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A New Era
Episode overview
22, 2021
The 18 new castaways begin their battle for $1 million and the title of Sole Survivor. In the first immunity challenge, 3 tribes fight for their life to guarantee their safety at tribal council.
Juggling Chainsaws
Episode overview
29, 2021
Immunity challenges get interesting when a new idol is introduced that has a special twist.
My Million Dollar Mistake
Episode overview
06, 2021
Castaways stumble upon a sneaky advantage that comes at a great risk. Truth is tested among castaways as mistakes are made.
They Hate Me 'Cause They Ain't Me
Episode overview
13, 2021
Two castaways strategize a risky move during the immunity challenge. A castaway does what it takes to earn a tribemate’s trust.
The Strategist or the Loyalist
Episode overview
20, 2021
The 3 members of Ua compete in the immunity challenge to try to avoid shrinking further. Friendships are put to the test when castaways from different tribes take a journey together.
Ready to Play Like a Lion (1)
Episode overview
27, 2021
For 12 days, the Luvu tribe has avoided going to tribal council, but now that the three tribes have merged, their alliances will be tested. Also, there's a new twist when it comes to the merge.
There's Gonna Be Blood (2)
Episode overview
03, 2021
Erika's decision from Exile Island affects who competes in the first individual immunity challenge.
Episode overview
10, 2021
The castaways must work to make amends after betrayals. An interesting turn of events takes place at the reward challenge.
Who's Who in the Zoo
Episode overview
17, 2021
A castaway is singled out for their dishonest game. Both immunity and reward are on the line in tonight's challenge.
Baby with a Machine Gun
Episode overview
24, 2021
After a grueling season with no food, a warm meal is up for grabs at the reward challenge, and the immunity challenge is a test of focus and balance.
Do or Die
Episode overview
01, 2021
Another big twist threatens to send someone home, and castaways must formulate a plan whether to vote out the big threat or keep playing the game with people they trust.
Truth Kamikaze
Episode overview
08, 2021
Castaways need to alter their plans after the winner of the immunity challenge throws a wrench in their next big move.
One Thing Left to Do… Win
Episode overview
15, 2021
After a season filled with new twists, the 5 remaining castaways must battle it out for the title of Sole Survivor and the $1 million prize. For the first time since season one, the .. show full overview
After Show
Episode overview
15, 2021
The finale is immediately followed by an after-show hosted by Jeff Probst.