Days of our Lives

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Season 30 Discuss
Ep. #7402
Air date
Nov 08, 1994
Kristen is at the Horton Cabin meant to be looking after kids from the Horton centre, who didn't show. John rushes to see her to tell his news about being released from his vows. Tony is .. show full overview
Ep. #7403
Air date
Nov 09, 1994
Billie seeks out Marlena's advice about Stefano. She tells Marlena she thinks that Stefano brainwashed Gina to think she's Hope. Stefano meets Tony at the dock and tries to persuade him .. show full overview
Ep. #7404
Air date
Nov 10, 1994
Billie keeps pushing the brainwashing issue with Hope and Hope decides to move out.
Ep. #7405
Air date
Nov 11, 1994
Celeste demands from Mike, Marlena's alarm code. Jack and Laura get very friendly. Jennifer decides to visit her mother. Billie tries again to persuade Bo that Gina isn't Hope, but .. show full overview
Ep. #7406
Air date
Nov 14, 1994
Jennifer and Peter visit Laura. She tells them about how happy she is to be at the Meadows and wants them to meet her friend. Tony agonises over what he has seen. Bo and Hope finally .. show full overview
Ep. #7407
Air date
Nov 15, 1994
Celeste relates the memory of Bo and Hope's first night in the Loft to Billie. Billie wakes from her sleep calling that she's not Hope. Celeste sees that it's Billie. Bo tries to recall .. show full overview
Ep. #7408
Air date
Nov 16, 1994
Billie finds the book of memories and now must find Bo. Stefano speaks to a sleeping Marlena and recalls the time she stripped for him at Maison Blanche. He kisses her and she awakens. .. show full overview
Ep. #7409
Air date
Nov 17, 1994
Billie still hasn't found Bo and tells Carries about the book of memories. Bo and Hope have taken off on the bike and due to a flat tire, camp out under the stars. They find themselves .. show full overview
Ep. #7410
Air date
Nov 18, 1994
Marlena wakes from her sleep feeling exhausted. She tells Mike about her dream. Laura asks Jack why he kissed her and he tells her she needed it. (They still don't know each other's .. show full overview
Ep. #7411
Air date
Nov 21, 1994
Jack and Jennifer talk on the phone, but she's not interested in seeing him. Bo and Hope can't believe that Billie has tracked them all over the place. They don't believe her. When Bo .. show full overview
Ep. #7412
Air date
Nov 22, 1994
Carrie and Austin pick up a devastated Billie from the ferry dock. Hope is torn at wether to show Bo the book of memories. Bo talks of getting on with their lives the way it was in the .. show full overview
Ep. #7413
Air date
Nov 23, 1994
Billie decides to leave Salem. Bo and Hope start to make love but Hope breaks away, quilt starting to take over. She tells him she's not Hope, and Billie was right all along. She pulls .. show full overview
Ep. #7414
Air date
Nov 25, 1994
Bo finds out that Billie didn't leave by plane, so he and Gina split up, he to the train station and Gina to the bus station. Laura and Jack are uncomfortable at first, but then realise .. show full overview
Ep. #7415
Air date
Nov 28, 1994
Jennifer opens Laura's door and find Laura naked. When Jennifer realises there is someone in the shower, she thinks it's Daniel after all. When Laura tells her it's not Daniel but Clark .. show full overview
Ep. #7416
Air date
Nov 29, 1994
Celeste is on the same train as Billie to make sure she stays away from Salem. Jonah and Lexie are also on the same train going to a medical convention, not realising the other was .. show full overview
Ep. #7417
Air date
Nov 30, 1994
Stefano take Marlena to the Opera. She is dressed to kill and he places a tiara and a beautiful necklace on her. John has dinner at the Penthouse Grill where Tony and Kristen show. Tony .. show full overview
Ep. #7418
Air date
Dec 01, 1994
Billie finally says "yes" to Bo and they make love on the train. Gina tells Austin and Carrie that Bo knows the truth and went to find Billie. Tony sees Kristen looking at him from a .. show full overview
Ep. #7419
Air date
Dec 02, 1994
Bo and Billie wake on the train extremely happy. It's the day for Alan's kidnapping trial. Marlena wakes from another exhausting dream. Or was it a dream she wonders. Mrs Horton .. show full overview
Ep. #7420
Air date
Dec 05, 1994
Celeste intervenes in Tony scheme. As Tony watches John and Kristen from a TV in his limo, Celeste removes the antenna just as Kristen admits to John that she loves him but she's getting .. show full overview
Ep. #7421
Air date
Dec 06, 1994
As part of The Meadows program, Jack and Laura must spend time at "Green Mountain Ski Lodge" and try out their new skills. Peter decides to take Jennifer away for the weekend. Guess .. show full overview
Ep. #7422
