The Real World

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Season 3 Discuss
Planes, Trains and Paddywagons
Air date
Jun 23, 1994
Cory and Pedro are the first roommates we meet as they both get on the train to San Francisco. Pedro tells Cory he's HIV-positive and worries about how the others will react. Puck gets .. show full overview
Love Stinks
Air date
Jun 30, 1994
The Puck/Rachel flirtation begins with a trip to church and is carried throughout further outings. edro is repulsed when Puck sticks his fingers into the communal peanut butter. Puck .. show full overview
White Like Me
Air date
Jul 07, 1994
A group visit to the Upper Room poetry reading featuring Mohammed leaves Cory feeling dull and ordinary. Each of the roommates' career pursuits is examined as Cory tries to find her .. show full overview
From a Six to a Nine and Back Again
Air date
Jul 14, 1994
Puck invites his fellow roommates to a screening of his soapbox derby video and is hurt when no one attends except Rachel. Judd shows his romantic side and goes on a date with Jeannie .. show full overview
You Gotta Have Art
Air date
Jul 21, 1994
Judd tries to find work cartooning but is frustrated at every turn, until he gets invited to pitch his idea in Hollywood. Mo works with his band and he and Puck get into an argument .. show full overview
Trouble in Paradise
Air date
Jul 28, 1994
The Rachel/Puck flirtation continues with the Critical Mass bike ride, leaving Judd on the outside of the triangle. Pedro overhears Puck and Rachel telling gay jokes on the phone; he .. show full overview
Coffee and Sympathy
Air date
Aug 05, 1994
The roommates go through hard times. Cory can't find a job. She treks all over San Francisco and nobody will hire her. The girls struggle together: Pam is working hard on her medical .. show full overview
Together and Apart
Air date
Aug 12, 1994
Pedro's health is beginning to deteriorate, as his T-cell count gets lower. The cast is beginning to realize the extent of his illness and is worried about the possible consequences. .. show full overview
Collision Course
Air date
Aug 19, 1994
Cory and Puck are spending a lot of time together and having fun as friends. Pedro and Puck are the ""odd couple."" Puck insults Pedro all the time because Pedro is gay. Pedro voices his .. show full overview
Kiss and Tell
Air date
Aug 26, 1994
The roomies are growing irritated with Puck. They are annoyed with his disrespect for the rest of the cast and his complete selfishness in any given situation. Puck meets a woman named .. show full overview
Getting Dropped
Air date
Sep 02, 1994
Puck getting the boot from the house was named number 97 on TV Guide/ TV Lands 100 Memorable TV Moments in December of 2004.
Rebel, Rebel
Air date
Sep 09, 1994
Everyone seems to be enjoying Puck's absence and the chemistry among the cast has drastically improved. Pedro goes home with Rachel to Phoenix and visits her very religious family. While .. show full overview
Air date
Sep 16, 1994
Pedro and Sean's relationship has been on the rocks, and Pedro feels that he needs to get away. He heads to Miami to visit his family, where he feels at home. Pedro hangs out with his .. show full overview
Old Fish, New Fish
Air date
Sep 23, 1994
Puck reappears in this episode as he calls the group to invite them to a party. None of the cast members show up but a few days later, while at a bar with Judd, a drunken Rachel calls .. show full overview
Why is Love Like an Elevator
Air date
Sep 30, 1994
The roommates are growing close to Jo. They feel that Jo is a positive influence in the house. She has great new ideas and an adventurous personality. Jo takes the roommates rock .. show full overview
Love and Death
Air date
Oct 07, 1994
Pedro's health weakens and he is sent to the emergency room with a temperature of 104 degrees. The cast begins to realize the full extent of his sickness and tries not to let it bother .. show full overview
Air date
Oct 14, 1994
Aloha! The cast leaves for an adventure in Hawaii, where they hope that they'll have a chance to bond. Once they arrive there is trouble in paradise as the group fights over the suite. .. show full overview
Just Friends
Air date
Oct 21, 1994
The cast is back from their island adventure and Rachel has decided to join ""Empower America,"" a conservative Republican group. The cast accompanies her to the seminar and Judd and .. show full overview
Love Rules
Air date
Oct 28, 1994
Pedro and Sean want to take their relationship to the next level and decide to exchange vows. Pedro's friend Alex flies in from Miami for the party and tries to convince the two to move .. show full overview
3x20 Season finale
Last Call
Air date
Nov 04, 1994
As the group enjoys their last few days together, Cory, Judd, Pam and Pedro spend a day in Monterey while Rachel and Jo bond in San Francisco. Mo continues to work hard on his band's .. show full overview

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