Days of our Lives

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Season 47 Discuss
Ep. #11711
Air date
Nov 08, 2011
Madison wakes up realizing what she and Brady did last night. Victor tells Maggie that nobody is unable to make it due to the storm, asks if she wants to postpone the ceremony. Melanie .. show full overview
Ep. #11712
Air date
Nov 09, 2011
Jennifer tells Jack that she couldn't be more grateful to be home finally. Gabi sees that something is seriously bothering Will, Chad says that the thing with the website has to be kept .. show full overview
Ep. #11713
Air date
Nov 10, 2011
Nicole shows E.J. the divorce and to come to terms that their marriage is over. Madison argues with Brady until he agrees to go and visit John. Austin and Carrie move out of the loft .. show full overview
Ep. #11714
Air date
Nov 11, 2011
John spends some time with his family before his trial starts, a sniper closely keeps watch. Carrie tells Austin that in a little while she has to go through that crown that want John .. show full overview
Ep. #11715
Air date
Nov 14, 2011
Roman tells Bo that the search continues for Johnny. John thinks it was a mistake to go to the pub. E.J. goes to the pub and sees that aftermath of what went down. Daniel tells Jennifer .. show full overview
Ep. #11716
Air date
Nov 15, 2011
Kate asks E.J. if it was either him of Stefano that ordered to kill John. Brady sees a softer side to Madison when he tells her about Sami's son going missing. Sami asks the shooter what .. show full overview
Ep. #11717
Air date
Nov 16, 2011
Quinn comes to the mansion making an offer E.J. can't refuse. Jack comes to offer his support in the search for Sami's son. Marlena's tells John that what happened to Johnny isn't her .. show full overview
Ep. #11718
Air date
Nov 17, 2011
Will apologizes to Marlena and John for Sami's behavior the other day. Stefano sees a disheveled E.J. with a bottle of booze in front of him. Hope tells Sami they have a chance the blood .. show full overview
Ep. #11719
Air date
Nov 18, 2011
E.J. breaks down in tears while looking at a picture of Johnny saying he's so sorry. Carrie tells Marlena and John there's been another report on Johnny. Sami asks Rafe to go with Bo and .. show full overview
Ep. #11720
Air date
Nov 21, 2011
Sami and E.J.'s passion intensifies. Will and Rafe are delighted to find Johnny at the pub and is alright. Nicole offers to help Madison and Brady put up more posters. Nicole tells .. show full overview
Ep. #11721
Air date
Nov 22, 2011
Jack tells Jennifer that he has something to tell her and he'll understand if she wants to throw him out afterwards. Will sees Rafe and Sami on the couch and reflects to seeing her and .. show full overview
Ep. #11722
Air date
Nov 23, 2011
Maggie tells Victor she feels comfortable cooking the company of her own kitchen and would appreciate her husband's help. Austin comes to help which pleases Abigail very much. Marlena .. show full overview
Ep. #11723
Air date
Nov 28, 2011
Jack tells Abigail that he just got some incredible news. Chad and Sonny explain to Will that they upgraded security on their site to prevent anyone hacking in again. Brady asks John why .. show full overview
Ep. #11724
Air date
Nov 29, 2011
Carrie tells Rafe she asked him to come over cause what she has to say will affect both their families. Marlena tells Will that it wasn't much of a Thanksgiving without John. Quinn asks .. show full overview
Ep. #11725
Air date
Nov 30, 2011
Bo and Hope go through Alice's belongings once again hoping to get some answers. Marlena finds Jack drinking at the pub and asks why he cancelled their appointment. Daniel apologizes to .. show full overview
Ep. #11726
Air date
Dec 01, 2011
Carrie tells Sami that John was sentenced to fifty years in prison. John tells Abe that he's ruining his election just by being here and for him leave and never come back. E.J. thinks of .. show full overview
Ep. #11727
Air date
Dec 02, 2011
Kate overhears Madison asks Sami why she's here getting pampered and not at work. Roman tells Quinn he's gonna watch him to make sure his town stays safe. Gabi opens up to Melanie and .. show full overview
Ep. #11728
Air date
Dec 05, 2011
Marlena goes to John after hearing what E.J. recently pulled. Bo assures Hope that decorating the tree with the Horton ornaments is better done as early as possible. Sami and Rafe are .. show full overview
Ep. #11729
Air date
Dec 06, 2011
Will refuses to take part in hanging ornaments the Christmas tree cause his animosity towards Sami. Bo tells Hope that Stefano is gonna have to wait cause they got guests arriving soon. .. show full overview
Ep. #11730
Air date
Dec 07, 2011
Melanie treats Gabi to a spa at Intensity she spots Chad and asks him not to leave. Hope calls Susan Banks and becomes irate when she mentions Stefano. Quinn makes a mistake and assumes .. show full overview
Ep. #11731
Air date
Dec 08, 2011
Abigail shows Jennifer the dress she'll be wearing to the awards banquet tonight. Will tells Sonny that he pretty much doesn't want to talk to anyone right now, Artie comes in and says .. show full overview
Ep. #11732
Air date
Dec 09, 2011
Horace tells Zig he has no intention of letting the hostages leave alive. Sonny gets a message saying that the clock is ticking in getting the website up and running. Victor offers Jack .. show full overview
Ep. #11733
Air date
Dec 12, 2011
Abe refuses to play dirty and tells Jennifer he wants to run a clean campaign. Nicole tells E.J. her latest move. Sami is suddenly in a bind when Betsy brings her the kids, Kate says .. show full overview
Ep. #11734
Air date
Dec 13, 2011
Marlena visits John and brings a picnic basket wanting to spend time with him. Jennifer asks Daniel for a hint in where he's taking her tonight. Brady makes a thoughtful gesture for .. show full overview
Ep. #11735
Air date
Dec 14, 2011
Kayla tells Sami she felt that she needed to come to Salem and help Caroline around the holidays. Jennifer tells Abigail and Melanie that Daniel broke up with her tonight. Rafe tells .. show full overview
Ep. #11736
Air date
Dec 15, 2011
Brady wakes up to find Madison missing, but she returns with breakfast for them. Stefano and E.J. make John a proposal to sell them Basic Black. Rafe shows Bo and Hope the doctored photo .. show full overview
Ep. #11737
Air date
Dec 16, 2011
Jack goes to see Jennifer and she says that now isn't a perfect time. Melanie asks Daniel if he's concerned for his test results and if he'll have the condition Maggie had. Abigail tells .. show full overview
Ep. #11738
Air date
Dec 19, 2011
Sami asks Madison it's okay for her to sleep with Brady, and gets yelled at for getting a massage. E.J. puts a halt between an almost fight between Nicole and Kate. John tells Marlena .. show full overview
Ep. #11739
Air date
Dec 20, 2011
Daniel experience another hand tremor while out with Maggie and Melanie. Stefano goes to Lexie and doesn't like the distance between them as of late. Bo tells Marlena that once the civil .. show full overview
Ep. #11740
Air date
Dec 21, 2011
Kate comes by and offers Sami a job at Countess Wilhemina. Brady asks Madison who this person is that inspired her. Hope tells Carrie that Stefano refuses to help, but feels that he gave .. show full overview
Ep. #11741
Air date
Dec 22, 2011