Air date
Dec 07, 1994
The jury comes to an impasse and the judge declares a mistrial. Alan flaunts it in front of Carrie, Sami, Austin and Jamie. Carries apologies to Sami and say she'll take all the blame. .. show full overview
Ep. #7423
Air date
Dec 08, 1994
Billie and Bo return to Salem, where Billie shares the news of their reconciliation with all her friends, and Bo breaks Shawn Douglas's heart when he has to tell him that Gina isn't .. show full overview
Ep. #7424
Air date
Dec 09, 1994
John collects Marlena for Bo and Billies engagement party. He comments on how awful she looks. Jack gets friendly with Peter at the bar. Preparing for the party, Kristen faints and Mrs .. show full overview
Ep. #7425
Air date
Dec 12, 1994
Bo seeks Gina out and thanks her for all her help. She tells him she loves him. Stefano takes Marlena to the docks. Jennifer is edgy and sad. She tells Peter today was meant to be a .. show full overview
Ep. #7426
Air date
Dec 13, 1994
Sami puts her plan into action. Lucas starts his plan as well. Gina starts her new life back at CW as a model. Bo tells Vic and Kate the good news and asks Victor if he wants to come to .. show full overview
Ep. #7427
Air date
Dec 14, 1994
Mrs Horton and Maggie find the Horton Centre vandalised. Sami pulls a big scam, pretending Alan or someone had attacked her. Jamie calls Austin just as Sami planned. After helping an .. show full overview
Ep. #7428
Air date
Dec 15, 1994
Both John and Marlena are without a nanny for the holidays. Mrs Horton offers Gina as a solution. Bo and Billie buy a Christmas tree. Everyone is horrified about the burnt presents. "What is happening to this town" exclaims Caroline.
Ep. #7429
Air date
Dec 16, 1994
Dr. Perkins tells "Clark" and "Monica" that they’ve“graduated” and can go home the next day. "Clark" (Jack), however, doesn’t seem too optimistic and "Monica" (Laura) tries to stop him .. show full overview
Ep. #7430
Air date
Dec 19, 1994
Tony tells Charles he needs everything ready before Kristen returns home and will slowly tell her that he's regained his sight. Father Paul tells Kristen that the ancient scrolls may .. show full overview
Ep. #7432
Air date
Dec 20, 1994
Before leaving The Meadows, Jack thanks Laura for all her help and says he'll never forget her. She persuades him to believe that he and his ex-wife will get back together. Before .. show full overview
Ep. #7433
Air date
Dec 21, 1994
Gina follows who she thinks is Celeste into the church and ends up being knocked over the head with a book by the desecrator. When Caroline, John and Kristen go to decorate the church, .. show full overview
Ep. #7434
Air date
Dec 22, 1994
Alice is happy with the new tree being dedicated to Tom. She says it's her first time in 50 years not decorating a tree with him. Jonah says Tom helped him become a doctor. Maggie says .. show full overview
Ep. #7435
Air date
Dec 23, 1994
Celeste fears with Stefano interfering in Marlena's dreams has caused something evil to enter Salem. John fights the person in black but they are too strong and rush out as Abe and .. show full overview
Ep. #7436
Air date
Dec 26, 1994
Presents are being opened at the DiMera's, Kiriakis and the Hortons. Bo asks Billie to give her mother a gift by inviting her to their wedding. Gina is with John and the kids. Marlena .. show full overview
Ep. #7437
Air date
Dec 27, 1994
The girls are trying on their bridesmaids dresses. Kristen has called a designer to make Billie's dress. Billie has no place to have her reception. John goes over to check on Marlena. He .. show full overview
Ep. #7438
Air date
Dec 28, 1994
Marlena tells John that someone tried to attack her but she didn't know who it was. She remembers seeing someone with red eyes and a terrible laugh. When John and Mike don't believe here .. show full overview
Ep. #7439
Air date
Dec 29, 1994
The day of Billie's bridal shower. John comes back with tea for Marlena and she's in "devil" mode (green eyes). She picks up a pair of scissors. Alice gives Lucas a belated gift, a .. show full overview
Ep. #7440
Air date
Dec 30, 1994
The day of Bo and Billie's wedding, Marlena is woken by John. She finds in her hands two bolt nuts. Alice must let go of wishing that Gina is Hope. Everyone is getting ready for the .. show full overview
Ep. #7441
Air date
Jan 03, 1995
Today is the day that Billie and Bo have been waiting for. Their wedding begins with Jennifer, Carrie, Gina, and Kristen (the bridesmaids) headed up the aisle, followed by Austin, who is .. show full overview
Ep. #7442
Air date
Jan 04, 1995
Everyone at the Church is shocked when Alice announces that she cannot let Bo and Billie get married. When questioned by Father Jansen, she states that she knows in her heart that Gina .. show full overview
