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The Importance of Being Eldest
Episode overview
19, 2002
Sixteen players are marooned on Koh Tarutao, an island off the coast of Thailand.
The Great Divide
Episode overview
26, 2002
Helen and Jan get lost and are missing for hours as they try to find their water source. Also, tensions run high among members of the Sook Jai tribe as they build a shelter.
Family Values
Episode overview
03, 2002
The tribes compete in a Reward Challenge to gain the help of two soldiers who will assist them in making the most of their resources at camp.
Gender Bender
Episode overview
10, 2002
One tribe begins to divide itself along gender lines.
The Ocean's Surprise
Episode overview
17, 2002
One castaway is injured by a stingray during a group swim and one tribe loses an item of great value.
The Power of One
Episode overview
24, 2002
Tempers flare during a Reward Challenge in which the prize is a Thai feast. Also, one tribe becomes concerned about a teammate after the person exhibits bizarre behavior.
Episode overview
31, 2002
The castaways anticipate a merge of the two tribes and new relationships are formed.
Sleeping with the Enemy
Episode overview
07, 2002
Members of the two original tribes consider forming alliances with some of their new tribemates. Also, one castaway gets disgusted by the hygiene habits of others.
Desperate Measures
Episode overview
14, 2002
News from home draws sharp responses from the castaways that could impact one contestant's future in the game. Also, one alliance tries to infiltrate a rival group.
While the Cats Are Away
Episode overview
21, 2002
One contestant wins a trip to the mainland and offends a friend by choosing someone else as a traveling companion.
A Closer Look
Episode overview
27, 2002
A look at highlights of some of the most unforgettable moments from the first 10 episodes of the series, including Ted pretending to take pictures of Ghandia and Clay expressing his admiration of Erin's physique.
A Big Surprise… and Another
Episode overview
05, 2002
A reward challenge takes the castaways by surprise, evoking tears of joy for the winner.
The Tides Are Turning
Episode overview
12, 2002
Rebuffed by a former ally, a castaway hatches a new strategy by enlisting support from new sources.
Slip Through Your Fingers
Episode overview
19, 2002
The Final 4 players are whittled down to 2 via a pair of contests before the 7-member jury votes for the winner.
Thailand Reunion
Episode overview
19, 2002
The 16 castaways are reunited to discuss their experiences in Thailand. Jeff Probst is the host.