Days of our Lives

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Season 26 Discuss
Ep. #6668
Air date
Dec 24, 1991
Roman and Marlena exchange romantic gifts. The Brady family sings Silent Night. John and Isabella pray together at St. Jude's.
Ep. #6765
Air date
May 08, 1992
Tension arises between Roman and Marlena over their new agreement. Lawrence opens up to Lisanne about John being his brother. Carly and Bo learn her baby is still alive!
Ep. #6772
Air date
May 19, 1992
Roman and Marlena witness the tension between Shawn and Caroline. Shane and Kayla grow more distant from each other. Lawrence starts making inroads with Carrie.
Ep. #6812
Air date
Jul 16, 1992
Lawrence and Lisanne engage in another night of unbridled sex. Molly and Tanner profess their love for each other. Marlena and Roman share a sensual dinner at Wings.
26x5 Season finale
Ep. #6880
Air date
Oct 20, 1992
Kimberly and Philip plan to run off to Las Vegas and get married. Roman and Taylor are hot on the trail of a murderer. Carrie makes a serious anti-drug statement.

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