The Crimes That Changed Us

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Andrea Yates
Episode overview
Andrea Yates appears to have the perfect family. However, her fascination with extreme religious ideas and hidden postpartum psychosis leads her to believe Satan is sending messages to drown all of her children. What follows is a media firestorm.
Atlanta Olympic Bombing
Episode overview
At the 1996 Olympics, a security guard discovers pipe bombs and clears the area to minimize fatalities. Praised as a hero, the FBI then decides he fits the profile of a domestic terrorist, while the real villain continues his terror campaign.
McMartin Preschool Trial
Episode overview
When the parents of children in a California preschool are informed that their kids may have been the victims of sexual abuse, it sets off a chain of panic and catastrophic events that will put an innocent man on trial for the heinous crimes.
The Menendez Brothers
Episode overview
When a Hollywood executive and his wife are brutally killed in a wealthy neighborhood, suspicion falls on their two sons. Charged with the murders, the brothers reveal disturbing family .. show full overview
Episode overview
A Mexican-American singer is on the cusp of international superstardom when one fateful visit to a Texas motel cuts her young life tragically short. Fans clamor for justice as police negotiators stand-off with an unlikely killer.
The Nanny Trial
Episode overview
Louise Woodward, an 18-year-old au pair from Britain, is accused of murdering eight-month-old Matthew Eappen by violently shaking him. Her trial creates a media firestorm, searing the term "shaken baby syndrome" into America's consciousness.
Patty Hearst
Episode overview
In the seventies' chaos, left wing radicals take heiress Patty Hearst hostage and the media, too. While the FBI focuses their efforts on bank robbery charges, a murder goes unsolved. But the son of the slain Myrna Opsahl holds out for justice.
Rodney King
Episode overview
In 1992 Los Angeles, the brutal police beating of Rodney King is caught on video, igniting outrage. When the officers are let off, fury is unleashed. With testimony from LA residents, this is an intimate account of those dark days.