American Monster

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Falling Down
Episode overview
Alene and George Jenkins' desire for children leads them to adopt a son and a daughter, which triggers a dark spiral ending in an unspeakably awful crime.
Two Families
Episode overview
Unraveling the mystery behind the confusing evidence at the scene of April Holton's tragic murder.
Twice Shy
Episode overview
Carol-Ann and James Sharp seem like a match made in heaven, but behind the veneer hides a monster in plain sight; loved ones close to the couple sit down for the first time on camera to make sense of a murder that none of them saw coming.
Life of the Party
Episode overview
Doug and Rose fall in love and get married; however, lies and deceit surface behind their seemingly perfect facade as seen on home videos; then, a no-show at Thanksgiving and a box on the side of the road lead to a shocking discovery.
Looks Can Kill
Episode overview
After locking eyes at the gym, Rebecca Thudin and Larry Fenton get married; then, Larry is shot dead in an apparent home invasion; home videos and interviews with family members help to unravel what really happened.
In Sickness and in Health
Episode overview
When outgoing Beth Spaulding and shy Jason Risenburg meet, it looks like a match made in heaven; however, a series of disasters strike the once-devoted couple, causing tensions to simmer in their marriage.
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Episode overview
When a devastating fire at the Kohnle family home leaves a family member dead, it appears to be an accident. But as the evidence mounts up it's the testimony of two young kids who lead .. show full overview
An Open Relationship
Episode overview
Cassie Golonin disappears just before New Year's Eve from Fort Smith, Ark.; when family and friends conduct a search, the discovery of a shallow grave soon leads to the truth.
Edge of Reason
Episode overview
Todd and Rachel Winkler's life looks exquisite from the outside, but inside things are falling apart; video footage shows the truth behind their seemingly happy marriage, revealing terrible secrets and mind games that culminate in murder.
Double Cross
Episode overview
Four best friends, two married couples, multiple sordid secrets, and one betrayal that leads to murder; with exclusive interviews and never-before-aired home movie footage.
Momma's Girl
Episode overview
Great-grandfather Arthur Burney knows he's lucky to have such a large, loving family; but when Arthur is found murdered, the entire Burney family is divided - until a tip-off exposes a masterful plot.
Too Good to Be True
Episode overview
When Amanda Schmitt marries John Grazioli, the happy day is captured on home video; six months later, police respond to a 911 call and make a shocking discovery.