The Real World

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  • Premiered: May 1992
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Season 1 Discuss
This is the True Story...
Air date
May 21, 1992
It all begins with small-town country girl Julie and her family in Birmingham. Her family is nervous about the whole thing, but Julie is stoked about spending three months in the big .. show full overview
Julie and Eric... Could it be Love?
Air date
May 28, 1992
Hmm...what's going on with Julie and Eric? There is some obvious flirting between the two, but they don't seem to be doing anything about it. After Eric appears in a Jovan Musk .. show full overview
Leather Chaps and Sequins? What is Eric...
Air date
Jun 04, 1992
Julie gets lost on her way to a new dance studio because she can't follow the directions that Eric gives her. While she is getting critiqued on her performance, Eric is getting naked .. show full overview
Trouble Throughout the House
Air date
Jun 11, 1992
Becky is in the studio recording her song, ""Mr. Sunshine."" It's clear she's looking for some action, as she cuddles with friend/producer Adam. Becky later dresses up for a party at the .. show full overview
Kevin and Eric Mend Their Relationship
Air date
Jun 18, 1992
Kevin and Eric go outside to discuss their issues. The argument dies down as the two talk about stereotypes and their inherent differences. They shake hands. Kevin takes Morris, a .. show full overview
Kevin... Come Back!
Air date
Jun 25, 1992
Julie and Kevin's brother/sister dynamic continues as they discuss sex, expectations and fantasies. The roommates, however, are a little bit miffed that Kevin is spending increasingly .. show full overview
Heather Wants to Grab His Booty!
Air date
Jul 02, 1992
The cast is worried about Kevin because no one knows where he went. Once he returns, they show him the video they made of the joke they played on him and he eventually forgives them. .. show full overview
Becky Falls into Troubled Love
Air date
Jul 09, 1992
The girls head off to Jamaica, Mon. They hit the beach to scope out the men, and they aren't too proud to beg for some lovin'. The guys are left at the loft in freezing cold New York and .. show full overview
Julie in a Homeless Shelter?
Air date
Jul 16, 1992
As the gang prepares for their trip to the pro-choice rally in D.C., Norman is falling head over heels for Charles. Charles doesn't seem quite as ready to make the same .. show full overview
He's So Ugly He's Cute!
Air date
Jul 23, 1992
The cast finds a white, ""alien-like"" dog on the street and name him Yoda. They want to keep the dog but decide to search for its owner. Becky and Andre say that the dog is just so ugly .. show full overview
Julie Thinks Kevin is Psycho!
Air date
Jul 30, 1992
Crying hysterically, Julie explains to Norman and Eric that she and Kevin had a fight about a phone call and that Kevin threw a candleholder at her. She is scared of Kevin, thinks he is .. show full overview
WWF is in the House!
Air date
Aug 06, 1992
Heather gets arrested and is questioned about her fight. Heather lets it be known that nobody can give her attitude, but she sure can give them a piece of her mind. After a little while, .. show full overview
1x13 Season finale
Goodbye to the Big Apple!
Air date
Aug 13, 1992
It's the last few days in the house and the gang takes over the production room in the loft. They find out how it feels to be on the other side of the cameras. Becky expresses how the .. show full overview

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