The Real World

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Season 4 Discuss
Moving In: London (part 1)
Air date
Jun 28, 1995
The diverse group of three Americans, three Europeans, and one Australian arrive in their Notting Hill home for the next six months. St. Louis native and racecar driver Mike and Oregon .. show full overview
Moving In: London (part 2)
Air date
Jun 28, 1995
Kat and Neil's attraction to each other causes problems for another roommate and for Neil's girlfriend, Chrys. Mike goes into culture shock when he finds there's no ranch dressing in the supermarkets.
A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Swine and Thou
Air date
Jul 05, 1995
Mike and Neil's differences are exposed as Neil explains that Mike represents everything about Americans that he is ""not too happy about."" Mike has no problem being labeled as ""so .. show full overview
Shush, Shush, Sweet Sharon
Air date
Jul 12, 1995
Sharon's career as a singer is threatened when she decides to undergo surgery to remove a nodule on her throat. The operation is a success, but her tougher test is not talking for a week .. show full overview
Brand New Swords and Formula Fords
Air date
Jul 19, 1995
Mike meets with the prep team he wants to race with, but can't find a sponsor. He is reluctant to ask his father for help but does so out of desperation. His father says that he won't .. show full overview
Model Employees
Air date
Jul 26, 1995
Another day on the job! The cast looks for employment to hinder their boredom. Jacinda continues modeling, although she is beginning to dislike it more with each job. By the end of the .. show full overview
Speaking Parts
Air date
Aug 02, 1995
The cast finds themselves worrying about Neil after they watch a performance of his band. While singing, Neil begins flirting with a very inebriated man in the audience. In the middle of .. show full overview
London: Episode 8
Air date
Aug 09, 1995
Jacinda'a boyfriend Paul arrives and, despite their differing attitudes towards their relationship, find they are still in love. Jacinda and Paul buy a puppy, much to the dismay of her .. show full overview
Innocents Abroad
Air date
Aug 16, 1995
This episode centers on Mike's racecar driving and his efforts to find a sponsor. His dad, brother and stepmother come to visit him and nag him to get a job. His dad was a former racecar .. show full overview
Dysfunction Junction
Air date
Aug 23, 1995
The peaceful quality of life at the loft ends when the phone is disconnected. In order to have service reinstated, the roommates must come up with 530 pounds, a task that proves .. show full overview
Outward Bonding
Air date
Aug 30, 1995
Destination unknown! The group takes a weekend getaway to the north of England. None of the group is overly excited to spend the weekend together but they know it must be done. The rest .. show full overview
Fast Company
Air date
Sep 06, 1995
Start up your engines! Mike gets familiar with the racetrack. He wants to race and kick some butt to earn respect from the roommates. Mike has problems with his car and he tries to find .. show full overview
The Play's the Thing
Air date
Sep 13, 1995
Who wants to go to the theatre? The cast transforms their flat into a stage for Jay's play, ""The Bedroom."" The play is about his true-life experience and how he felt at age 17 without .. show full overview
Unexpected Developments
Air date
Sep 20, 1995
Love is in the air. After Jay produces his play, the flat is turned into a discotheque/concert hall. Neil performs with his band while Lars DJs. The cast members begin to drink heavily .. show full overview
Oral Examinations
Air date
Sep 27, 1995
The roommates decide to visit the ideal home show convention where Sharon works. The roommates cause trouble for Sharon. Kat is taking classes and loving her post modernism courses. .. show full overview
Homebodies and Free Spirits
Air date
Oct 04, 1995
Jay is homesick and decides to go home to Portland for a few days. He is a bit nervous about seeing his ""girlfriend"" Alicia but things fall right into place once they are finally in .. show full overview
Tales from The Confessional
Air date
Oct 11, 1995
The roommates bond and share some dinner. Mike confesses that he does not know much about himself. The girls cruise around town, checking out some area for sightseeing. Jacinda expresses .. show full overview
Words of Love
Air date
Oct 18, 1995
The cast accuses Mike of being a womanizer because he calls women derogatory names like ""bitch."" He meets a young woman named Nina whom he actually cares about and is not in the .. show full overview
Clubs, Pubs, and Dubs
Air date
Oct 25, 1995
Sharon has band rehearsal and her nerves get the best of her. Once she relaxes she does a great job. Lars wants to get to know more promoters. Neil is suffering from poverty and is .. show full overview
There is no place like there?
Air date
Nov 01, 1995
Jacinda goes to Rome and Milan for photo shoots. Her stubborn attitude makes her frustrated with both shoots. Mike goes home to race and does extremely well. He discovers that he misses .. show full overview
Into Africa
Air date
Nov 08, 1995
The roommates receive the exciting news that they are headed for Kenya. They fly to the middle of nowhere, caravan to the camp and climb a nearby hill to watch the sunset. They speak .. show full overview
Out of Africa...and Outta Here!
Air date
Nov 15, 1995
The weeklong trip to Kenya continues with the slaughter of a goat for dinner. The Masai drink the goat's blood after killing it. Neil tastes the blood, too. Sharon objects to the killing .. show full overview
4x23 Season finale
London...Outta Here
Air date
Nov 15, 1995
As the cast prepares to move out, Neil and Mike reflect on how much they've come to like one another despite Neil's initial prejudices, and ponder their futures and those of the others. .. show full overview

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