American Monster

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Everyone's Favorite Uncle
Episode overview
A wealthy couple lives an idyllic life until one of them ends up dead.
Second Chance
Episode overview
A happily remarried woman fights for a new start, but life has other plans.
Out of His Shell
Episode overview
A family welcomes their new neighbors, not realizing the horrors to come.
Episode overview
In Michigan a mother is murdered by her jealous ex-boyfriend. Friends and family examine home video footage and question if there were any warning signs.
It Was All of Them
Episode overview
A family is annihilated, but their killer may not be the only monster.
Hoop Dreams
Episode overview
Keonte Chavis has big dreams until one predator becomes her worst nightmare.
Episode overview
Rob and Lisa Whedbee are a beautiful couple who turn heads wherever they go; then a medical trauma upends their happy family, setting them on a path of destruction that will end in lies, accusations and a brutal home invasion.
Life in Florida
Episode overview
In 1997, 78-year-old Jean Schwarzkopf was murdered in Florida. The retiree's husband owned a jewellery business, was she murdered for her diamonds?
Nothing Can Stop Us
Episode overview
An odd couple with a "devilish" wedding date discovers love is not eternal.
Ghost From the Past
Episode overview
In 2017, an unimaginable betrayal leads to the death of a woman in the state of Louisiana. Police discover she has been murdered by her estranged husband.