Days of our Lives

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Season 46 Discuss
Air date
Mar 08, 2011
Daniel tells Nathan that he does not have his blessing for Melanie's hand. Abigail asks Jennifer if she plans on running into Daniel at the hospital. Bo asks Hope what's wrong after .. show full overview
Air date
Mar 09, 2011
E.J. has another fantasy about Taylor. Brady wants to make sure he maintains control of Titan. Jennifer tells Maggie about Jack's latest blog of him traveling to India. Chad overhears .. show full overview
Air date
Mar 10, 2011
E.J. objects to the idea of Taylor moving into the mansion to look after Fay. Philip tells Chloe that it's better with her living under the same roof as Parker. Hope tells Justin and .. show full overview
Air date
Mar 11, 2011
Gus tells Vivian to stop wallowing and focus on her next evil scheme. Will tells Gabi not to worry about losing the earrings. Kate lets it slip to Sami that Lucas told her that Allie was .. show full overview
Air date
Mar 14, 2011
Kinsey tells Bo that she wants to press assault charges against Gabi. Dario brings more jewelry to the pawn broker. Adrienne tells Jennifer the good new that she and Justin are getting .. show full overview
Air date
Mar 15, 2011
Gabi learns the identity of the thief, Will wants to know who this person is. Dario bumps into Melanie, she then realizes that the necklace Carly gave her is missing. Sami opens up to .. show full overview
Air date
Mar 16, 2011
Stefano instructs Ted to get the key away from Rafe right away. Gabi starts lashing at Dario on why he wasn't there for Arianna's memorial or funeral. "Rafe" calls Stefano saying they .. show full overview
Air date
Mar 17, 2011
Gabi asks Justin what are the chances of the charges against Dario going away. Jennifer tells Abigail that she's planning on divorcing Jack. Daniel tells Melanie he insists on going to .. show full overview
Air date
Mar 18, 2011
Taylor tells E.J. that they can't be doing this, E.J. says it's alright and continuing kissing. Nathan comes to see Melanie after learning that she was almost robbed. Sami goes to Daniel .. show full overview
Air date
Mar 21, 2011
Vivian tells Carly that when she supposedly "left Salem" she was being held in the mausoleum. Stephanie asks Nathan if she's the reason that he's going to be leaving. Sami asks "Rafe" .. show full overview
Air date
Mar 22, 2011
Maggie calls Victor but abruptly hangs up. Carly tells Sami, while Stefano continues to overhear that something may be wrong. "Rafe" wonders how he's gonna get himself out of this. .. show full overview
Air date
Mar 24, 2011
Dario encounters Melanie after coming to the hospital looking for Rafe and not finding him in his room. Hope and Bo go through some of Alice's stuff from the attic and come across .. show full overview
Air date
Mar 25, 2011
Johnny tells E.J. to text Allie just how pretty his aunt Taylor is, Nicole sees that he's thinking about something. Carly tells "Rafe" that he found some discrepency in his latest test .. show full overview
Air date
Mar 25, 2011
Dario thinks of what Stephanie told him about Melanie and sees her talking with Daniel assuming she's about to scam him. Chad introduces himself to Jennifer with the last name DiMera. .. show full overview
Air date
Mar 28, 2011
Bo tries to console Carly after she loses a patient, but she won't let him. Nicole asks Lexie if there's something more going on with Taylor and E.J. Ciara tells Theo after listening to .. show full overview
Air date
Mar 29, 2011
Taylor tells E.J. she's not the kind of person that has affairs. "Rafe" gets a call from Stefano asking him not to pull any more stunts that land him in the hospital. Jennifer asks .. show full overview
Air date
Mar 30, 2011
Vivian tells Kate that she won't rest until her entire life comes crashing down around her. Brady learns of Victor's latest ploy, by stopping a takeover of a company. Sami tells "Rafe" .. show full overview
