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Season 7 Discuss
The Real World Seattle Casting Special
Air date
Jun 10, 1998
This episode has no summary.
Seattle's Best
Air date
Jun 16, 1998
Two outstanding cadets from the Virginia Military Institute--who also happen to be best friends--are cast for this season's Real World. Before joining the Institute, David overcame drugs .. show full overview
Feeling Each Other Out
Air date
Jun 23, 1998
Nate and Stephanie continue to have problems--she wants to quit school and join him, while Nathan suggests they temporarily break up. Meanwhile, in the exercise area, David pumps iron .. show full overview
Tough To Be A Rockstar
Air date
Jun 30, 1998
David and Rebecca are hanging out late at night, going for long walks, having dinner together. The two seem to be making a love connection. Meanwhile, Irene is stressed out and heads to .. show full overview
I Love You, Don't Touch Me
Air date
Jul 07, 1998
The roomies must start at the bottom before they get their own radio show. Today, that means lugging equipment out of a sound studio and packing it in the location van. As Lindsay and .. show full overview
Be Mine (a.k.a. I'm Feeling no Love)
Air date
Jul 14, 1998
Nathan and Janet head out to buy Valentine's Day gifts for Stephanie. Janet reveals that her parents are angry because they didn't want her to take part in the show. Back at the pier, .. show full overview
Older Man, Well To Do - Younger Man, Not Doin' Too Well
Air date
Jul 21, 1998
The roomies trek out to trip the light fantastic at a gay club. Janet and Lindsay are bumping and grinding on the dance floor, while a local drag queen takes a liking to David. They .. show full overview
Birthday Bashes And Romantic Crashes
Air date
Jul 28, 1998
David takes a lonely stroll to a phone booth where he makes a call that includes the words, ""When you stole my heart, you stole my sexual desire. For the first time I'm giving my heart .. show full overview
Rollercoaster of Love
Air date
Aug 04, 1998
The gang stocks up on snowboarding gear for their next work assignment. Irene wants to find some boys, but she's stressed because she's never boarded before. From snow to ice-packed .. show full overview
A Mountain of Emotion
Air date
Aug 11, 1998
Nathan, Rebecca, and Irene travel to R.E.I., an outdoor gear and clothing store, to discuss radio ads. They find out that R.E.I. is sending them to Nepal for some first-hand experience. .. show full overview
Time for a Change
Air date
Aug 18, 1998
The stay in Nepal isn't all fun and games. The cast must produce six R.E.I. commercial spots for the radio. This means sampling the natural sounds of Nepal along with organizing a .. show full overview
All's Fair in Love and the Deejay War
Air date
Aug 25, 1998
The time has finally come to discuss the on-air show, but who will be the DJs? At a meeting, everyone shows interest. Unfortunately, the show only calls for three DJs. The rest of the .. show full overview
Love is in the Dead Air
Air date
Sep 01, 1998
The cast picks a name for their show: ""Dead Air."" The first show will be taped, but the pressure is still there. Rebecca gets to work as producer, running the board, and overseeing the .. show full overview
The Past Isn't Past
Air date
Sep 08, 1998
David talks about his past in Boston, and how he escaped jail. David's friend Shannon comes to town. Stephen's mother is about to have a baby. David edits a bad interview at KNDD. Nathan .. show full overview
The Truth About Irene
Air date
Sep 15, 1998
Irene's been acting strange lately, and she sheds some light on her situation--she's sick. Irene is suffering from headaches, and it's affecting her work on the radio commercials. .. show full overview
Irene Calls it Quits
Air date
Sep 22, 1998
Despite Irene's sickness, the show must go on, but at a production meeting for Dead Air, Irene's exhaustion forces her to leave. The other girls do their best to fully understand her .. show full overview
The Aftermatch of the Slap
Air date
Sep 29, 1998
When David returns to the house and finds out that Stephen hit Irene, he gets angry. With a potentially dangerous confrontation between David and Stephen nearing, a necessary action is .. show full overview
Facing the Pain
Air date
Oct 06, 1998
Lindsay and Janet take a class to prepare for skydiving and don't even pay attention. Back home, Lindsay gets a message from her close friend, Bill, who's like one of the family. David's .. show full overview
The End of the Innocence
Air date
Oct 13, 1998
Rebecca has lunch with Ricardo, whose primary job is managing rap artist Sir-Mix-A-Lot. She discusses following through with her life long passion of music, and he suggests she do .. show full overview
The Real World / Road Rules Aqua Games 1998
Air date
Oct 20, 1998
The cast is challenged to The Real World/Road Rules Aqua Games Competition on a cold, rainy day at Lake Washington. Mark and Kit, from Road Rules 1, are hosting the games. The kids are .. show full overview
Closing Time
Air date
Oct 27, 1998
The kids pack up and prepare to leave, and reflect on their experiences. Stephen is changed by his anger management sessions. When there's an altercation at a bar, he tries to talk his .. show full overview
A Little Bit of Everything - part 1 (clipshow)
Air date
Nov 03, 1998
Clipshow featuring the best scenes from season 7 of The Real World, set in Seattle. Part 1.
7x23 Season finale
A Little Bit of Everything - part 2 (clipshow)
Air date
Nov 03, 1998
Clipshow featuring the best scenes from season 7 of The Real World, set in Seattle. Part 2.

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