American Monster

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Tell Me You Love Me
Episode overview
A college co-ed falls for a rich classmate, but he hides a sinister side.
Life On The Lake
Episode overview
Gil Dossett and his family live an idyllic existence until an accident changes everything; though it takes years to chart a new course through life, Gil seems to finally land on his feet until he finds himself in a dark place.
Dance With Me
Episode overview
Ramon Sosa is a father of three who runs a successful boxing gym in Texas; he feels like the luckiest man alive until someone marks him for murder.
An Uncomfortable Day
Episode overview
A woman meets her love match, but his idea of love may be her undoing.
It Was All Of Them
Episode overview
When divorced mom of four Krystal Humphus marries single dad Nathan Maddox, she is over the moon that she’s found a man who loves kids as much as she does. Little does she know that her dream of a big, blended family will soon become a nightmare.
Broken Heart in Broken Arrow
Episode overview
Twenty-one-year-old mom Lauren Kidd takes an unconventional route through life, but she always follows her heart; the future should be bright, but there's a darkness lurking that no one can stop.
Safe At Home
Episode overview
Doris falls for a friend, never thinking he'd soon become her greatest foe.
Put Yourself Out There
Episode overview
A man vows to protect his new wife, but he's the one who needs protection.
When's Mom Coming Home
Episode overview
Joann Albanese finds love again with a personal trainer named John Edwards, then John moves in but Joann discovers too late her new boyfriend isn't who he claims to be.
The Man Who Got Away
Episode overview
In Snellville, Georgia, Heather Strube has a satisfying life working in the family floral shop, raising her toddler son, and looking forward to a bright future with her new boyfriend. However, a Sunday trip to the shopping centre shatters everything.