Maggie asks Daniel if the reason he's not operating on her friend is cause he has Myasthenia Gravas. Bo and Hope reach a dead end and hope to find something that will clear John. Chad .. show full overview
Ep. #11742
Air date
Dec 23, 2011
Marlena reminisces over photos of John, Will arrives and invites her to Sami and Rafe's vow renewal ceremony. Melanie tells Maggie and Victor she can't stand the thought of Daniel .. show full overview
Ep. #11743
Air date
Dec 26, 2011
John and Marlena's celebration is cut short by the arrival of Will. Sami tells Rafe that the renewal ceremony was as perfect as can be. Brady is touched when Madison bought him a star, .. show full overview
Ep. #11744
Air date
Dec 27, 2011
Melanie approaches Daniel and asks him why he's not on the surgical rotation anymore, he says his hands been shaking. Marlena is awaken by John seeing it wasn't a dream. E.J. wonders how .. show full overview
Ep. #11745
Air date
Dec 28, 2011
Marlena tells Carrie that John isn't to know that Stefano helped him get out of jail. Kate goes to Sami for an answer on her job opportunity. Hope looks at the key wondering what it .. show full overview
Ep. #11746
Air date
Dec 29, 2011
Gabi admits to Melanie that she misses Will, but felt their relationship wasn't progressing. Kate overhears Daniel talking about his test results. John goes to see Stefano to ask him why .. show full overview
Ep. #11747
Air date
Dec 30, 2011
Doug asks Julie to perform with him on New Year's Eve. Sami tells Rafe that she's taken a new job, whereas he got one from Carrie. Brady tries to get Madison to take a break from work .. show full overview
Ep. #11748
Air date
Jan 03, 2012
Jennifer and Nicole end up bickering over their campaign strategies. Kate shocks Sami during her first day on the job about asking to give her some of Madison's secrets. Madison tells .. show full overview
Ep. #11749
Air date
Jan 04, 2012
Melanie and Chad discuss how they rang in the new year, Abigail arrives and asks what's going on. Carrie asks Austin what he means when he says she'll have lots of potential clients. .. show full overview
Ep. #11750
Air date
Jan 05, 2012
Melanie accidentally kicks Chad in the head while at Quinn's self defense class. Jennifer is pleased that Jack really put a lot of thought in their family trip to Hawaii. Maggie tells .. show full overview
Ep. #11751
Air date
Jan 06, 2012
John tells Marlena about Brady's enticing offer. Rafe asks Will what exactly is going on with him and Sami lately. Kate tells Sami that in order to win they'll need to bend a few rules. .. show full overview
Ep. #11752
Air date
Jan 09, 2012
Jack sees Daniel and Jennifer together and moves in to hear what they're talking about. Bo tells Hope that what if their session doesn't help and they're unable to work things out. .. show full overview
Ep. #11753
Air date
Jan 10, 2012
Abigail asks Chad and Melanie how they manage to keep their hands off of each other for so long. John tells Marlena that he wonders how Victor is going to react to Brady's news. Melanie .. show full overview
Ep. #11754
Air date
Jan 11, 2012
E.J. introduces Nicole that Will is the latest addition to the campaign. Madison tells Victor she's gonna need some time to think it over. Sami offers Kate an idea for a nationwide .. show full overview
Ep. #11755
Air date
Jan 12, 2012
Carrie gets an eyeful with Rafe shirtless while trying to fix the thermostat. Abigail helps Austin with his books for his first day at Salem University. Sonny tells Will that he sensed .. show full overview
Ep. #11756
Air date
Jan 13, 2012
Hope tells Jennifer she and Bo are gonna check out the bank about Alice's bank account. E.J. calls Will and says he has a job for him to do, and not to even think about backing out. .. show full overview
Ep. #11757
Air date
Jan 16, 2012
Mr. Simpson tells Bo and Hope he can't divulge the identity of Alice's co-signer. Jennifer confronts Nicole about E.J. stealing Abe's plan of creating jobs in Salem. Daniel tells Jack .. show full overview
Ep. #11758
Air date
Jan 17, 2012
Abigail freaks after seeing Chad and Melanie holding hands. John tells Marlena he's excited for his meeting with Brady this morning. Gabi offers to give Chad a massage for his sore .. show full overview
Ep. #11759
Air date
Jan 18, 2012
Will receives a text from E.J. about his next assignment. Rafe and Carrie have the same idea to keep from sweating in the office again. Abe explains to Bo and Hope that E.J. somehow .. show full overview
Ep. #11760
Air date
Jan 19, 2012
Marlena confronts Will after hearing that Abigail admired his new car, and asks if E.J. got it for him. Victor tells Daniel that Melanie and Maggie are gonna be devastated with what he .. show full overview
Ep. #11761
Air date
Jan 20, 2012
Gabi tells Melanie that Daniel will come back to Salem. Kate and Sami agree the photos taken at Intensity are good, and Gabi and Chad look good together. Madison takes a picture of Hope, .. show full overview
Ep. #11762
Air date
Jan 23, 2012
Brady tells Quinn he's grateful for what he did for Chloe and Carly, also is stunned when Quinn says he's seeing Marlena professionally and trying to change. Jennifer learns that Daniel .. show full overview
Ep. #11763
Air date
Jan 24, 2012
Bo and Hope turns to Doug and Julie for guidance after what happened with Stefano. Rafe tells Sami that he hates the idea of her spying for Madison. Jennifer tells Abe her way to stop .. show full overview
Ep. #11764
Air date
Jan 25, 2012
Chad and Gabi get ready for the Countess Wilhelmina photo shoot. Madison tells Victor she's come to a decision turns down the offer. Rafe tries to persuade Sami to walk away from her .. show full overview
Ep. #11765
Air date
Jan 26, 2012
Marlena tries to get Jack to attend a session with other people suffering from post traumatic stress, but Jack says no. Quinn manages to get Abigail and Melanie alone in a room together. .. show full overview
Ep. #11766
Air date
Jan 27, 2012
Abigail has another fantasy of going to Austin admitting she loves him. E.J. tells Will he's going to throw a party for Sydney at the mansion and for him to bring her over. Carrie sits .. show full overview
Ep. #11767
Air date
Jan 30, 2012
Sami and Austin arrive at the pub and sees Carrie and Rafe together and what they just walked in on. Will thinks to himself how his mother is going to react that Sydney is with E.J. Abe .. show full overview
Ep. #11768
Air date
Jan 31, 2012
John asks Sami hes grateful he and Marlena were included in Sydney's birthday, also how things are going working for Kate. Carrie tells Rafe she and Austin had an argument and he stormed .. show full overview
Ep. #11769
Air date
Feb 01, 2012
Will asks Sonny how he knew the first moment he was gay. Abigail shares her new career as being a model for Mad World cosmetics which displeases Jennifer. Carrie gets an upsetting phone .. show full overview
Ep. #11770
Air date
Feb 02, 2012
Sami is shocked when Madison announces she's pulling the plug on her scheme. Bo tells Hope that once Stefano gets here she can change her mind. Nicole wants E.J. to tell her what's going .. show full overview
Ep. #11771
Air date
Feb 03, 2012
Rafe and Carrie take on a case involving a woman thinking her husbands been having an affair. Jennifer asks Abe if he's thinking about telling Lexie the truth about what he's done. .. show full overview
Ep. #11772
Air date
Feb 06, 2012
