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Bermuda: Death on the Rock
Episode overview
Chronicling the 1996 rape and murder in Bermuda of teenage tourist Rebecca Middleton, a crime for which her suspected killer was set free. Included: her family's efforts to appeal the .. show full overview
Middleburg: Pistols, Ponies, and Foul Play
Episode overview
In 1997, an heiress, Susan Cummings, shoots her Argentine polo player boyfriend, Roberto Villegas, yet spends only 60 days in jail after claiming physical abuse.
Newberry: Small Town Justice
Episode overview
The 1994 beating death of Vickie Lander Beckham, the daughter of a South Carolina State Senator. Her husband, Stephen, was sentenced to life in prison in 1996 for hiring a hitman to carry out the murder.
Scottsboro: Foul Play in the Bible Belt
Episode overview
In 1994, a quiet southern town is rocked by the brutal murder of a local senator's daughter, Vickie Lander Beckham, and even more disturbed to learn that the killer was her husband, Stephen Beckham, the son of a prominent bishop.
Darlington, WI: Bad Judgement
Episode overview
A tough county judge is charged with killing his political rival's law partner.
Virginia City: Showdown at the Mustang Ranch
Episode overview
The owner of the infamous Mustang Ranch, Joe Conforte, evades the IRS with the help of three local officials, Peter Perry, Bob Del Carlo, and Shirley Colleti, until the government catches on.
Key West: Pirates in Paradise
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
St. Augustine: The Socialite and the Politician
Episode overview
When model Athalia Ponsell-Lindsley, the mayor's wife, was murdered and nearly decapitated with a machete in 1974. A politician who despised Athalia was tried and acquitted, and police never looked for another suspect.
Carlsbad:Danger in the Desert
Episode overview
Carlsbad is divided over the outcome of popular politician and pharmacist Johnny Volpato's murder trail.
Phoenix: Shady Deals in Sun City
Episode overview
A printer is mudered and his partner is inplicated in the crime.
Great Falls:The Criminal Next Door
Episode overview
The story of the murder of a prominent cardiologist that shocked a well-to-do town in 1980. But the town was even more startled when the killer turned out to be a highly respected neighbor who had hidden his real profession--master jewel thief.
Greenwood: The Devil and the Delta Blues
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Ruthton: Tragedy in the Heartland
Episode overview
When 2 bankers are murdered in Ruthton, Minnesota1983 the small town is shocked. The case draws national attention to the farm crisises of the 1980s.
Gatlinburg: Smoky Mountain Nightmare
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Rock Springs: Deadly Draw in the Wild West
Episode overview
An old fashion old west shootout or murder?
Ingleside: Dirty Deals, Buried Secrets
Episode overview
A small Texas town if rocked by scandal when the mayor is accused of murdering a prominent businessman.
Boston: Betrayal in Beantown
Episode overview
Racial tension boils over when police believe a black man murdered a pregnant woman, Carole Stewart. Within days the truth is revealed and Carole's husband, Charles, stands accused instead.