Stephen Hawking's Grand Design

  • Premiered: Jun 2012
  • Episodes: 3
  • Followers: 15
  • Ended
  • Unknown
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  • Documentary Mini-series


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Season 1
1x1 Season finale
The Meaning of Life
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 02, 2012
"The Meaning of Life," explores what the laws of physics reveals about who and what we humans really are? Do we have free will or are we just complex biological machines working to the .. show full overview
The Key to the Cosmos
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 09, 2012
"The Key to the Cosmos," poses the ultimate-of-ultimate questions: Why does the universe exist and why does it follow rules and laws? What's the point of the enormous, endless cosmos, .. show full overview
1x3 Show finale
Did God Create the Universe?
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 27, 2012
Professor Stephen Hawking unfolds his personal, compelling vision of the biggest question of all: Is there a god who created and controls the universe in which we live? To answer this .. show full overview

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