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Blood Is Thicker Than Anything
Episode overview
18, 2013
Blood vs. Water relationships are put to the ultimate test on Day 1, when castaways are shocked to learn they will be separated from their loved ones and have to compete against each .. show full overview
Rule in Chaos
Episode overview
25, 2013
A new alliance of seasoned players targets one of their own. Meanwhile, the old Colton rears his head and tries to disturb the peace at camp.
Opening Pandora's Box
Episode overview
02, 2013
A family rivalry takes center stage, leading to an emotional breakdown. Meanwhile, the tribes watch in disbelief as a castaway quits the game and a shocking blindside plays out at Tribal Council.
One Armed Dude and Three Moms
Episode overview
09, 2013
For the first time ever, a Redemption Island battle pits husband against wife. In another series first, a castaway refuses to accept an Immunity Clue and a shocking blindside at Tribal sends another castaway home.
The Dead Can Still Talk
Episode overview
16, 2013
One castaway sacrifices their own life in the game for a loved one. Meanwhile, this season of blindsides continues at a wild, unpredictable Tribal Council.
One-Man Wrecking Ball
Episode overview
23, 2013
Castaways find out if water could be thicker than blood as new tribes are drawn. Meanwhile, one castaway falls victim to a strategic blindside and the Coconut Bandit returns.
Swoop in for the Kill
Episode overview
30, 2013
An ultimatum at Redemption Island puts one castaway on the spot to prove his love. Meanwhile, another castaway's honesty may be her biggest downfall, and an odd man out needs to prove his worth on an all-female tribe.
Skin of My Teeth
Episode overview
06, 2013
It's do or die in a redemption battle that will leave castaways clinging for their lives. Meanwhile, a potentially game-changing blindside at Tribal leaves one castaway on the outs, and .. show full overview
My Brother's Keeper
Episode overview
13, 2013
It's double the drama as castaways endure two Tribal Councils in one episode. Meanwhile, castaways wonder if Vytas will exact revenge for his brother's blindside and one castaway attempts to change history in a challenge that's tough to swallow.
Big Bad Wolf
Episode overview
20, 2013
An emotional loss on Redemption Island produces this season's first jury member. Also, castaways find out if blood really is thicker than water at a tearful Tribal Council, and a .. show full overview
Gloves Come Off
Episode overview
27, 2013
A castaway's bold move could either smoke out the hidden Immunity Idol or extinguish their own flame. Also, one castaway is in hot water after playing both sides of the tribe, and two moms pull a less-than-maternal move at the Redemption arena.
Rustle Feathers
Episode overview
04, 2013
Castaways try to find balance at a frustrating Immunity Challenge and a ruthless game of tug of war leads to an incredibly rare Tribal Council.
Out on a Limb
Episode overview
11, 2013
Loved ones face off at Redemption Island for their final shot in the game. Meanwhile, castaways must test their knowledge of Survivor for immunity, and a heated Tribal Council could force a swing vote to exercise their power.
It's My Night
Episode overview
15, 2013
After 39 grueling days, one castaway will be crowned the Sole Survivor and awarded $1 million on a special two-hour season finale.
Blood vs. Water Reunion
Episode overview
15, 2013
The castaways reunite in Los Angeles to discuss the season. Hosted by Jeff Probst.