Accident, Suicide, or Murder

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The Big Shot
Episode overview
When a late night party in the home of a celebrity basketball player turns deadly, a curious web of lies leads detectives on a rocky road to the truth to find justice for the unlikely victim
Father Knows Death
Episode overview
Two unusual accidents that are two decades apart leave a family suspicious of a father who appears to benefit from tragedy.
The Hunter And The Hunted
Episode overview
A young immigrant mother is killed in a hunting accident while out with her fiancé. As police investigate, they unravel a tangle of romantic relationships, money and motives to reveal the terrifying truth of what really happened.
A Family Fight
Episode overview
Found with a gunshot wound to her chest, a woman's family seeks justice for 20 years after the would-be murder suspect proclaims suicide.
Playing With Fire
Episode overview
Two bodies are discovered in the ashes of a suspicious house fire. The hunt for a former jilted lover begins. When investigators follow clues in a viral Tik-Tok trend, they begin to realize that nothing is what it seems.
California Crash
Episode overview
A tragic car accident leaves a mother dead and her daughter in critical condition. While trying to uncover the truth behind the crash, detectives are led down a winding path involving an alleged government conspiracy and a citywide manhunt.
Hollywood Horror
Episode overview
Detectives chase the truth when a struggling Hollywood actress and a famed music producer engage in a late-night rendezvous that takes a deadly turn.
Beauty and the Politician
Episode overview
A married politician's day with his mistress comes to a tragic end when she's shot to death in her driveway.
Mystery in Montebello
Episode overview
When a 41-year-old math teacher suddenly dies at home without an official cause of death, investigators find his new wife holds the clues.
Drowning in Lies
Episode overview
When a famed musician's ex-wife drowns in her new boyfriend's pool, her famous family fights for justice, and the question becomes whether this was a drunken accidental drowning or whether he did her in.
Friend or Foe?
Episode overview
Two young friends who are prominent in the online deaf community pursue a shared dream in the northern California wilderness; when the pact turns sour and one of them goes missing, detectives must make sense of their perilous and deadly journey.
Shattered Glass
Episode overview
When a beloved wife and doting husband are involved in a bizarre car accident, only one of them survives; as inconsistencies pile up, detectives are left questioning if this really was a freak accident or a clever attempt to hide a murder.
Drop by Drop
Episode overview
When first responders find a self-made millionaire dead in his lakeside mansion, initial signs point to a natural cause of death. As investigators probe further, however, they uncover a toxicological bombshell that blows the case wide open.
A Mysterious Overdose
Episode overview
A troubled Las Vegas lawyer goes to sleep early while her psychologist husband takes their daughters out to dinner; when she doesn't wake up the next morning, her family is convinced there's more to this incident than investigators initially believe.
A Loaded Crime Scene
Episode overview
A husband shoots his wife across the kitchen table while cleaning a gun; he claims it was an accident, but when her colleague mysteriously dies a few days later, investigators take a closer look at the case.
Secrets in the Scrapyard
Episode overview
When a young mother is found dead at work from an apparent suicide, her church community is shocked by the loss; however, revelations of torrid infidelity and rampant drug use lead investigators on a decade-long search for the truth behind her death.
Death in Shallow Waters
Episode overview
A husband comes home to find his wife dead next to their outdoor fish pond; her cause of death appears to be from a trip and fall, but when investigators follow a twisted trail of familial deceit and greed, new truths bring her death into question.
A Doctor's Care
Episode overview
Exploring the unbelievable true stories of suspicious deaths by retracing the investigations from start to finish, dissecting the red flags and undeniable evidence, and strange behavior that put the tragedies in question.
Cutting Ties
Episode overview
On the edge of divorce, a couple's argument over custody turns deadly; the husband claims he killed his wife in self-defense when she attacked him with scissors, but a look into his past holds a deadly secret.
Fiery Grave
Episode overview
When a young husband dies in a fiery car crash, investigators believe his death was a tragic accident, but when his widow seems more relieved than aggrieved, detectives make a shocking discovery.