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Durham: Dangerous Housewife
Episode overview
Recalling the case of Barbara T. Stager, who was convicted in 1989 of fatally shooting her husband in 1988. Stager was sentenced to death. Narrator: Paul Winfield.
Miami Beach, FL: Smugglers & Speedboats
Episode overview
Recalling the 1987 murder of powerboat pioneer Don Aronow, who was gunned down in Miami. Narrator: Paul Winfield.
Portland, ME: Unfriendly Fire
Episode overview
A murder case in Portland, Maine, involving a tavern owner, is recalled. Paul Winfield narrates.
Los Angeles, CA: Silenced Partner
Episode overview
Recalling the 1989 contract murder of strip-club owner Horace McKenna, whose hit was ordered by former business partner Michael Woods. Narrator: Paul Winfield.
San Diego, CA: Badge of Dishonor
Episode overview
The case of former California Highway Patrolman Craig Peyer, who was convicted of murdering college student Cara Knott in 1988. Narrator: Paul Winfield.
El Paso: Outlaw Attorney
Episode overview
Recalling the 1978 murder of El Paso lawyer Lee Chagra, who was shot to death in his office by burglars. Narrator: Paul Winfield.
Archer City: Under Suspicion
Episode overview
Recalling the 1995 case of former Texas sheriff Presley L. Pippin Jr., convicted of raping Gail Bennett shortly after her 1990 arrest for shooting her husband. Narrator: Paul Winfield.