Lexie admonishes Nicole at how she could accuse Abe of cheating. Bo tells Hope there's only one way to find out by opening the envelope itself. Austin tells Kate he and Carrie have been .. show full overview
Ep. #11773
Air date
Feb 07, 2012
Bo tells Hope that there's no way that this could be true. Austin is speechless when Carrie doesn't answer the question. John comes home and tells Marlena he's come to remind himself why .. show full overview
Ep. #11774
Air date
Feb 08, 2012
Marlena is beside herself when John reveals they're not legally married. Austin wakes up in Abigail's arms having no memory of what happened last night. Carrie walks in and sees that .. show full overview
Ep. #11775
Air date
Feb 09, 2012
Brady tells Madison he's not going to judge for not taking the C.E.O job at Titan. John, Marlena, Bo and Hope look for answers from Stefano regarding the marriage license. E.J. tells .. show full overview
Ep. #11776
Air date
Feb 10, 2012
Austin wonders what he's going to do after getting a text from Abigail. Madison asks Ian what he's doing here in Salem. Sami tries to persuade Will not to leave. Abigail asks Melanie to .. show full overview
Ep. #11777
Air date
Feb 13, 2012
Abigail runs off after seeing Austin and Carrie kiss, and runs into Melanie and she asks what's wrong. Bo tells Roman that Hope getting a divorce from John is no joke cause Stefano is .. show full overview
Ep. #11778
Air date
Feb 14, 2012
Nicole tells E.J. that today he becomes the next mayor of Salem, E.J. is irate that Will didn't remind him in time. Jennifer tells Abe that someone approached her and can fix the ballots .. show full overview
Ep. #11779
Air date
Feb 15, 2012
Jack asks Abigail who the person is that hurt her this time. Sami wants answers from Carrie if she does have feelings for Rafe. Johnny asks Rafe when he's coming home. Madison goes to .. show full overview
Ep. #11780
Air date
Feb 16, 2012
Abe sees that Jennifer went against his word and is talking to that person who can fix the election. Nicole tells Stefano and Kate she feels confident that E.J. will be the next mayor of .. show full overview
Ep. #11781
Air date
Feb 17, 2012
Lexie runs off after refusing to join Abe at the podium during his victory speech, Kate sees that something isn't right. John tells Marlena that it's gonna be a routine trip to Alamainia .. show full overview
Ep. #11782
Air date
Feb 20, 2012
Abe comes home to find Lexie packing a suitcase. Brady goes to Madison thinking he's owed the truth of how Ian came into her life. Kate slaps Ian saying she can't go down that road with .. show full overview
Ep. #11783
Air date
Feb 21, 2012
Jack tries to settle things between Abigail and Jennifer about this whole modeling thing. Austin sees that Carrie is burying herself in her work and not putting their marriage first and .. show full overview
Ep. #11784
Air date
Feb 22, 2012
Abigail suggest that she and Austin tell Carrie together about their affair, Carrie then walks in. Victor thinks of how to get rid of Ian as C.E.O. Will walks in interrupting Marlena and .. show full overview
Ep. #11785
Air date
Feb 23, 2012
Marlena tells Sami the longer she keeps the secret of her affair the worse it's gonna get. Rafe tells John he did all he can but couldn't get travel visas for Bo and Marlena. E.J. .. show full overview
Ep. #11786
Air date
Feb 24, 2012
Sami stops Rafe from continuing to bang on the door, he then let himself in the back and starts punching E.J. Will pulls away from his kiss with Neil and takes off after Sonny saw it. .. show full overview
Ep. #11787
Air date
Feb 27, 2012
Sonny tries to locate Will after he took off from the party after kissing Neil. Nicole avoids E.J.'s call and comes across Daniel who returned to Salem. Will can't believe that his .. show full overview
Ep. #11788
Air date
Feb 28, 2012
Nicole tells Daniel that the results must be wrong cause she can't be pregnant. Kayla brings in Bo to talk some sense into Abe when he knocks back drinks, and gets into it with E.J. .. show full overview
Ep. #11789
Air date
Feb 29, 2012
Brady sees that Madison is his appointment by pretending to be someone. Hope and John experience deja vu while having lunch at a local cafe, while someone keeps close watch on them. Kate .. show full overview
Ep. #11790
Air date
Mar 01, 2012
John and Hope recall their passionate past, while in Alamainia. Sami goes to Rafe wanting him to watch the children while she's away on Countess W. business. Daniel sees that Nicole .. show full overview
Ep. #11791
Air date
Mar 02, 2012
Abigail discovers where Austin is taking Carrie for a getaway. Lucas surprises Sami by showing up at her doorstep, and says to let Will be angry at her right now. Gabi is livid after .. show full overview
Ep. #11792
Air date
Mar 05, 2012
Sami finds out accidentally that Lucas is engaged, and why he didn't tell her sooner. Carrie is delighted to see Abigail at the lodge, a feeling that Austin doesn't share at all. Madison .. show full overview
Ep. #11793
Air date
Mar 06, 2012
Lucas can't believe Kate's behavior thinking she and Sami have put the past behind then when she hired her to come work her. Roman overhears Bo and realizes that he's not assigned to the .. show full overview
Ep. #11794
Air date
Mar 08, 2012
E.J. makes an attempt to resolve things with Nicole. Daniel comes into the pub and helps with Bo, and then take him to the hospital. Marlena gets a message from someone thinking it's .. show full overview
Ep. #11795
Air date
Mar 09, 2012
Melanie makes Abigail promise not to further interrupt Carrie and Austin. Kate tells Chad and Gabi they'll be reporting to Billie from now on. Brady tells Madison that he's got a lawyer .. show full overview
Ep. #11796
Air date
Mar 12, 2012
Billie introduces herself to Daniel saying she heard all about him from her daughter Chelsea, and she would like to see Bo. John tells Hope to get her frustrations all out in the open. .. show full overview
Ep. #11797
Air date
Mar 13, 2012
Roman and Abe wonder why E.J. is summoning then to the DiMera mansion. Will is irate after learning from Lucas that Sami is the one that called him. Billie wants Kate to stop with this .. show full overview
Ep. #11798
Air date
Mar 14, 2012
Austin returns to the hotel room, and expresses to someone thinking it's Carrie, but it's in fact Billie. Carrie goes into Rafe's arms telling everything that went down this weekend. .. show full overview
Ep. #11799
Air date
Mar 15, 2012
Everyone shows up for Sonny's opening of the new coffee house. Victor expresses his concerns on why Sonny needs Chad as a business partner. Brady tells Marlena that he proposed to .. show full overview
Ep. #11800
Air date
Mar 16, 2012
Kate tells Sami that this isn't her office anymore cause Billie is going to be using it. Abigail tells Austin she insists Carrie hear what she has to say too, he says that she's with .. show full overview
Ep. #11801
Air date
Mar 19, 2012
Billie sees that Daniel having an intense workout, saying she's glad he can be here for Bo when Hope can't. Abe tells Lexie that what he did was to pretty much save the town and says he .. show full overview
Ep. #11802
Air date
Mar 20, 2012
Abigail tells Melanie that she didn't tell Carrie and Austin the truth and is never going to. Jack comes to the pub and Austin tells him that his wife is falling in love with another .. show full overview
