American Monster

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Episode overview
A typical American family isn’t exactly what it seems. In public Max & Janeene Jones appear to have the perfect marriage, but behind this happy image lies hidden truths. 20 years later, an undercover police investigation reveals an unexpected killer.
Appalachian Horror Film
Episode overview
The story of Brian and Randi Trimble, whose marriage takes the ultimate hit after he and a coworker, Blaine Norris, partner on a low-budget horror movie.
Wave to Daddy
Episode overview
The daughter of a notorious killer discusses her father.
Sing for the Camera
Episode overview
The peaceful community of Hartford, Wis., is rocked when a teenager is found dead, the second victim in two days.
Shooting Phoenix
Episode overview
A glimpse inside the life of a monster who terrorized Phoenix in 2005. Included: how he managed to hide in plain sight.
Right Before Your Eyes
Episode overview
The union of a successful businessman and an aspiring actress doesn't last long when, on the honeymoon, the relationship takes a deadly turn.