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Season 31 Discuss
Ep. #7650
Air date
Nov 08, 1995
Caroline tells Bo that she thinks he's using his commitment to Billie to avoid his feelings for Hope. Bo admits that she's on his mind, but he hasn't decided what he feels yet. .. show full overview
Ep. #7687
Air date
Jan 02, 1996
Peter warns Jude not to let anyone spot him, but Jude doesn't stay hidden as he can't resist sneaking a peek at Bo and Hope together. When Jack spots him and rushes to tell Jennifer, Peter struggles to keep them from learning the truth.
Ep. #7824
Air date
Jul 15, 1996
In Paris, Vivian is stunned when she sees a ring that looks very much like one Stefano would wear. Ivan tries to convince her to call her nephew John and tell him what she saw, but .. show full overview
Ep. #7829
Air date
Jul 22, 1996
Jill gives Bo the key chain that her attacker left in her apartment. When he realises Franco doesn't have his keychain, he thinks he may be the rapist, until he finds out that a number .. show full overview
Ep. #7834
Air date
Jul 29, 1996
John and Abe followed Vivian to Stefano's, but before John could chase him, Kristen shows up, and begins experiencing abdominal cramps. Abe takes off, and John accuses Vivian of being in .. show full overview
Ep. #7868
Air date
Sep 13, 1996
At the party Peter is throwing for Jennifer, Jack is just seething at the knowledge that he doesn't have the goods on Peter yet. When Celeste reveals that Peter is the friend throwing .. show full overview
Ep. #7869
Air date
Sep 16, 1996
Hope is upset when a wedding planner mistakes her for Billie. Caroline tells Bo that he deams about Billie because they never ended their relationship, not really. Billie just left. Bo .. show full overview
Ep. #7870
Air date
Sep 17, 1996
Kristen uses the hypnotic device to get John back into her bed, where he believes he's making love to Marlena. When Marlena arrives and John kisses her, Kristen claims it was just .. show full overview
Ep. #7871
Air date
Sep 18, 1996
Sami, Austin and Will's happy reunion is short-lived when French social workers show up and announce their plans to take Will. Celeste gets the chance to know Daniel Scott a little better. Bo and Hope are shocked to see Billie in Salam.
Ep. #7872
Air date
Sep 19, 1996
Celeste agrees to help Jack get the goods on Peter from Daniel. Austin fights to keep the social workers from taking his son. Hope is shocked to see Bo and Billie embracing.
Ep. #7873
Air date
Sep 20, 1996
Austin and Carrie are shocked to learn that the best way to get Will back is for Sami and Austin to marry. Jack plans to have Daniel tell him everything about Peter, but unfortunately his plan fails. Bo and Hope plan to take Billie out to dinner.
Ep. #7874
Air date
Sep 23, 1996
Austin and Carrie try desperately to find a way to get Sami out of their lives, but they realise that the only way Austin and Sami can get Will back is for his parents to marry. Carrie .. show full overview
Ep. #7875
Air date
Sep 24, 1996
Jack manages to lull Daniel into a false sense of security by losing to him, while Laura sells her jewelry and maxes out her credit cards to get her hands on some serious money. With .. show full overview
Ep. #7876
Air date
Sep 25, 1996
Marlena worries that it's her fault Sami has turned out the way she has because she was never there for her. John does his best to reassure Marlena, and when Kristen sees their .. show full overview
Ep. #7877
Air date
Sep 26, 1996
Sami's plans seem to be falling apart when Austin opts to sleep alone on the floor, so she decides to take matters into her own hands. She moves down there to be with him and starts .. show full overview
Ep. #7878
Air date
Sep 27, 1996
Carrie feels her future is threatened by the growing bond she sees between Austin and Sami, all because of Will. Bo is concerned when Hope tells him Billie is considering a romance with Franco.
Ep. #7879
Air date
Sep 30, 1996
Billie decides to try a relationship with Franco just as Bo decides to arrest him. Austin and Carrie try to spend as much time as they can together. Jonah and Wendy take Ben to the park for a picnic.
Ep. #7880
Air date
Oct 01, 1996
Everyone is shocked to learn Sami went to see the judge, as Austin and Carrie enjoy some stolen moments. Lexie finds out that Stefano left her something in a safety deposit box. Kristen and Peter talk about their misdeeds.
Ep. #7881
Air date
Oct 02, 1996
Daniel and Jack meet up, and Daniel gives Jack the evidence he needs to prove Peter is just like Stefano. Bo and Hope put Billie and Franco out of their minds and plan their upcoming wedding. Vivian and Ivan work on their escape plan.
Ep. #7882
Air date
Oct 03, 1996
Jennifer is shocked and horrified to learn that Peter was lying to her all along, and she bought it. Austin wants to end his marriage to Sami right away so he can be with Carrie.
Ep. #7883
Air date
Oct 04, 1996
At Kristen's prompting, Peter begs Jennifer for a chance to explain, but she doesn't want to hear it. Kristen has problems of her own when Marlena insists she see a doctor.