Ep. #11803
Air date
Mar 21, 2012
Jennifer tells Abe that it should be him up there getting sworn in as mayor and not E.J. Caroline arranges a prayer mass for Bo's quick recovery. Sami asks Austin if he's seen Carrie, .. show full overview
Ep. #11804
Air date
Mar 22, 2012
Hope tells John she has no choice but to trust Stefano. Jack takes Jennifer to the Brady Pub after bailing her out of jail. Nicole tells Rafe she doesn't care if E.J. thinks they're .. show full overview
Ep. #11805
Air date
Mar 23, 2012
Will apologizes to Sonny for missing the opening, Lucas walks in seeing them fooling around. Marlena catches Rafe looking at a picture and sees that he really misses Sami. Carrie .. show full overview
Ep. #11806
Air date
Mar 26, 2012
Billie is shocked when Daniel says he was told by Kate to steer clear of her. Austin wants and answer from Carrie if it's too late to save their marriage. Will does his best to avoid .. show full overview
Ep. #11807
Air date
Mar 27, 2012
Brady arrives unaware the hosts of the party is Ian. Will is told by Marlena that he can't help the feelings that he has. John tells Hope they have no choice but to become the old selves .. show full overview
Ep. #11808
Air date
Mar 28, 2012
Abe is surprised when Lexie is the one that paid his bail. Billie asks Kate she thinks Stefano is the reason that nobody has heard from Hope, Kate says that's a line she doesn't want to .. show full overview
Ep. #11809
Air date
Mar 29, 2012
Marlena is taken by surprise and tells Kate she has no interest in Stefano what so ever. E.J. asks Billie what she's doing going through his father's confidential files. Marlena realizes .. show full overview
Ep. #11810
Air date
Mar 30, 2012
Nicole asks Rafe for his help in getting her out of town. Chad tells Gabi that Melanie thinks he's cheating on her with someone else. E.J. takes Sami to an apartment and says it's all .. show full overview
Ep. #11811
Air date
Apr 02, 2012
Carrie tells Marlena that Abigail lied about her sleeping with Austin and doesn't change her feelings for Rafe. Gina and John plan to double cross Stefano and escape to be free of him. .. show full overview
EP. #11812
Air date
Apr 03, 2012
Kate goes to Lexie wondering if she's heard from Stefano. Marlena sits down with Roman and Abe concerning Stefano's being responsible for John and Hope's whereabouts. Lucas tells Sami .. show full overview
EP. #11813
Air date
Apr 04, 2012
E.J. asks Will to keep a close eye on Nicole, and to take time away from school, Marlena then tells E.J. what he can do with his offer. Gina and John celebrate when they successfully .. show full overview
EP. #11814
Air date
Apr 05, 2012
Gabi makes a promise to herself to break up Chad and Melanie. Nicole tells Daniel that E.J. learned about the pregnancy and Rafe said he was the father. Austin tells Carrie maybe it's .. show full overview
EP. #11815
Air date
Apr 06, 2012
John tries to get Hope to snap out of it by getting her to remember Bo, but he ties her to a chair. Francisco tells Stefano he did what he asked by delivering the package to Kate, .. show full overview
EP. #11816
Air date
Apr 09, 2012
Hope and John lie to Stefano as to how the article concerning Bo came into their possession. Ian tells Kate that he's never stopped loving her. Rafe tells Nicole they have plenty of time .. show full overview
EP. #11817
Air date
Apr 10, 2012
Sonny is ecstatic after Will tells him that he came out to his grandmother tonight. Kate tries to turn Ian away at the mansion, but he insists on speaking to her. Stefano tells Francesco .. show full overview
EP. #11818
Air date
Apr 11, 2012
Stefano manages to keep John and Hope from boarding the plane. Nicole goes looking for an apartment with Rafe, but changes they're mind after learning E.J. and Sami live in the same .. show full overview
EP. #11819
Air date
Apr 12, 2012
Chad and Melanie wake up in each others arms. Daniel gives Rafe the document in case E.J. does something drastic, Rafe then gets a call from Carrie asking to meet at the Pub. E.J. .. show full overview
Ep. #11820
Air date
Apr 13, 2012
Marlena is thrilled by John's return home. Nicole wonders what Stefano wants with the stolen pensions from Basic Black, E.J. thinks that his father doesn't care about him whatsoever. .. show full overview
Ep. #11821
Air date
Apr 16, 2012
Hope tells Daniel that she felt Bo's hand move. Stefano surprises Kate with dinner in the town square saying he's making up for being away for so long. Lexie tells Abe she's gonna do .. show full overview
Ep. #11822
Air date
Apr 17, 2012
Hope talks with Bo, but he then slips back into his coma. Kate goes to confront Sami after learning that Stefano gave her Countess Wilhelmina. Lexie tells E.J. that given the tumors .. show full overview
Ep. #11823
Air date
Apr 18, 2012
Carrie and Austin encounter Rafe as he's getting an ice cream sundae for Nicole. Gabi definitely sees something has changed in Will. Chad tells Abigail he arranged a date for her and .. show full overview
Ep. #11824
Air date
Apr 19, 2012
Will tries to make Gabi realize that she never made him gay, cause she did nothing wrong in their relationship. Melanie sees Chad being pulled into a lip lock by some of his adoring .. show full overview
Ep. #11825
Air date
Apr 20, 2012
Lucas approaches Kate and sees that Ian is the reason they're both out of a job. Carrie has a dream of making love to Rafe but wakes up after hearing Austin's voice. Brady is gonna make .. show full overview
Ep. #11826
Air date
Apr 23, 2012
Ian tells Kate she'll understand his intentions she hears what he has to say. Abe has a specialist brought in to consult on Lexie's case. Austin tells Sami that Carrie is committed to .. show full overview
Ep. #11827
Air date
Apr 24, 2012
Lexie tells Abe that it's time they explained the situation to their family and friends. E.J. tries to compromise with Nicole at the idea of moving away from Salem, she says it's cause .. show full overview
Ep. #11828
Air date
Apr 25, 2012
Celeste has a reaction when she and Cameron touches hands, then notices when Abigail comes in and their eyes lock. Chad surprises Melanie with a romantic trip to Chicago. Will and Gabi .. show full overview
Ep. #11829
Air date
Apr 26, 2012
Justin tells Madison the positive side to her working with Kate at Mad World. Carrie walks by Nicole's hospital room and starts to overhear Nicole and Rafe's conversation. E.J. overhears .. show full overview
Ep. #11830
Air date
Apr 27, 2012
John and Hope tell Bo they filed the divorce petition, but it wasn't finalized. Billie ask E.J. that if she were in trouble he would've went to Stefano after catching going through the .. show full overview
Ep. #11831
Air date
Apr 30, 2012
Marlena is taken and held at knife point and tells John to hand over the coin or else his wife is dead. Kate can't believe it after seeing Lucas and Sami kissing and more that he's .. show full overview
Ep. #11832
Air date
May 01, 2012
Nicole tells Brady that she's pregnant, and says that E.J. isn't the father and it being Rafe. E.J. sees Lucas and Sami kissing and asks to speak with her privately. Agent Harmon tells .. show full overview
Ep. #11833
Air date
May 02, 2012
E.J. is still reeling after finding out and confronts Stefano and asks who his father is. Lucas admits to Sami that when she called him he thought about them getting back together. Rafe .. show full overview
