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Boston's Little Girl Lost
Episode overview
When an infant's body washes up on the shores of Deer Island, Massachusetts, residents rally to find out who she is, and what happened to her. Their unprecedented solidarity gets nationwide attention, helping police solve a heartbreaking mystery.
The Telltale Creek
Episode overview
People in charming Hope Mills, North Carolina, are on edge when a high school freshman vanishes while on her way to meet a friend. When she turns up dead three weeks later, the community rallies to flush out the killer.
Peace Love And Murder In Marin
Episode overview
The residents of Marin County, Calif., cope with the shock of a double murder in their normally peaceful community, and the police track down the elusive killer at multiple crime scenes in three different counties in their search for justice.
San Sabas Deadly Harvest
Episode overview
An historic Texan town is stunned when a popular caretaker is found dead and a beloved, wealthy resident goes missing. But with support from a concerned community, detectives uncover the deep rooted secrets that led to murder.
Big Island Blow Out
Episode overview
When a young woman's body is pulled from the ocean off the Big Island, Hawaii, accusations threaten to destroy the local community. As tensions grow, a surprising discovery leads detectives to a devastating truth that no one saw coming.
Devastation in Delta Township
Episode overview
Murders are rare in tranquil Delta Township, Michigan. So when a well-liked couple is gunned down in their home, residents are terrified--until police discover the monster accidentally left a trail of breadcrumbs leading right to his door.
Murder on Mirror Lake
Episode overview
The quiet Sarasota neighborhood of Mirror Lake wakes up to a nightmare when a neighbor is found strangled to death; detectives believe it's the result of a long-held grudge against the silver tongued car salesman, but they turn out to be dead wrong.
Death Comes to Battletown
Episode overview
When a city official is shot to death in Berryville, Virginia, residents wonder who is a cold-blooded killer among them.
Nightmare in New England
Episode overview
East Millinocket, Maine is brought to its knees when its most popular teen turns up dead. For 38 years, answers elude police. But with the help of a dedicated mother and a community that never forgets, the secret killer is finally exposed.
The Dark Days of Bucks County
Episode overview
Historical Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is alarmed when several young men vanish one after the other within a week. With the support of residents, detectives unearth a ruthless murder spree in this seemingly picture-perfect farming community.