American Monster

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Stages of Grief
Episode overview
In suburban California, an intruder attacks and kills 55-year-old Joan Dawley; as the Dawley family grieves, it falls to LAPD Detective Paul Tippin to crack the case; home movies reveal a shocking tale of deceit.
Remote Control
Episode overview
After Sherri Dally vanishes from her Ventura, Calif., home, her husband, Michael, and her friend, Debbie, head up a massive search; however, someone knows more than they're saying, and home videos tell a tale of sordid secrets and double lives.
Backyard Daddy
Episode overview
In Ogden, Utah, Stephen and Becky Vargas appear to have it all; however, jealousy and control issues abound behind the picture-perfect life seen in their home videos, but no one suspects their marriage will end in murder.
A Mother's Work
Episode overview
Home movies reveal the fabulous lifestyle of Lanny and Donna Horwitz who are raising their son, Radley, in their Florida mansion; when their lives are upended by a ghastly shooting, everyone in this eccentric family becomes a suspect.
Band of Brothers
Episode overview
The Laffertys are pillars of the Mormon community, and they are known as an example of wholesome family values, as seen in home videos; however, an evil is lurking that will one day explode into an unholy double homicide.
Watch Your Back
Episode overview
Home videos show U.S. Air Force Sgt. Nathan Paet and his family living a blissfully normal life, then blind greed brings about the destruction of this loving family.
The Last Valentine
Episode overview
Dr. John Hamilton and his wife, Susan, are successful, respected and very much in love, until a vicious Valentine's Day murder destroys their lives; never-before-seen home videos shed light on a brutal murder no one saw coming.
Into the Swamp
Episode overview
At a family-run construction company, brothers and cousins work hard together—and play even harder. But when one of them vanishes, no one has answers. The mystery of his disappearance, and the salacious betrayal behind it, isn't solved for 20 years.
Don't Forget Me
Episode overview
On the day before he's to start a new job, a father of two disappears with no warning. His wife has no idea where he went. His friends hint that he led a secret, sordid life. But it .. show full overview
Episode overview
An obsessive video blogger shares every detail of her roller-coaster life with her husband and their children online; one night, intruders tie her up, kidnap her husband and execute him; it seems someone has been keeping secrets.
Take Me to the River
Episode overview
Coming home from church, a preacher finds his wife stabbed and beaten, the apparent victim of a home invasion; the preacher's alibi is rock solid, and his son's alibis are sound as well; however, several details don't add up, leading to the truth.
Just Out of Frame
Episode overview
A fun-loving couple cultivates close relationships with their grown daughters, then the mother is bludgeoned to death in her home; no one suspects that the unthinkable could be true, but video doesn't lie, unlike guilty people