Ep. #11834
Air date
May 03, 2012
Carrie sees Roman coming up to the cabin and Hope's quick thinking manages to get a message telling him that the bomb will go off if the door or windows open and not to trust Agent .. show full overview
Ep. #11835
Air date
May 04, 2012
Sami calls Lucas calling to discuss what happened between them earlier, she then gets a visit from E.J. saying he wants to see his children, Sami asks him what is upsetting him. Ian .. show full overview
Ep. #11836
Air date
May 07, 2012
Lexie tells Celeste and Cameron that the tumor is accelerating and her time is limited, so she and Abe have decided to spend that time with her family. After the explosion Roman and .. show full overview
Ep. #11837
Air date
May 08, 2012
Brady comes in the pub and Roman tells him that John and Marlena were killed in an explosion. Abigail rushes and finds Jack and Jennifer and tells them something terrible has happened. .. show full overview
Ep. #11838
Air date
May 09, 2012
Billie goes to check on Austin only to see him wallowing himself. Will goes to confront Stefano asking him why he killed his family, but he says he had nothing to do with what happened. .. show full overview
Ep. #11839
Air date
May 10, 2012
Sami asks Lucas if he thinks everyone believed her about what she said about Marlena at the service. Marlena tells John she doesn't like the idea of their loved ones believing they're .. show full overview
Ep. #11840
Air date
May 11, 2012
Will comes to the wrong conclusion about Sami when he comes to find her with E.J. Billie is delighted to see Bo and Hope, and tells them that E.J. is the one that stole the Basic Black .. show full overview
Ep. #11841
Air date
May 14, 2012
Lexie doesn't know what to say when Theo asks her to come camping with him and Cameron this summer. Agent Harmon assures Stefano that when he locates the coin it'll be in his hands once .. show full overview
Ep. #11842
Air date
May 15, 2012
Will expresses his concerns for Gabi regarding her stalker situation, and offers to take her someplace safe, but she flat out refuses. John tells Marlena that if Shane doesn't make a .. show full overview
Ep. #11843
Air date
May 16, 2012
Madison sees that Brady is diving back into work so soon after John died. E.J. tells Nicole that Rafe isn't here anymore and he should raise the child together. Bo and John fill Rafe in .. show full overview
Ep. #11844
Air date
May 17, 2012
Vladimir says that all of their identities were revealed to him, John says he should think twice before walking away from a fine opportunity. Will asks Lucas if he's alright with the .. show full overview
Ep. #11845
Air date
May 18, 2012
Bo pretends to be Nevsky in order to lure Stefano to the warehouse. Marlena tends to Carrie after she has a nightmare leading back to the explosion. Lucas is angry at Sami for telling .. show full overview
Ep. #11846
Air date
May 21, 2012
E.J. tells Lexie he saw she was having a good time with the square decorated like Paris. Carrie tells Marlena that if she is pregnant, the baby is definitely Austin's. Austin tells .. show full overview
Ep. #11847
Air date
May 22, 2012
Carrie feels some stomach pains as she's trying to tell Austin the truth. Hope tells Abe that Stefano was arrested for buying illegal arms. Stefano receives immunity on all of his .. show full overview
Ep. #11848
Air date
May 23, 2012
Rafe goes to see Nicole and says the plan to bring down Stefano was a total bust. Abe takes Lexie home after her latest dizzy spell and insists on Daniel come to check on her. Shane .. show full overview
Ep. #11849
Air date
May 24, 2012
Bo surprises Hope in the morning and wishes her a happy anniversary. Will is confused as to why Gabi hasn't gone to the police regarding her stalker. Chad invites Melanie to a family .. show full overview
Ep. #11850
Air date
May 25, 2012
Austin takes Carrie to the hospital to make sure she's really pregnant, they then bump into Rafe and Nicole. Will ignores a call from Sami telling E.J. he can't deal with her right now. .. show full overview
Ep. #11851
Air date
May 28, 2012
Bo and Hope share a tender moment, saying she's always going to be here with him. Lexie's health takes a terrible turn for the worse, but doesn't tell Abe just how bad it's getting. .. show full overview
Ep. #11852
Air date
May 29, 2012
Lexie asks E.J. to do the right thing and to give Abe his job back as Mayor and will focus on his personal life. Cameron tells Jack and Jennifer that Lexie is his half sister. Sami finds .. show full overview
Ep. #11853
Air date
May 30, 2012
Rafe tells Nicole he has to go in there to meet Daniel. and they learn E.J. hasn't shown up to give his DNA sample yet. E.J. tells Abe what Lexie told him she wanted him to step aside as .. show full overview
Ep. #11854
Air date
May 31, 2012
Will finds Gabi in a shady part of town and she asks what's in the bag he's holding. Daniel can't believe that Nicole is determined to make sure the test comes up showing Rafe as the .. show full overview
Ep. #11855
Air date
Jun 01, 2012
Ian sees some discrepancy in her divorce papers from Stefano saying he has the power to take back Countess W, and will not be able to work for any competitor. Sami catches up to Marlena .. show full overview
Ep. #11856
Air date
Jun 04, 2012
The shooter goes and makes sure that Stefano is dead before leaving the mansion. John comes back to the townhouse asking where he's been. E.J. finds Will and asks who or what he's .. show full overview
Ep. #11857
Air date
Jun 05, 2012
Roman tells Martine they have to go down the long list of suspects and must do it by the book. Abe throws out the newspaper with the headline thinking Lexie isn't up to reading it. Sami .. show full overview
Ep. #11858
Air date
Jun 06, 2012
Bo and Hope tell John and Marlena that they're prints were also found on the gun that was used to kill Stefano. Nicole tells Rafe and Daniel that E.J. would go to extreme lengths to take .. show full overview
Ep. #11859
Air date
Jun 07, 2012
Chad asks Melanie if she's glad that Stefano is dead. Lucas arrives and Sami tells him that Roman thinks Will killed Stefano. Roman arrests Will for Stefano's murder. Andrew creeps up on .. show full overview
Ep. #11860
Air date
Jun 11, 2012
E.J. comes to the mansion for the first time since Stefano's death and Rafe says he can't come in cause it's a crime scene and reminds him he is a suspect. Jack tells Jennifer the new of .. show full overview
Ep. #11861
Air date
Jun 12, 2012
Marlena tells Roman that he arrested the wrong person cause Will didn't shoot Stefano, Roman says he questioned everyone who was at the DiMera mansion and sees someone is definitely .. show full overview
Ep. #11862
Air date
Jun 13, 2012
Gabi confronts Andrew telling him that the rat thing he did backfired cause Chad told Rafe about her stalker. Rafe is delighted when Nicole comes for the viewing. Sami goes to see Will .. show full overview
Ep. #11863
Air date
Jun 14, 2012
Chad tells Will that he's gonna make sure he won't get away with killing Stefano. Andrew finishes up and quickly moves on to phase two of his plan. Madison tells Kate she doesn't know .. show full overview
Ep. #11864
Air date
Jun 15, 2012
Bo points to Marlena during his session with Hope concerned that one of their loved ones may have killed Stefano. Abe sees that Kayla is acting very tense and asks if everything is .. show full overview
