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Wilmington: Dangerous Affairs
Episode overview
In 1996, a prominent attorney and governor's aide, Tom Capano, is convicted of murdering Anne Marie Fahey, his young mistress, in a tawdry case involving the who's who of Delaware's political and social circles.
Atlantic City: The Mayor and the Mob
Episode overview
In the early 80's Michael Matthews worked with a mob boss, Nicodemo Scarfo, to win the mayoral election which led to a ring of corruption that forever changed Atlantic City.
Ingleside: Dirty Deals, Buried Secrets
Episode overview
In 1996, Mark Brueggen's body was found in a shallow grave. Brueggen's business partner Mark Crawford, the town's most prominent citizen and business man, was charged with his murder .. show full overview
Key West: Pirates in Paradise
Episode overview
Mel Fisher was Key West's resident hero since his discovery of a sunken treasure ship from 1622. However, in 1998, an investigation was sparked into Fisher's "authentic" gold coins and his old diving friend Walter Kruse.
St. Augustine: The Socialite and the Politician
Episode overview
In 1974, Athalia Ponsell-Lindsley, a socialite, was murdered in her front yard. The two main suspects were Alan Stanford, her neighbor whom she did not get along with, and her husband James.
Phoenix: Shady Deals in Sun City
Episode overview
In 1980, Pat Redmond, his wife Marilyn, and her mother were shot in their home by three men. Pat and Marilyn's mother did not survive, but Marylin did. She was able to identify the men, which included Pat's business partner Ron Lukezic.
Greenwood: The Devil and the Delta Blues
Episode overview
Robert Johnson was the king of the blues, and in 1938 he returned to Greenwood for a last gig before heading to the big time in New York. But he was mysteriously poisoned, and the killer was never found.