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They're Back!
Episode overview
01, 2004
From Pulau Tiga to the Pearl Islands, the most memorable players from the show's first seven editions compete for $1 million and bragging rights as the ultimate Survivor. The 18 .. show full overview
Panicked, Desperate, Thirsty as Hell
Episode overview
05, 2004
Living conditions worsen, but a hero emerges for one tribe, and one castaway continually fails in efforts to contribute to camp life.
Shark Attack
Episode overview
12, 2004
Richard tangles with a shark while fishing; Rupert and Jerri have a heated argument; romance starts to bloom between two castaways; a crate of supplies is delivered via parachute to the winning tribe of the Reward Challenge.
Wipe Out!
Episode overview
19, 2004
A tropical rain helps kindle a romance between Boston Rob and Amber; several players are hit and knocked down while blindfolded during the Immunity Challenge.
I've Been Bamboozled!
Episode overview
26, 2004
The castaways face their first major twist of the competition.
Episode overview
04, 2004
Tension builds, then culminates in an explosion.
Sorry… I Blew It
Episode overview
11, 2004
The two tribes are surprised to find out that the Immunity Challenge and the Reward Challenge are combined into one challenge for this episode.
Pick a Tribemate
Episode overview
17, 2004
The romance between Rob and Amber heats up; both tribes must send one of their own players to the opposing camp.
A Closer Look
Episode overview
24, 2004
Highlights of the first 24 days on the islands off the coast of Panama.
Mad Scramble and Broken Hearts
Episode overview
01, 2004
A twist of events turns the reward challenge upside down; a team thinks about throwing the immunity challenge. Rival tribe members raise eyebrows.
Anger, Tears and Chaos
Episode overview
08, 2004
A contestant makes conflicting promises to two castaways in different alliances.
A Thoughtful Gesture or a Deceptive Plan?
Episode overview
15, 2004
One castaway works to reconcile with a tribe mate. Paranoia plagues another who witnesses a strategy session among fellow tribe members.
Stupid People, Stupid, Stupid People
Episode overview
22, 2004
Feeling extremely vulnerable, Shii Ann vows to win immunity. The Reward Challenge makes a castaway angry.
A Chapera Surprise
Episode overview
29, 2004
The castaways are forced to watch their loved ones battle each other in order for them to spend time away from the tribe at an overnight visit.
The Instigator
Episode overview
06, 2004
Jenna's cheerful demeanor is starting to wear thin on her fellow castaways. One tribe member breaks up a strategy session between two others.
The Sole Surviving All-Star
Episode overview
09, 2004
The ultimate bragging rights are bestowed upon a veteran player with the crowning of a winner. The Final Four castaways are whittled down to two and the seven-person jury votes for the champion.
All-Stars Reunion
Episode overview
09, 2004
The 18 castaways reunite at New York City's Madison Square Garden to discuss the eighth edition of the series. Jeff Probst is the host.
America's Tribal Council
Episode overview
13, 2004
A second player is awarded $1 million, based on fan voting. Jeff Probst is the host.