Air date
Mar 31, 2011
Melanie comes and asks Philip if she can see Parker. Brady gets into it with Dario and says he doesn't know how he felt about Arianna before or after she died. Vivian asks Nicole if .. show full overview
Air date
Apr 01, 2011
Hope calls Jocelyn only to learn she doesn't know where the kids are. Taylor tells Nicole that she's moving out of the mansion. Fay makes a noise, and E.J. goes to investigate but sees .. show full overview
Air date
Apr 04, 2011
Jennifer expresses to Daniel her concern for Carly. Nicole and Taylor find Fay in a bad state at the bottom of the stairs. Carly sees Adrienne and Justin looking so happy together. .. show full overview
Air date
Apr 05, 2011
Nicole and Taylor are told that Fay was fully aware when she fell down the stairs. Chloe mistakenly believes Philip is seeking sole custody of Parker after seeing him with Mrs. Hogan. .. show full overview
Air date
Apr 06, 2011
Sami sees "Rafe" in Fay's room and asks what he's doing here. Brady tells Victor that he's using Titan's money to make a donation in his mother's name. Dario apologizes to Melanie for .. show full overview
Air date
Apr 07, 2011
Stefano apologizes to Kate for leaving their event early but he insists on welcoming Chad into the mansion. "Rafe" cautions Sami that she'll suffer the same fate as Fay did and that he .. show full overview
Air date
Apr 08, 2011
Carly learns that despite everything Vivian keeps in contact with Nicholas. "Rafe" dons some hospital scrubs so he can sneak into Fay's room, but is interrupted by Maxine. Fay pleads .. show full overview
Air date
Apr 11, 2011
Vivian gloats to Gus about her recent victory against Carly. Lexie asks Carly she'll need to fill in tonight in the O.R. but says that she can't. "Rafe" tells Fay he has to get rid of .. show full overview
Air date
Apr 12, 2011
Stefano takes precautions in Fay's sudden death and has an immediate check up. Melanie sees that Daniel is playing hooky from work. Jennifer tells Maxine that she has to be here once .. show full overview
Air date
Apr 13, 2011
Carly tells Daniel to leave well enough alone. E.J. hears a noise and goes and sees it was Nicole he heard. Sami sees Johnny tending to "Rafe's" needs by bringing him a beer. Ciara tells .. show full overview
Air date
Apr 14, 2011
Bo and Hope try to locate Theo and Ciara. E.J. tells Stefano that Sami is taking Johnny and Sydney to Colorado to visit Eric and couldn't be more happier. Ciara and Theo find a place in .. show full overview
Air date
Apr 15, 2011
Philip tells Chloe that everything isn't good when he requested they share custody of Parker. Nicole tells Taylor that E.J.'s secret has something to do with Rafe. Lexie blames Ciara for .. show full overview
Air date
Apr 18, 2011
Stefano and Kate get wind of Theo and Ciara's disppearance. Daniel and Melanie encounter Chloe at the Cheatin Heart having a few too many. Will asks "Rafe" that he personally wants to .. show full overview
Air date
Apr 19, 2011
Melanie turns and pepper sprays Daro by accident into his eyes. Philip tells the social worker that Chloe needs Parker in her life. Kate begins to record her and Chloe's phone .. show full overview
Air date
Apr 20, 2011
Kate gloats that she's stopped Chloe in her tracks permanently. Carly takes something to take the edge off while resuming at performing surgery. Nicole asks Dario why would "Rafe" leave .. show full overview
Air date
Apr 21, 2011
Bo tells Hope he thinks he may have found Ciara. Jennifer starts to lose her breath and Daniel takes her into the pub to sit down a bit. Gordon insists on Carly going home and he'll fill .. show full overview
Air date
Apr 22, 2011
Kate sees Chloe on the phone looking for a place to live. Rafe quickly hides what he has in his hands before Al comes in his room. "Rafe" wuickly becomes alarmed when Dario says that he .. show full overview
