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Boys vs Girls
Episode overview
13, 2003
The reality series pits the guys against the girls, as the 16 players are divided into single-sex tribes for this sixth edition. The eight men and eight women are stranded in Brazil's .. show full overview
Episode overview
20, 2003
A tropical rainstorm soaks the women's camp, while the men stay dry, and the discovery of a hidden food item creates tension in one camp, as accusations swirl about who brought it and didn't share.
Girl Power
Episode overview
27, 2003
The women's tribe elects a reluctant leader, while putting off a candidate who wanted the post. In the Reward Challenge, the two tribes get a chance to interact and the guys admit to having crushes on some of the ladies.
Episode overview
06, 2003
One tribe goes on a group expedition, but purposely leaves behind a vulnerable member who then crafts a new strategy to survive. Also: An alliance within one tribe breaks down when one of its members becomes ill.
Pick-Up Sticks
Episode overview
13, 2003
Just as the men are getting comfortable with their severe environment, one of them is injured. In the women's camp, an overheard conversation leads to controversy.
More Than Meats the Eye
Episode overview
19, 2003
One castaway forms an alliance with a hated tribe member. A reward challenge has enormous impact. One man takes a very special bath.
Girls Gone Wilder
Episode overview
26, 2003
Some female castaways strip naked in an attempt to gain food items, and a distraught player struggles over the departure of a team member. Also: a mysterious locked box brings sweeping changes to the tribes.
Sleeping with the Enemy
Episode overview
03, 2003
One player worries that members of the opposite sex are using their charms to manipulate other castaways and warns a fellow tribe member to be careful. Also: one player's fixation on sharpening the machetes creeps out fellow tribemates.
The Chain
Episode overview
10, 2003
Tree mail arrives, along with weapons that will be used during a challenge.
The First 27 Days
Episode overview
17, 2003
A review of this season's episodes features new footage. Included: the first night at the women's camp & Christy teaching sign language to her new tribe.
Q & A
Episode overview
24, 2003
A reward challenge turns into an auction for letters from home. Tribe members comfortable in their alliances take it easy. One castaway promises to vote against a trusted ally.
Sour Grapes
Episode overview
01, 2003
Alliances crumble, leaving the castaways with no idea where they stand in the tribe. A tribemate reveals an ally's plans. One castaway decides to make everyone miserable. An incredible sacrifice is made.
The Amazon Heats Up
Episode overview
08, 2003
A fire rages through the camp and destroys everything, and one player becomes sick and begs to be the 12th player voted out.
… And Then There Were Four
Episode overview
11, 2003
The Final 4 players are whittled down to 2 and the 7-person jury votes for the winner.
The Amazon Reunion
Episode overview
11, 2003
The 16 players are reunited in New York City. Jeff Probst is the host.