The First 48

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Unforgotten: Mothers and Sons
Episode overview
Two murders within hours of each other at the same apartment complex leave Mobile Homicide scrambling to find the culprits.
Money Move
Episode overview
Five young lives are ruined when a plan to score some easy money goes horribly wrong.
Deadly Bluff
Episode overview
In Tulsa, one man is killed, and another is injured when a dispute over stolen marijuana plants turns deadly.
Tripped Out
Episode overview
When a teenager is found shot and dumped in the street, detectives struggle to figure out who he is and where he was killed.
House Party
Episode overview
In Gwinnett County, a young man is caught in the crossfire when his twenty-first birthday spins out of control.
Deadly Pickup
Episode overview
When a man is found shot to death in the back of his truck, detectives hope a dating app is the key to finding his killer.
Into Thin Air/Love and Lies
Episode overview
In Atlanta, a young man is missing and presumed dead after a mysterious turn of events; in Tulsa, a mother-to-be shields a potential killer.
Murder Strikes at Midnight
Episode overview
Tulsa detectives head to Texas to chase down two suspects after they kill a young father of two.
Out of Options/The Reunion
Episode overview
In Tulsa, Okla., Detective White needs a former student to tell the truth about a shooting at an apartment complex. In Gwinnett, Ga., a man is shot in front of his friend as a robbery takes a deadly turn.
The Woman in the Dark
Episode overview
In Gwinnett County, a veteran and a rookie detective untangle a web of lies as they work to solve a young woman’s mysterious death. Can they untangle a web of lies in time to reveal the killer?
Dark Places
Episode overview
In Mobile, Ala., when a homeless woman is found executed in an alley and a father of five is shot dead in a desolate area, detectives rely on clues from one case to help solve the other.
Bad Influence/Vicious Circle
Episode overview
In Atlanta, a young man is killed in an apartment when a scheme to make easy money goes wrong; a beloved mother is murdered in a drive-by shooting leading St. Louis detectives to a neighborhood turf war.
Back Street
Episode overview
When a man is shot on the side of the road, clues lead Detective Jason White to an ongoing crime spree, in his 100th case for Tulsa Homicide.
Episode overview
In Gwinnett County, a beloved special education teacher is gunned down in broad daylight when the suspects' plan to score some easy money spins out of control.
One Wrong Move
Episode overview
Desperate to stop the senseless shootings in her community, Detective "KeeKee" Taylor must find out why the latest teen victim was wearing a ski mask when he was killed.
Killer of a Kind Heart/Friend in Need
Episode overview
A man living at an extended-stay hotel is shot dead in his room after a night of gambling with friends turns into more than anyone bargained for. In Mobile, a young woman helps a friend .. show full overview
Inside the Tape Special #10
Episode overview
In New Orleans, a 17-year old high school student is shot over a gaming controller on his way to school. In St. Louis, a woman is murdered in broad daylight and the main suspect is found .. show full overview
Inside the Tape Special #11
Episode overview
When a homeless man is found dead and an accidental death seems most likely, Detective Ryan Vaught must convince the squad it’s cold blooded murder. In New Orleans, when a new father is .. show full overview
Inside the Tape Special #12
Episode overview
In New Orleans, when an eyewitness points out a potential suspect at the crime scene, Detective Nick Williams must determine if they have the right guy. New Orleans detectives prepare to .. show full overview
Final Word
Episode overview
In Mobile, Ala., a man is gunned down in front of his family, and it's up to Det. Jermaine Rogers to sift through differing accounts of the incident to find the truth.
Cut Short
Episode overview