Ep. #11865
Air date
Jun 18, 2012
Cameron tells Abigail she can't go out with him since he's looking after Theo today, but asks her for a rain check. Brady agrees to Madison's request by taking a drug test, so he calls .. show full overview
Ep. #11866
Air date
Jun 19, 2012
Billie tells Rafe that Will isn't the one that shot Stefano, E.J. is. Gabi offers to help Chad pick out an apology gift for Melanie. Justin tells Sami that bringing in Carrie was his .. show full overview
Ep. #11867
Air date
Jun 20, 2012
Hope and Bo look at Theo playing with Ciara thinking he's not ready to say goodbye to Lexie. E.J. tries to persuade Will to come forward and tell the truth to where he was the night .. show full overview
Ep. #11868
Air date
Jun 21, 2012
Will tells Sonny that Roman didn't take kindly to finding out he was gay. John and Marlena offer Abe what they can do for him. Celeste tells Cameron he knows that Abigail is the reason .. show full overview
Ep. #11869
Air date
Jun 22, 2012
Nicole offers her condolences to Daniel who is grieving for Lexie, but he says if her act ended before or after they kissed. Agent Spencer arrives saying he wants to take over the .. show full overview
Ep. #11870
Air date
Jun 25, 2012
E.J. gets the paper away from Will before he gets a chance to read it. Lucas tells Sami she did everything right and stood up for Will last night to Roman. Daniel comes back to find .. show full overview
Ep. #11871
Air date
Jun 26, 2012
Rafe asks Nicole if she knows who switched the DNA samples. Sami and Lucas approach Will after hearing he's working for E.J. yet again. Agent Spencer asks E.J. if he's ready to .. show full overview
Ep. #11872
Air date
Jun 27, 2012
Melanie tries to get through to her captor by asking what he wants. Gabi grabs Chad's phone before he has a chance at contacting Carly to see if she's spoken to Melanie. E.J. asks Nicole .. show full overview
Ep. #11873
Air date
Jun 28, 2012
Abe tells Marlena he can't go through with it, and isn't ready to say goodbye to Lexie. Roman tells Rafe and Agent Spencer he should have a warrant for E.J.'s place soon. Nicole quickly .. show full overview
Ep. #11874
Air date
Jun 29, 2012
Kayla receives a text from Steve offering his condolences for Lexie, and she admits to Jennifer that her marriage is over, Bo then overhears and says his sister deserves better then .. show full overview
Ep. #11875
Air date
Jul 02, 2012
Agent Spencer and Rafe head to the DiMera mansion to further question E.J. Sonny tells Will that everyone is beginning to think that E.J. is the one that killed Stefano, and maybe he .. show full overview
Ep. #11876
Air date
Jul 03, 2012
Will quickly hides the letter as E.J. comes into the room, and sends him on an errand. Carrie tells Austin the reason she didn't tell Sami is that she would assume that it could be .. show full overview
Ep. #11877
Air date
Jul 04, 2012
E.J. denies Will's claim until he points out about the letter that Alice had written. Chad tells Gabi he was suppose to sit and watch the fireworks with Melanie. Melanie reads a .. show full overview
Ep. #11878
Air date
Jul 05, 2012
Abe asks Kayla to stay and keep him company for a while. Andrew lets Gabi know that if he gets caught and what Chad will say when he finds out she came between him and Melanie. Cameron .. show full overview
Ep. #11879
Air date
Jul 06, 2012
Carrie struggles to keep her mind off of Rafe. Madison tries to get ahold of Brady to apologize for yesterday. Rafe comes knocking on Nicole's door and she quickly answers the door to .. show full overview
Ep. #11880
Air date
Jul 09, 2012
Ian sees a messenger drop off Kate something but is alarmed when she doesn't show him the contents. Madison tells Brady that she wants to believe him that he was set up but can't. E.J. .. show full overview
Ep. #11881
Air date
Jul 10, 2012
Hayes tells the man that even though E.J. failed the test it won't be admissible in court. Daniel takes Nicole back to her hotel room where they begin kissing passionately. Will tells .. show full overview
Ep. #11882
Air date
Jul 11, 2012
Lucas asks Will if there's something that he isn't telling him about E.J. and why he is so sure that he won't come after him. John and Marlena make an attempt at a relaxing day laying on .. show full overview
Ep. #11883
Air date
Jul 12, 2012
Andrew scolds Melanie for trying to escape once again, he gets a text from Gabi. Sami quickly pulls away from E.J. before she can make another mistake. Lucas and John plan a hostile take .. show full overview
Ep. #11884
Air date
Jul 13, 2012
Lucas tells E.J. to stay away from Sami as well as his family. Rafe gets a call from a judge saying they got the warrant to search E.J.'s apartment. Andrew continues to play with Gabi's .. show full overview
Ep. #11885
Air date
Jul 16, 2012
Chad picks up Melanie's bracelet and begins to search the premises. E.J. demands to be told how they came in possession of the leather gloves. Ian is determined to find out what Kate is .. show full overview
Ep. #11886
Air date
Jul 17, 2012
Gabi tells everyone a story of how she was clorophormed her and brought her to the basement, and asks Rafe if she ruined the investigation. Melanie wakes up and wonders and stars calling .. show full overview
Ep. #11887
Air date
Jul 18, 2012
Rafe tells Agent Spencer that he is ready to make an arrest. Abe tells John why he didn't issue a hostile take over sooner then it would finally be a legitimate business. Lucas tells .. show full overview
Ep. #11888
Air date
Jul 19, 2012
Will rushes out of the DiMera mansion hoping to find that letter before somebody else does.Kate hears Ian on the phone and finds out he is keeping tabs of the DiMera's. Rafe is .. show full overview
Ep. #11889
Air date
Jul 20, 2012
Gabi, Cameron, Abigail and Sonny urge Chad to take a break from after putting up all those flyers. Hope and Bo question the landlord of the person that abducted Melanie. Will tells Rafe .. show full overview
Ep. #11890
Air date
Jul 23, 2012
Daniel comes to Nicole's room and is immediately livid that she got him away from searching for Melanie for a romantic dinner, but she says it's because he hasn't eaten. Sami is angry .. show full overview
Ep. #11891
Air date
Jul 24, 2012
Chad sees E.J. in cuffs and learns that he is the suspect in Stefano's murder, he is shocked when E.J. reveals that he is not his brother after all. Bo and Hope tell Gabi that her prints .. show full overview
Ep. #11892
Air date
Jul 25, 2012
Chad can barely make out what Melanie is saying, not before Andrew grabs the phone and breaks it. Sami comes home to Lucas after being mugged and attacked. Abigail tells Cameron she .. show full overview
Ep. #11893
Air date
Jul 26, 2012
Gabi wakes up and attempts to get Melanie out but Andrew grabs her foot, prompting Melanie to asks how he knows her name. Brady and Chad pray that Melanie was no where near the blast. .. show full overview
Ep. #11894
Air date
Jul 27, 2012
Abe welcomes everyone to the dinner to honor Lexie. Andrew insists that Melanie know everything. Chad and Brady continue to zone in on the voices in the tunnels. Roman asks Will where .. show full overview
Ep. #11895
Air date
Aug 13, 2012
