Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

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Episode overview
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Tunnel Blind
Episode overview
As the squad celebrates the birth of Rollins and Carisi's child, another child goes missing in broad daylight.
Truth Embargo
Episode overview
As Benson teams up with the FBI on an unsolved case, Fin and Velasco investigate a flash mob robbery that led to a sexual assault.
The Punch List
Episode overview
The SVU helps a man come to terms with being victimized. Benson tries to support a victim's family when tragedy strikes twice.
Duty to Report
Episode overview
When Chief McGrath's daughter discloses a sexual assault, Benson must balance the intricacies of the investigation with McGrath's impulsive actions.
Zone Rouge
Episode overview
A cryptic message sends SVU on a new track to find Maddie. Benson tries to help a federal agent when the case hits too close to home. Captain Curry tries to make amends with Fin.
Episode overview
To identify a woman's attacker, the SVU must track down a mysterious suspect targeting tourists staying in hostels.
Probability of Doom
Episode overview
When a woman turns her husband in for possessing child pornography, the case is complicated by a sudden death. Benson tries to reconnect with a victim she saved.
Third Man Syndrome
Episode overview
A brutal assault in the street leads Carisi to pursue hate crime charges. Benson must support a homebound witness too scared to speak up.
Children of Wolves
Episode overview
A teenager found unconscious in the park leads to a missing persons investigation. Benson must help Noah come to terms with the past when he questions the origins of his birth.
Combat Fatigue
Episode overview
The squad is on edge as Carisi waits for a verdict in Maddie's kidnapping case. Benson tries to help the Flynn family pick up the pieces of their broken life.
Prima Nocta
Episode overview
A runaway bride calls the SVU for help on the day of her wedding. Rollins pitches in on her day off.
Episode overview
Agent Sykes struggles to cope on the anniversary of her sister's disappearance. Benson suspects a cold case from Manhattan could help her get closure.
Episode overview
The SVU searches for a pattern assailant before his crimes escalate to murder. Fin must contend with a suspect's aggrieved son. Carisi is pressured to close the case quickly to ease public concern.