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Rochester, NY: The Big Heist
Episode overview
The high-tech town of Rochester is stunned when a priest, an ex-cop, and a former Irish Republican Army terrorist are implicated in a $7.4-million Brink's heist, the fifth largest armored car robbery in U.S. history.
Merion, PA: Recipe for Murder
Episode overview
Jim Webb, an owner and chef for the historic General Wayne Inn is murdered by none other than his co-owner, and fellow chef.
Amarillo, TX: High School Hit & Run
Episode overview
Brian Deneke is murdered in an IHOP parking lot for being a goth-punk in a cowboy-centric town.
Minneapolis, MN: Deadly Investment
Episode overview
A disreputable stock broker, Michael Prozumenshikov, is found under a compost heap after losing huge sums of money from his clients in the Russian emigre community in bad stock deals.
Reading, MA: Fatal Blow
Episode overview
A case of over-zealous youth hockey parents results in violent fight and death.
Lake Tahoe, NV: The Casino Bomber
Episode overview
Millionaire John Birges conspires to blow up Harvey's Casino.
Saddle River, NJ: From Russia with Murder
Episode overview
The murder of Dr. Yakov Gluzman sparks the prosecution to file charges, against his wife, for interstate domestic violence.
San Leandro, CA: The Sausage King
Episode overview
Former mayoral candidate, Stuart Alexander, guns down three meat inspectors after they've been sent to shut down his family's sausage plant for not adhering to FDA food safety requirements.
Elizabeth, NJ: Death of a Don
Episode overview
The DeCavalcante crime family offs its leader, Johnny Boy, because of his secret sexual orientation.