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Episode overview
28, 2001
Sixteen contestants arrive on a military airplane in Queensland and immediately form two tribes---Kucha and Ogakor. After a five-mile hike to their respective camps, the tribes compete .. show full overview
Episode overview
01, 2001
Jerri accuses Kel of eating contraband beef jerky, which he denies. In the “Butch Cassidy” Reward Challenge, the players jump off a cliff into a pool of water, swim to a floating crate .. show full overview
Trust No One
Episode overview
08, 2001
The players try to win fishing tackle in the “Water Torture” Reward Challenge, which requires them to carry jugs of water over a narrow plank and fill buckets being held by a tribesmate .. show full overview
The Killing Fields
Episode overview
15, 2001
Michael catches and butchers a wild pig, which doesn't make vegetarian Kimmi too happy. In the “Mastermind” Reward Challenge, the players unscramble a giant puzzle map to reveal the .. show full overview
The Gloves Come Off
Episode overview
22, 2001
Wildfires threaten the camps, and Kimmi and Alicia get into a heated, fingerpointing argument. In “Triage,” the players compete for comfort items, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, .. show full overview
Trial by Fire
Episode overview
01, 2001
Michael suffers severe burns on his hands after he passes out and falls into the campfire. Medics attend to his wounds and he's carried away by helicopter to receive further treatment. .. show full overview
The Merge
Episode overview
08, 2001
The Ogakor and Kucha tribes merge to form Barramundi and then set up camp in a new location. The Immunity Challenge, “Perch,” requires endurance as the players must stand on a wooden .. show full overview
Episode overview
14, 2001
The players try to win a dinner that includes salmon, chicken and shrimp in the “Return to Sender” Reward Challenge, which requires the castaways to throw a boomerang into a target. For .. show full overview
The First 24 Days: A Closer Look
Episode overview
21, 2001
A review of the first 24 days in The Outback includes previously unseen footage.
Honeymoon or Not?
Episode overview
29, 2001
The winner of the Reward Challenge chooses one person to enjoy a trip to the Great Barrier Reef to snorkel and partake in a feast. The Immunity Challenge unfolds in three segments: “Know .. show full overview
Let's Make a Deal
Episode overview
05, 2001
The players are given money to participate in the “Survivor Auction,” in which they can buy various food items. The Immunity Challenge is “Fire and Rain.” The castaways must light a fire .. show full overview
No Longer Just a Game
Episode overview
12, 2001
A torrential storm produces flash floods that destroy the campsite and carry away the last can of rice. One player wins a rope-course Challenge and receives a horseback ride to a ranch .. show full overview
Enough Is Enough
Episode overview
19, 2001
The players communicate with loved ones back home in the “Outback Internet Café,” and one castaway wins a 30-minute online chat. “Fugitives,” the Immunity Challenge, takes place at .. show full overview
The Final Four
Episode overview
26, 2001
The Final Four players compete for Reward in the “Survivor Pentathlon,” which incorporates elements from past challenges, such as walking a plank, solving a puzzle, and being blindfolded .. show full overview
The Most Deserving
Episode overview
03, 2001
The Final Three players compete in their last Immunity Challenge, “Fallen Comrades,” in which they must answer personal questions about former tribemates. When only two remain, they are questioned by the Jury, which chooses the winner.
The Australian Outback Reunion
Episode overview
03, 2001
The 16 contestants reunite to discuss their experiences in the Outback. Bryant Gumbel is the host.
Back from the Outback
Episode overview
10, 2001
This episode follows the life of each Survivor 2 member after they came back from the Outback.