Air date
Apr 25, 2011
Lexie rips into Hope about their kids running away. Theo and Ciara encounter a homeless woman named Leah. Melanie tells Brady that she sees that with Philip gone is a sign to move on. Al .. show full overview
Air date
Apr 26, 2011
Rafe finds himself trapped by the doctors and he then jumps off the cliff. Victor asks Brady if they're in fact still family. Melanie is surprised when Maggie literally stands up for .. show full overview
Air date
Apr 27, 2011
Stefano tells E.J. of Rafe's escape from the asylum. Bo finds Ciara and explains to her that their problems wasn't her fault at all. Lexie lets Stefano know that Theo was found and to .. show full overview
Air date
Apr 28, 2011
Chloe looks while she reads her divorce papers, Justin walks in and asks if there's anything he can do for her. Nicole grabs the letter opener with rage after looking at Taylor and E.J. .. show full overview
Air date
Apr 29, 2011
Nicole wonders which secret Fay had to tell her either about Rafe or E.J. and Taylor. Carly asks Melanie to promise not to tell Daniel she lost track of last night. Daniel tells Jennifer .. show full overview
Air date
May 02, 2011
Sami wants answers from "Rafe" on whi his clothes are missing from the bedroom. Al tells Stefano to let this go since the patient and couldn't have survived the fall in the ravine. Rafe .. show full overview
Air date
May 03, 2011
E.J. tells Stefano that he's going to end his marriage to Nicole so he can marry Taylor. Taylor asks Nicole what is going to shock her. Sami asks "Rafe" if he did in fact bring a woman .. show full overview
Air date
May 04, 2011
Sami tells Caroline that while she was away "Rafe" slept with another woman. Sister Rose tells Rafe that his fever broke and called out someone's name while he slept. "Rafe" goes .. show full overview
Air date
May 05, 2011
Rafe recalls being at the Covenant of the Holy Cross before. Daniel tells Melanie that he's gonna prepare a meal for Jennifer right here at the apartment. Caroline slaps "Rafe" after .. show full overview
Air date
May 06, 2011
Nicole tells Taylor that her and E.J. are gonna be leaving for the honeymoon they never got to go on. Rafe tells Sister Rose that he knows where he has to be. "Rafe" sees Will and Gabi .. show full overview
Air date
May 09, 2011
Quinn starts to cozy up to Chloe at the Cheatin Heart. Melanie surprises Carly before she can pop another pill. Nicole tells E.J. she went to check on Sydney and it appears Taylor has .. show full overview
Air date
May 10, 2011
Sami is shocked when she faces two men that look like her husband. Nicole goes and finds Taylor talking to Lexie at the pub. Melanie tells Abigail she has a lot of nerver to blame her .. show full overview
Air date
May 11, 2011
Taylor tells E.J. that it was a mistake by coming here. Maggie and Victor each takes interest in the same soap opera. Stefano tells Nicole that it's possible that Rafe will come back. .. show full overview
Air date
Jul 26, 2011
Carly tells Jennifer she needs to go to a rehab facility. Kate believes that Nicole still loves E.J.
Air date
Jul 27, 2011
Carly's loved ones find out about her drug problem. Nicole loses control after she witnesses a kiss between Taylor and Brady.
Air date
Jul 28, 2011
E.J. remembers the night of his attack. D.A. Woods pushes for Bo's immediate demotion.
Air date
Jul 29, 2011
Brady tells Melanie he has a plan to protect them from E.J. Daniel and Jennifer work together to help Carly.
Air date
Aug 01, 2011
E.J. tells Nicole he knows that Brady attacked him. Taylor takes matters into her own hands.
Air date
Aug 02, 2011
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Air date
Aug 03, 2011
This episode has no summary.
Air date
Aug 04, 2011
This episode has no summary.
46x191 Season finale
Air date
Aug 05, 2011
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