Madison tells Ian there's no way that Brady would just abandon her on their wedding day. Andrew tells Chad to ask Gabi where Melanie is. John wakes up and sees Marlena, and goes to check .. show full overview
Ep. #11896
Air date
Aug 14, 2012
Marlena tells Kayla that Lucas leave to go and look for Sami. Daniel and Bo can't hear Nicole while trapped under the rubble. E.J. refuses to let Sami go away with him, and should stay .. show full overview
Ep. #11897
Air date
Aug 15, 2012
Brady tells Melanie he can't fight this feeling, and needs to go and check on Madison. Bo shows Daniel a way that Nicole could've gone, he asks Hope to call Kayla if she made it to the .. show full overview
Ep. #11898
Air date
Aug 16, 2012
Justin consoles Adrienne after telling that Jack died tonight, Julie the learns the truth. E.J. tells Sami that he feels that they should head back to Salem. Melanie and Chad are .. show full overview
Ep. #11899
Air date
Aug 17, 2012
Maggie is overjoyed when she sees Melanie is alright. Brady can't believe that Madison is gone, and finds out that Ian was with her at the end, he asks Kate what he did to her. Father .. show full overview
Ep. #11900
Air date
Aug 20, 2012
Tad shows up, and tells Will he came back after reading and discovering he is gay. E.J. finds out that he's being held captive by Ian. Nicole tells Daniel that she wants to keep seeing .. show full overview
Ep. #11901
Air date
Aug 21, 2012
Johnny comes out and asks Marlena where his mother is. Will pulls away from Sonny saying he didn't want him to kiss him. Maggie goes to see Jennifer and Abigail and tells him that Jack .. show full overview
Ep. #11902
Air date
Aug 22, 2012
Stefano tells E.J. that what Ian is saying is true. Gabi goes to offer her condolences to Jennifer, but comes across Chad telling her to have her things out of his apartment by the time .. show full overview
Ep. #11903
Air date
Aug 23, 2012
Tad brutally attacks Sonny and leaves him unconscious on the floor. Kate tells Roman she knows who killed Stefano. Nicole is committed to a relationship with Daniel. E.J. tells Rafe and .. show full overview
Ep. #11904
Air date
Aug 24, 2012
Victor tells Maggie that Daniel just told himk that Madison died in the explosion, and Brady knew for sometime. Sami comes home and Will is thrown at her revelation that Stefano isn't .. show full overview
Ep. #11905
Air date
Aug 27, 2012
Chad tells Daniel that Melanie is determined to put her life back together. Maggie steps in and tells Julie to back off cause this is the last thing Melanie needs. Sami and Rafe touch .. show full overview
Ep. #11906
Air date
Aug 28, 2012
Nick tells Maggie and Julie that Melanie isn't going to be delighted with the idea of his release. Marlena comes by and asks Will how the thing with his friend went. Brian sees that .. show full overview
Ep. #11907
Air date
Aug 29, 2012
Roman tells Sami that Rafe is the reason that the charges against Will were dropped. Abe tells Hope and Bo that Theo is one of the main reasons he is dealing with Lexie not being here. .. show full overview
Ep. #11908
Air date
Aug 30, 2012
Sami tells E.J. that she can't do this. Cameron tells Daniel that Jennifer and Abigail should be getting back now, he then ponders about calling her. Rafe gives his condolences to Brady .. show full overview
Ep. #11909
Air date
Aug 31, 2012
Melanie has a frightening dream of Nick asking her for help. Daniel asks Maggie for a favor in getting Nicole a place to stay. Chad goes to see Abigail and tells her to choose Melanie .. show full overview
Ep. #11910
Air date
Sep 04, 2012
Nicole tells Daniel to think of another option to live elsewhere then at Victor's. Gabi sees that Rafe is in a good mood and what is the cause of it. Hope asks Bo if he's ready for the .. show full overview
Ep. #11911
Air date
Sep 05, 2012
Rafe steps in thwarting a mugger away from Sami, and goes after him when he runs off. Melanie testifies at the parole hearing. and wants Nick in the room. Lucas tells E.J. that Sami will .. show full overview
Ep. #11912
Air date
Sep 06, 2012
Will asks Gabi if the search was on for Andrew's so called accomplice. Melanie reveals to a stunned Chad and Daniel that she changed her mind about being against Nick's parole. Sami .. show full overview
Ep. #11913
Air date
Sep 07, 2012
Nick tells Abigail that part of the parole means he has to stay in Salem. Daniel welcomes Kayla back at University Hospital, she hopes that Jennifer will come back as well. Marlena tells .. show full overview
Ep. #11914
Air date
Sep 10, 2012
Abigail apologizes to Cameron for her behavior the other night. Hope asks Maggie if Nick can stay here at the mansion. E.J. interrupts Rafe and Sami's conversation. Chad tells Melanie .. show full overview
Ep. #11915
Air date
Sep 11, 2012
Chad goes to E.J. to help him locate Stefano, cause he needs his help about something. Melanie blatantly tells Nick to stay away from her, Maggie says that he's living at the mansion .. show full overview
Ep. #11916
Air date
Sep 12, 2012
E.J. learns that Nicole is residing with Jennifer at her house. Sami gives Will a gift and he asks what she wants in return. Nicole tells Rafe she has the perfect name for her son. .. show full overview
Ep. #11917
Air date
Sep 13, 2012
Sonny sees the look on Adrienne's face when he says he is interested in Will. Rafe tells Sami that E.J. isn't the right man for her. Nick tells Gabi that Melanie really stepped up for .. show full overview
Ep. #11918
Air date
Sep 14, 2012
Maggie asks Melanie if she's marrying Chad for all the wrong reasons. Anne continues to make trouble for Jennifer and Daniel steps in and stands up for her again. Brady witnesses Rafe .. show full overview
Ep. #11919
Air date
Sep 17, 2012
E.J. and Rafe engage in a brawl in the town square, Lucas asks John if this is cause of Sami. Jennifer tells Hope she feels bad for yelling at Daniel and needs to find him so she can .. show full overview
Ep. #11920
Air date
Sep 18, 2012
Nick overhears Abigail tell Gabi that Melanie and Chad moved up the ceremony. Jennifer tells Nicole what she is doing to and knowing that the baby she's carrying is actually E.J.'s. .. show full overview
Ep. #11921
Air date
Sep 19, 2012
Chad demands that Gabi tell him what she and Nick were talking about. Kate presents to Brady an idea that Madison had, and will take pleasure in both taking Sami down. Jennifer tells .. show full overview
Ep. #11922
Air date
Sep 20, 2012
Victor tells Brady and Maggie he doesn't want Melanie to marry a DiMera. Gabi tells Rafe to explain the bruise on his forehead and just how the other person is. Melanie realizes that .. show full overview
Ep. #11923
Air date
Sep 21, 2012
Maggie tells Adrienne she lied to Melanie when she she approved of her marriage, when she is doing it for the wrong reasons. Nicole has a brief dream of E.J. saying he knows the truth. .. show full overview
Ep. #11924
Air date
Sep 24, 2012
Kate informs Lucas of what Adrienne said about Will. Gabi intervenes and tells Chad to stop beating up Nick saying Melanie is with Maggie. Sami looks at the picture and asks Nicole if .. show full overview
Ep. #11925
Air date
Sep 25, 2012
Jennifer tells Nicole she needs to move out of her house. Maggie tells Daniel there's nothing they can do to change Melanie's mind. Melanie tells Chad she wants to hear what Gabi has to .. show full overview
Ep. #11926
Air date
Sep 26, 2012
