The Murder Tapes

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Blood in the Snow
Episode overview
Noah Kinney is shot dead in a car that crashed outside a home in Akron, Ohio. Detectives face a whodunit and race to find an armed killer on the loose. Ultimately, investigators are shocked to discover video evidence that cracks the case wide open.
The Elder Murders
Episode overview
A woman makes a frantic 911 call, saying her neighbour is not breathing and covered in blood; police find 69-year-old Benjamin dead, his house in disarray and money missing; as detectives search for answers, another murder shakes the community.
Killer on Camera
Episode overview
Akron police officers respond to a shooting outside a bar on a busy Friday night on Main Street; what starts out as a shooting investigation turns into a mystery of murder and the hunt for a cold-blooded killer.
Who Killed the Landlord?
Episode overview
After a man calls 911 to report being stabbed and a house on fire, police find Ron Whiles shot and burned in his home in Lafayette, Ind.; with one victim dead and one clinging to life, detectives question multiple suspects, which leads to one name.