United Shades of America

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The Woke War
Episode overview
In this episode, W. Kamau Bell explores what is going on with ‘wokeness.’ The term “woke” has become the epicenter of a massive political and ideological fight for control of the .. show full overview
Black in Appalachia
Episode overview
When we picture Appalachians, we generally picture the white working class of America. But a significant and largely unknown population of Black Americans have called it home since the .. show full overview
Athletes and the Cost of Winning
Episode overview
While sports can be exhilarating and bring us together, they also come with a lot of intensity and pressure that can compromise athletes’ mental health. W. Kamau Bell heads to the .. show full overview
California Is Burning
Episode overview
Years of prolonged drought and extreme heatwaves in California have seen wildfires grow in frequency, intensity, and size. It is a complex crisis, fueled by mismanagement of the land, .. show full overview
Asian Americans in the Spotlight
Episode overview
W. Kamau Bell takes us on a personal journey as he discusses representation with some of his Asian American friends in the film and television industry, examining the commonality between .. show full overview
The Landback Movement
Episode overview
W. Kamau Bell travels to the Black Hills of South Dakota – a place known for centuries to the Indigenous peoples of the area as “the heart of everything that is.” Bell dives into the .. show full overview
Hawaii for Hawaiians
Episode overview
The word ‘aloha’ has come to define Hawaiian hospitality: a warm, open armed welcome. But in his second trip to Hawaii, W. Kamau Bell learns how that word has been commodified and .. show full overview