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Season 8 Discuss
The Real World Hawaii Casting Special
Air date
Jun 08, 1999
This episode has no summary.
Hawaii: Episode 1
Air date
Jun 15, 1999
Ruthie and Teck meet up and click right away. Ruthie reveals to Teck that she has a girlfriend, and he guesses that she likes guys, too. They're the first to arrive at the house. It's .. show full overview
Hawaii: Episode 2
Air date
Jun 15, 1999
Colin, Teck and Kaia head home from the club and discuss Ruthie's alcohol problem. When Amaya and Justin return from the hospital, Amaya confronts Teck, telling him how pissed she was at .. show full overview
Hawaii: Episode 3
Air date
Jun 22, 1999
In this get-to-know-Teck episode we learn: Teck is John Wayne; he's a lover of the ladies but not so much a lover of homosexuals; and he loves being black, unpredictable and the cheese .. show full overview
Hawaii: Episode 4
Air date
Jun 29, 1999
In this episode, Ruthie and Kaia become really good friends when their mutual admiration heats up into a smooching session. This goes over really big with some of the guys in the house. .. show full overview
Hawaii: Episode 5
Air date
Jul 06, 1999
Love is in the air in Hawaii…some of the roommates have the requisite sex talk. Amaya declares that while sex is good, making love is beautiful. Let the games begin! Amaya and Colin .. show full overview
Hawaii: Episode 6
Air date
Jul 13, 1999
At the cast's first barbecue, Ruthie steps up for an impromptu freestyle rap. A huge hit with the guests, she proves her knack for pleasing a crowd. Amaya lets out her sexual frustration .. show full overview
Hawaii: Episode 7
Air date
Jul 20, 1999
Colin's incessant teasing is starting to get a little old for Amaya. ""Sometimes I just want to smack him,"" she says. When Teck brings a scantily dressed woman back to the house, .. show full overview
Hawaii: Episode 8
Air date
Jul 27, 1999
When Local Motion comedian Auggie T. performs his act, Justin responds with disgust. Matt, on the other hand, thinks the gay jokes are hilarious. While visiting KCCN to promote Local .. show full overview
Hawaii: Episode 9
Air date
Aug 03, 1999
Overhearing Justin encourage Ruthie to drink before they go out, Colin vents his anger to Matt. Out on the town, Ruthie's had too much drink and Matt offers to pay for her cab ride home. .. show full overview
Hawaii: Episode 10
Air date
Aug 10, 1999
Matt and Colin share a boys' night out...and Amaya comes, too. Amaya's hit with some bad news from home when she learns that her father might have cancer. Feeling guilty that she is so .. show full overview
Hawaii: Episode 11
Air date
Aug 17, 1999
Admittedly picky about men, Kaia is pleasantly surprised when she meets and instantly connects with Trey, a rap artist from The Pharcyde. At a viewing of the AIDS quilt, Kaia has a quiet .. show full overview
Hawaii: Episode 12
Air date
Aug 24, 1999
Happily reunited with her family, Ruthie introduces her older sister, Rachel, and twin sister, Sara, to the roommates. Out on the town, Rachel warns Matt about Ruthie's party habits: .. show full overview
Hawaii: Episode 13
Air date
Aug 31, 1999
In her scheduled meeting, Ruthie tells the roommates she is aware she let alcohol take over her life during her stay in Hawaii. She makes no promises to quit drinking, but swears to make .. show full overview
Hawaii: Episode 14
Air date
Sep 07, 1999
Several days have passed since Ruthie's departure and Matt is worried that no one knows what she is up to. At Local Motion, an emotional Ruthie says goodbye to Calvin. He comforts her by .. show full overview
Hawaii: Episode 15
Air date
Sep 14, 1999
When the roommates arrive in India, they are greeted by their tour guide, Romesh. The surprise comes when they learn that they will be traveling aboard the ""Palace on Wheels,"" India's .. show full overview
Hawaii: Episode 16
Air date
Sep 28, 1999
Amaya tells her friend Pam that Colin was nasty to her in India. To make things worse, she has planned an island-hopping trip with Colin. Pam thinks she's crazy to go with Colin so Amaya .. show full overview
Hawaii: Episode 17
Air date
Oct 05, 1999
Colin has the Bay Room to himself and is happy to take the bottom bunk. Amaya has other plans. After arguing and then asking nicely, Colin allows Amaya into the Bay Room, occupying the .. show full overview
Hawaii: Episode 18
Air date
Oct 12, 1999
Ruthie's coming back to the house and Teck is unsure if she still likes him. It seems that Teck and Ruthie are seeing the same girl, Malo. Still troubled over her breakup with Colin, .. show full overview
Hawaii: Episode 19
Air date
Oct 19, 1999
Ruthie and Colin get down to the business of silk screening T-shirts as the roomies prepare for an upcoming charity boat cruise sponsored by Local Motion. Later that day Amaya and Colin .. show full overview
Hawaii: Episode 20
Air date
Oct 26, 1999
During a performance at Local Motion, Amaya has her sights set on Michael, the keybord player from The Hawaiian Style Band. When Kaia learns that Colin has asked Ruthie to join them on a .. show full overview
Hawaii: Episode 21
Air date
Nov 02, 1999
Amaya takes a liking to Colin's friend Tony, who is visiting from the mainland. Could Amaya's flirtatious behavior with Tony be just another plot to make Colin jealous? In a .. show full overview
Hawaii: Episode 22
Air date
Nov 09, 1999
In the van, Ruthie tells Colin she feels bad about the house ganging up on Amaya. In response, Colin believes that their confrontation will help Amaya become a better person. Feeling the .. show full overview
8x24 Season finale
Hawaii: Episode 23
Air date
Nov 09, 1999
Feeling empowered, Amaya corners Kaia to defend herself. Amaya admits that although she may be guilty of some of Kaia's accusations, she is no more guilty than the other roommates. The .. show full overview

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