City Confidential

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Palo Alto, CA: Flesh and Blood
Episode overview
Music teacher, Kristine Fitzhugh, was murdered by her husband, and the likely reason is a secret in her past.
Cookeville, TN: Deadly Politics
Episode overview
Conservative Democrat, Tommy Burks is shot and killed, but the likely candidate for the murder is his political opponet, Byron (Low Tax) Looper.
Conway, SC: Fatal Friendship
Episode overview
Crystal Todd is murdered by her best friend.
Orange County, CA: A Family Affair
Episode overview
The 1985 slaying of Linda Brown was not so easy to solve. Was it her sister, her husband or her step-daughter? It takes five years before the mastermind is convicted.
Providence, RI: The Mayor and the Mob
Episode overview
Mayor Buddy Cianci meets "Operation Plunder Dome".
Knoxville, TN: Phantom Hitman
Episode overview
The botched murder of Rob Whedbee becomes a media circus.
Seattle, WA: Long Walk Home
Episode overview
The 10-year-old cold case of Mia Zapata is solved.
Emporia, KS: Thou Shalt Not Kill
Episode overview
A minister and his mistress murder their spouses, Martin Moore and Linda Bird.
Riggins, ID: Frontier Faceoff
Episode overview
City Confidential deviates from its usual murder-profiling format to rally around Rob Nuckols, whose land was seized by the government.
Pikeville, KY: Kentucky Gothic
Episode overview
Vidar Lillelid and his family are murdered because teen-aged deviants felt like doing it.