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Season 3 Discuss
The Worst Man in the Eastern Seas! Fishman Pirate Arlong!
Air date
Jul 12, 2000
The crew chases after Nami, who stole their ship, and Yosaku takes time during the trip to explain about Arlong and his Fishmen to Luffy and Sanji. Meanwhile, Usopp, Johnny, and Zoro arrive at the island Nami docked at.
Witch of Cocoyashi Village! Arlong's Female Leader!
Air date
Jul 19, 2000
Zoro is captured by the fishmen after Usopp and Johnny ditch him, and it's revealed that Nami was part of Arlong's crew the entire time. When a group of Fishmen attack Cocoyashi Village, Usopp comes to the rescue.
Usopp Dead?! When is Luffy Going to Make Landfall?!
Air date
Jul 19, 2000
After Zoro escapes with Nami's help, she tries to prove her loyalty to the Arlong Pirates by appearing to kill Usopp. Meanwhile, Luffy's group finally arrives at the island.
Everyone's Gathered! Usopp Speaks the Truth About Nami!
Air date
Jul 26, 2000
Johnny tells the others about Nami killing Usopp, and Luffy doesn't believe them until Nami appears herself and confirms it. She tells them to stay out of her business and leave without .. show full overview
Untold Past! Female Warrior Bellemere!
Air date
Aug 02, 2000
Nojiko starts her story about Nami's childhood and their adopted mother, Bellemere. Despite being poor and none of them being related by blood, they had a happy life.
Survive! Mother Bellemere and Nami's Bond!
Air date
Aug 09, 2000
Nojiko continues her story, explaining how their life was ruined when the Arlong Pirates first took over the village.
Luffy Rises! Result of the Broken Promise!
Air date
Aug 16, 2000
When a marine officer under Arlong's pay confiscates all the money Nami stole over the years, in order to one day buy the village from Arlong, the villagers decide that enough is enough .. show full overview
Luffy in Big Trouble! Fishmen vs. the Luffy Pirates!
Air date
Aug 23, 2000
The Straw Hats face the Fishmen themselves as the villagers watch from the sidelines.
Luffy Submerged! Zoro vs. Hatchan the Octopus!
Air date
Aug 30, 2000
Arlong has trapped Luffy in the ocean and Zoro faces the six-sword wielding octopus Hatchan.
Proud Warriors! Sanji and Usopp's Fierce Battles!
Air date
Sep 06, 2000
With Hatchan defeated, two of the fishmen battle Sanji and Usopp. Things look grim for Sanji as he attempts to face Kuroobi underwater, and Usopp gets the chance to prove that he too is a brave warrior.
Luffy at Full Power! Nami's Determination and the Straw Hat!
Air date
Sep 13, 2000
Arlong's officers have been defeated, but Sanji and Zoro prove to be no match for Arlong in their current state. However, with Luffy finally free, he just may be able to defeat the "most .. show full overview
Explosion! Fishman Arlong's Fierce Assault From the Sea!
Air date
Sep 27, 2000
Luffy returns to the fight, and the battle with Arlong versus Luffy begins.
End of the Fishman Empire! Nami's My Friend!
Air date
Sep 27, 2000
The battle spreads into Arlong Park itself and Arlong is no longer holding back.
Setting Out with a Smile! Farewell, Hometown Cocoyashi Village!
Air date
Oct 11, 2000
Arlong's reign of terror is over, and no one has anything on their mind except to party. As the crew celebrates, Nami reflects on her hometown and decides to officially join the Straw Hat Pirates.
Bounty! Straw Hat Luffy Becomes Known to the World!
Air date
Oct 25, 2000
As a result of defeating Arlong, Luffy now has the highest bounty in East Blue. News quickly spreads to both friend and foe, including Shanks, who celebrates Luffy's arrival into the world of pirates.
Chase Straw Hat! Little Buggy's Big Adventure!
Air date
Nov 01, 2000
After his fight with Luffy, Buggy was sent flying to another island with several body parts missing. Thus, Buggy begins his journey to find his crew and his body parts, making some unlikely friends.
3x17 Season finale
The Wait is Over! The Return of Captain Buggy!
Air date
Nov 08, 2000
With Buggy assumed to be dead, his crew fights over who will be the new captain, only to be captured by a tribe of cannibals.

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