually a girl. She is a member of the acting club and is really popular .. show full overview
There Are Times When Men Must Fight
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 28, 2014
Mikoshiba asks Nozaki if he can stay over in order to seek his advice regarding girls, however the "girls" turn out to be heroines of a dating simulation game. As they try out the game, .. show full overview
The Man Who Envisions Love
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 04, 2014
Nozaki frantically cleans his apartment for his editor, Ken Miyamae, who appears and leaves so quickly that Sakura thinks he does not like Nozaki. However, Nozaki praises him in .. show full overview
I'll Cast a Spell on You
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 11, 2014
Nozaki sees Hirotaka Wakamatsu, his junior from middle school when they were on the basketball club. Wakamatsu tells Nozaki about being stressed out and unable to sleep because of Seo's .. show full overview
The Manga Artist's Brain, Nozaki-kun
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 18, 2014
When Nozaki agrees to go with Sakura on his day off, Sakura thinks of it is a date situation, but Nozaki uses the time to get more manga ideas. They go to the mall and encounter .. show full overview
The Prince (Girl) of the School's Problems
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 25, 2014
Kashima has been driving Hori crazy with her antics, but she gets confused when she discovers that Hori and the guys have been reading Yumeno’s shojo manga and taking it rather .. show full overview
Do You Have Enough Excitement?
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 01, 2014
When Sakura and Nozaki both forget to bring umbrellas for a rainy day, Nozaki takes the opportunity to gather romance ideas about umbrella sharing for his manga. After Seo gives them her .. show full overview
What's Strengthened Is Our Bond and Our Reins.
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 08, 2014
Hoping for some ideas for his side characters, Nozaki has Wakamatsu accept a movie date with Seo. When Hori suggests doing a musical production, Kashima scrambles for help as she is .. show full overview
Let's Rice
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 15, 2014
Nozaki wants to create some excitement within the manga's story, and for reference, he tries a variety of strategies to surprise Sakura. Later, Mikoshiba, Hori, and Wakamatsu get caught .. show full overview
1x12 Show finale
If This Feeling Isn't Love, Then There Is No Love in the World
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 22, 2014
Chiyo tries to advance her relationship with Nozaki when she finds that she still has not given him the chocolates she had for Valentine’s Day. Chiyo, Nozaki and their friends attend a .. show full overview

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