Ep. #7884
Air date
Oct 07, 1996
John tells Marlena how close he and Kristen are getting. Peter is furious to see Stefano alive and well. Lexie is torn over Stefano's legacy for her.
Ep. #7885
Air date
Oct 08, 1996
Kate is furious to learn that Austin and Sami are married when the duo return to Salem with Carrie. Lexie opens Stefano's final gift to her. Vivian escapes from the prison.
Ep. #7886
Air date
Oct 09, 1996
Franco tries to decide what to do next in terms of Billie and Jill. The doctor announces that Kristen and the baby are fine.
Ep. #7887
Air date
Oct 10, 1996
Sami is determined to make her marriage to Austin real. Jack and Jennifer return from Paris.
Ep. #7888
Air date
Oct 11, 1996
Jennifer can't believe it when Jack suggests taking a job overseas. Alice wants Laura to get Jennifer to give Jack another chance, while Peter works to get Jack out of Jennifer's .. show full overview
Ep. #7889
Air date
Oct 14, 1996
Peter stops Jennifer from asking Jack to stay in Salem. Carrie and Austin plan his divorce from Sami. André is found dead.
Ep. #7890
Air date
Oct 15, 1996
Laura tells her daughter that she still loves Jack. Kate offers Lucas a vice presidency. Sami decides to sue Carrie.
Ep. #7891
Air date
Oct 16, 1996
Bo believes Franco is responsible for the dead man found on the beach. Jennifer shares her thoughts with her sleeping daughter.
Ep. #7892
Air date
Oct 17, 1996
Sami decides to turn up the heat on Austin and Carrie. Bo and Hope argue about the John Doe.
Ep. #7893
Air date
Oct 18, 1996
Jennifer isn't sure whether she should believe her ex-husband, or her current husband. Kristen continues to worry that Marlena will find out the truth. Abe, Bo, and Hope investigate John Doe's death.
Ep. #7894
Air date
Oct 21, 1996
Still unsure of who to trust, Jennifer confronts Daniel and demands the truth. Kristen asks Stefano to help her keep John.
Ep. #7895
Air date
Oct 22, 1996
Bo wants to know why Franco isn't willing to be in the police line-up. Jonah is confused at Wendy's relief that Ben isn't in the contest. Lexie tells Mickey about the jewels Stefano left to her.
Ep. #7896
Air date
Oct 23, 1996
Jennifer is shocked to learn that everything she thought she knew about Peter was a lie. Stefano tells Kristen to marry John right away.
Ep. #7897
Air date
Oct 24, 1996
As Jack begs Jennifer for another chance, Peter shows up to do the same. Vivian agrees to help Sami find a way to stop the annulment.
Ep. #7898
Air date
Oct 25, 1996
Franco tries to drive a wedge between Bo and Hope. Sami and Vivian discuss her plan.
Ep. #7899
Air date
Oct 28, 1996
Kristen worries that John will tell Marlena they plan to elope. Bo is shocked by what he learns about Jill.
Ep. #7900
Air date
Oct 29, 1996
Carrie ends up in jail as a result of Vivian's plan. Bo has an emotional reaction upon viewing the tape. Kristen tries to get Stefano to help her keep John.
Ep. #7901
Air date
Oct 30, 1996
Jennifer serves Peter with divorce papers, unwilling to listen to anything he has to say. John and Marlena worry about Kristen's pregnancy.
Ep. #7902
Air date
Oct 31, 1996
When Lexie decides to pass on Stefano's legacy, she, Abe, and Celeste celebrate. Austin tries to convince the court Carrie didn't violate the order.
Ep. #7903
Air date
Nov 01, 1996
Franco offers to leave Salem so that he isn't causing problems in Billie's future with Bo. John picks Kim, Andrew, and Jeannie up at the airport for the party. Bo gets down on one knee and propose to Hope.
Ep. #7904
Air date
Nov 04, 1996
Billie does her best to convince Bo and Hope that she has accepted them together as a couple. Jack is worried that Peter will kidnap Jennifer, and goes to John for help. Kristen meets Susan in the washroom, and learns she's her 'replacement'.
Ep. #7905
Air date
Nov 05, 1996
Kate wants Billie to tell Bo she still loves him, but Billie says she can't hurt Bo and Hope that way. Austin and Carrie come to Bo and Hope's engagement party together, and Sami comes .. show full overview
Ep. #7906
Air date
Nov 06, 1996
Billie tells Alice that as soon as this wedding is over, she's leaving Salem and returning to Paris. Sami borrows Austin's car and runs into trouble when the steering locks up. Franco grabs Jill and tells her they're not finished yet.
31x45 Season finale
Ep. #7907
Air date
Nov 07, 1996
Sami tries to warn Austin that there is something wrong with his car, but he doesn't believe her. Julie and Doug show up for a surprise visit with Hope, and notice Laura's odd .. show full overview

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