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Friends Outside of Work
Episode overview
Young parents Gary and Tasha Bentley are living the good life. They’ve got high-paying jobs, a nice house, and regular vacations to the tropics -- but just five years into their marriage, someone’s plotting an exit strategy that ends with a bullet.
Day Three After Murder
Episode overview
Divorced dad-of-three, Daniel Halseth, lives for visitations with his kids; when his teenage daughter Sierra claims that she wants to live with her dad, Daniel finds himself drawn into a web of lies and a plot that ends with a deadly house fire.
The Hidden Room
Episode overview
Carla Lewis gives her husband John money to open a medical marijuana store that sells pain relief products; spiraling costs, rumors of illegal activities and a string of infidelities eclipse the good intentions and sow the seeds for murder.
Lake Placid
Episode overview
Jeffrey and Jeannine Glanda appear to have it all; when half of the partnership craves control more than love, it sets in motion a deadly plot, ending with a suspicious car accident and a watery grave.
Enjoy the Moment
Episode overview
A gruesome axe murder leaves a digital trail that unravels a heinous plot
I Took Her Somewhere Peaceful
Episode overview
Tawnee Baird and Victoria Mendoza fall in love as teenagers despite their differing backgrounds, thanks to their shared love of music and dreams of fame; when passion turns to rage, only one young woman will make it out alive.
He Wasn't Supposed To Be Here
Episode overview
After three divorces between them, Roberta and Ken Samard seem to have finally found a lasting marriage; 15 years on, they appear to be living their dream life in Oregon, until an early morning call to 911 exposes the ugly truth.
Keep It Hush
Episode overview
A home invasion in California leaves a family shattered and detectives scrambling for answers; as investigators hunt down the perps over several years, they join the dots to outline an evil plot born from greed and a need for total control.
Say Daddy's the Best
Episode overview
Heavily pregnant Colorado native Shanna Vandewege supports her husband Craig's plan to move to Texas for work; the birth of a baby makes up for Shanna's separation from family, but someone is about to exploit her isolation as an outlet for rage.
Cabin Fever
Episode overview
A weekend in the woods turns into a nightmare for a California family.