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I Vote You Out and That's It
25, 2019
One castaway gets fired up when learning a lesson on the Island of the Idols, where Boston Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz serve as mentors.
YOLO, Let's Play!
02, 2019
One castaway puts their mind to work when given a new opportunity on the Island of the Idols. The tribes must climb their way to the top during a tough Immunity Challenge.
Honesty Would Be Chill
09, 2019
New tribal dynamics may put the rest of the castaways on edge leading into the next tribal council. One castaway is presented with an opportunity on the Island of the Idols.
Plan Z
16, 2019
A “showmance” could create distractions and paint a target on two castaways’ backs. Also, after a visit with Boston Rob and Sandra on Island of the Idols, one castaway has a chance to seize an opportunity to prove their power of persuasion.
Don't Bite the Hand That Feeds You
23, 2019
Castaways are forced to switch up their game after a surprising tribe swap.
Suck It Up Buttercup
30, 2019
Rival alliances go head to head over a powerful player, and one castaway must decide if they are daring enough to take on a risky task after visiting the Island of the Idols.
I Was Born at Night, But Not Last Night
06, 2019
An empire falls and a rebellion rises, but the game is far from over. Another castaway visits the Island of the Idols for a chance to earn an advantage.
We Made It to the Merge!
13, 2019
Castaways enjoy a merge feast before individual immunity is on the line.
Two for the Price of One
20, 2019
An unexpected twist shakes up the game and sends two people home.
Bring on the Bacon
27, 2019
One castaway must prove how well they know their castmates when presented with a game-changing opportunity while visiting Island of the Idols.
A Very Simple Plan
04, 2019
Trust is tested when new alliances are formed while old ones remain. Lines are drawn in the sand after the family visit.
Just Go For It
11, 2019
The fourteenth castaway is voted out and joins the jury, on the penultimate episode.
Mama, Look At Me Now
18, 2019
A winner will be crowned Sole Survivor on the finale of SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols.
Island of the Idols Reunion
18, 2019
The castaways reunite in Los Angeles to discuss the season.