Daniel confronts Chad about what he did to Nick and the way he reacted in the process. Gabi goes to Rafe saying she is in really big trouble and admits Andrew never stalked her. Roman .. show full overview
Ep. #11927
Air date
Sep 27, 2012
Melanie tells Chad she doesn't know if she can forgive him, and needs to see her mother so she can figure things out. E.J. tells Howard that he wants to bring Rafe down and making sure .. show full overview
Ep. #11928
Air date
Sep 28, 2012
Sami tells Will that Rafe pretty much broke her heart. Sonny comes in but doesn't hear Lucas and Adrienne's conversation. Melanie tells Maggie and Daniel she was saying her final .. show full overview
Ep. #11929
Air date
Oct 01, 2012
Bo is irate that he missed Ciara's poetry reading cause of his long hours at the station. Daniel makes it clear to E.J. that he doesn't want his daughter anywhere near any member of his .. show full overview
Ep. #11930
Air date
Oct 02, 2012
Nicole asks Rafe what Sami did for him to be so down on himself. Daniel tells Jennifer she is getting mixed up in a very serious situation if she goes through with this. Sami and E.J. .. show full overview
Ep. #11931
Air date
Oct 03, 2012
Daniel tells Abigail that Melanie is on her way to Barcelona to be with Carly. Brady steps in and stops the fight between Nicole and Jennifer. Chad tells Gabi that it is time that the .. show full overview
Ep. #11932
Air date
Oct 04, 2012
Sami goes to see Chad asking what he and E.J. where talking about last night. Gabi tells Rafe the good news about her deal Chad made with Nick and won't be pursuing her anymore. E.J. .. show full overview
Ep. #11933
Air date
Oct 05, 2012
Rafe and Sami reunite, which displeases E.J. very much. Kayla lets it slip to Bo about layoffs at the Salem P.D. and Hope confirms it. E.J. tells Sami he has a rational explanation. .. show full overview
Ep. #11934
Air date
Oct 08, 2012
Nicole becomes even more upset after seeing Jennifer and Daniel together. Sami tells Rafe that if he wants to keep E.J.'s baby away from him she can help. Stefano senses the pain in .. show full overview
Ep. #11935
Air date
Oct 09, 2012
Nicole almost approaches Rafe until she learns he and Sami are back together again. Jennifer gives Daniel a list of all the men that Nicole has hurt in the past. Bo shows Hope what he .. show full overview
Ep. #11936
Air date
Oct 10, 2012
Abigail asks Gabi if she is the reason that Melanie left town. Hope tells Bo she isn't saying no to the around the world trip, he opens up to Caroline's state of mind and how she has .. show full overview
Ep. #11937
Air date
Oct 11, 2012
Stefano meets up someone saying it's been a long time. Rafe goes to Sami's for their date, and E.J. then sees them together. Caroline realizes she called Bo by his father's name and .. show full overview
Ep. #11938
Air date
Oct 12, 2012
Caroline tells Kaya if it's possible that alzheimers is the cause for these recent episodes. Stefano tries to persuade Kristen to come back to Salem and restore peace to their family. .. show full overview
Ep. #11939
Air date
Oct 15, 2012
Stefano tells Kristen that she is pretty much his last chance. Nicole prays that Daniel believes that Jennifer tried to physically hurt her. Abigail goes to see Jennifer not believing .. show full overview
Ep. #11940
Air date
Oct 16, 2012
Caroline tells Bo to stop hovering over her and for him to go him. E.J. calls and leaves a message for Justin saying he has proof that he's the father ofthe baby, and is told by a nurse .. show full overview
Ep. #11941
Air date
Oct 17, 2012
Kristen is enroute to Salem. Caroline wants to know from Kayla what her options are if the test came back saying she has alzheimers. Nicole despite everything doesn't tell E.J. the .. show full overview
Ep. #11942
Air date
Oct 18, 2012
Maggie realizes that Caroline is the one who's sick not Bo. Rafe admits to Sami that he was never the father of Nicole's baby. John doesn't tell Marlena exactly what he was dreaming .. show full overview
Ep. #11943
Air date
Oct 19, 2012
Stefano calls Kristen wanting a progress report on what they discussed. Justin tells Jennifer he couldn't get the charge reduced or yet dismissed and Brady and Billie's statements are .. show full overview
Ep. #11944
Air date
Oct 22, 2012
Kate tells John that he's in for something with Sami hiring Nick for Countess W. Will tells Tad that despite what they been through, he's happy he's staying in Salem. Nicole is thrown at .. show full overview
Ep. #11945
Air date
Oct 23, 2012
John is surprised by Kristen's arrival at his office. Sami tells Lucas that she and Rafe aren't together anymore cause he lied to her about him not being the child's father. E.J. blasts .. show full overview
Ep. #11946
Air date
Oct 24, 2012
Rafe wants Sami to give him one more chance to explain why he lied to her about Nicole's baby being his. Hope tells Bo about Jennifer's encounter with E.J. Gabi learns that Nicole lost .. show full overview
Ep. #11946
Air date
Oct 25, 2012
Kayla tells Caroline about the clinical trials, but it being in California, but she refuses to leave the pub attended. Jennifer tells Abigail she went to see Nicole in the hospital and .. show full overview
Ep. #11947
Air date
Oct 26, 2012
Marlena tells John he doesn't have to follow her around, he just wants to make sure she is safe. Brady encounters Kristen in the town square, and wonders what she's doing here in town. .. show full overview
Ep. #11948
Air date
Oct 29, 2012
Bo tells Victor and Maggie that he's leaving today for California. Will and Sonny set the mood thinking now is the perfect time to be together. Sami tells Marlena that Stefano demoted .. show full overview
Ep. #11949
Air date
Oct 30, 2012
Nicole has a dream about Jennifer telling Daniel that the baby was already dead when she took that fall. Justin goes to see Jennifer telling her the good news, she says that Roman .. show full overview
Ep. #11950
Air date
Oct 31, 2012
Nicole tells Brady there's not going to be a trial, he then asks her who got to her to make her change her mind. Sami tells Marlena that she can handle Kristen. Daniel blurts out to a .. show full overview
Ep. #11951
Air date
Nov 01, 2012
E.J. demands that Nicole tell him why she suddenly changed her story. Kristen comes out to find Brady waiting telling her to quit playing games with John and Marlena. Daniel is .. show full overview
Ep. #11952
Air date
Nov 02, 2012
Kate goes to see Sonny telling him to be careful with Will. Jennifer tells Hope she is going to confess to pushing Nicole down the stairs. Nick and Gabi embrace and make love. Sami asks .. show full overview
Ep. #11953
Air date
Nov 05, 2012
Sami goes to Jennifer saying Nicole and Daniel are leaving sooner then expected and the real reason she changed her story. Brady has an unsettling dream of Kristen taking aim and .. show full overview
Ep. #11954
Air date
Nov 05, 2012
John tells Marlena that he ran into Kristen at Sami's office, he is surprised that she was already told. Daniel tells Cameron to keep a lid on this until he has all the facts straight. .. show full overview
47x245 Season finale
Ep. #11955
Air date
Nov 07, 2012
Hope goes to John and Marlena after learning that Kristen returned to Salem saying if she has caused them any trouble lately. Daniel enlists Rafe to help him locate Nicole right away. .. show full overview

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