Ep. #7443
Air date
Jan 05, 1995
Bo and Billie beg Father Jansen to perform the ceremony, but he refuses, saying that he can't in good conscience marry two people while one of them may still be married. While Austin .. show full overview
Ep. #7444
Air date
Jan 06, 1995
Billie wake up from a bad dream but Bo is there to comfort her. Jack brings Jennifer a large bouquet of yellow roses. Marlena finds a bolt nut on her floor as John finds another in the .. show full overview
Ep. #7445
Air date
Jan 09, 1995
Bo and Billie ask Mickey to speak to the Bishop, but he agrees with Father Jansen's decision. Kristen finds Gina in the church. Gina tells her she love Bo and there's nothing anyone can .. show full overview
Ep. #7446
Air date
Jan 10, 1995
Jack asks Mickey to represent him. Bo says to Billie that if they go off to Las Vegas, she will regret it eventually. Gina leaves the party disheartened at all the pain she's caused Bo .. show full overview
Ep. #7447
Air date
Jan 11, 1995
Just as Carrie and Austin start a romantic evening, Sami calls because she scared and thinks someone is following her and it could be Alan, but as usual it's one of her plans. Austin to .. show full overview
Ep. #7448
Air date
Jan 12, 1995
Bo plans a honeymoon for Billie. Marlena possessed decides she has to get "that priest" John of her back and make people loose faith in the church. Sami has another plan for Austin to .. show full overview
Ep. #7449
Air date
Jan 13, 1995
Kristen is praying at St Lukes. Possessed Marlena grabs her from behind and chloroforms her. Sami calls Austin again but Carrie answers the phone. Carrie doesn't believe Sami's cry for .. show full overview
Ep. #7450
Air date
Jan 16, 1995
Stefano is devastated that Kristen and John would make love in a church. Austin, Carrie rush to the docks and hear a gun shot. They find Alan bleeding on the ground. Sami shot him in the .. show full overview
Ep. #7451
Air date
Jan 17, 1995
Austin takes Sami home with him. Carrie has a nightmare that she is going to loose Austin. Jack admits to Jennifer that leaving her and Abby was the biggest mistake of his life. Alice .. show full overview
Ep. #7452
Air date
Jan 18, 1995
Vivian sets up a rehearsal for the wedding, but has it all planned that she will actually marry Victor. As Kate is out of town, she will take Kate's place. She has Victor sign a marriage .. show full overview
Ep. #7453
Air date
Jan 19, 1995
Kate returns to the house as the rehearsal ceremony commences. Austin tells Jennifer he's quitting the studio for a while as he needs to take care of Sami and spend more time with .. show full overview
Ep. #7454
Air date
Jan 20, 1995
Peter tells Stefano that he loves Jennifer and will be good for her. Marlena makes an appointment to see Laura. Jennifer is furious at Jack for getting a job at the TV station. Stefano .. show full overview
Ep. #7455
Air date
Jan 27, 1995
Alan tells Carrie everything he knows about what Sami is up too, re taking Austin from Carrie. Kristen/Marlena tries to seduce John, who is dressed in his priest gear. The real Kristen .. show full overview
Ep. #7456
Air date
Jan 31, 1995
Kristen tells John and Tony about her evening. Tony wants to check the Auto Company but she tells them they don't have a record. Gina has to sign a document swearing she's not Hope. .. show full overview
Ep. #7457
Air date
Feb 01, 1995
Jen continues to be upset working with Jack. She threatens to quit the show to avoid working with him. Peter helps Jenn change all of the locks on the house to prevent Jack from coming .. show full overview
Ep. #7458
Air date
Feb 02, 1995
Tony tells Stefano and Celeste that Kristen knows he can see. He tells them about Kristen and John. Jack and Jennifer argue over custody for Abby. Peter takes Abby to lunch at the Brady .. show full overview
Ep. #7459
Air date
Feb 03, 1995
Court proceedings commence to certify that Hope is legally dead. Bo recalls how Hope died. Marlena continues to strangle Stefano with Celeste on the other side of the closet, trying to .. show full overview
Ep. #7460
Air date
Feb 06, 1995
Sami has on sexy lingerie to entice Austin. Mike does tests on Marlena as she has anaemia. Kristen rushes out of the room and tells John the lights went out, the room turned icy cold. In .. show full overview
Ep. #7461
Air date
Feb 07, 1995
Austin feels very awkward as Sami parades around in her lingerie. Lucas loosens Alan's tongue with booze and records his confession of raping Sami. Sami continues to throw herself at .. show full overview
Ep. #7462
Air date
Feb 08, 1995
Lucas rescues Sami from the Cheatin' Heart and takes her back to Titian. He tells her about the tape and she's touched that he cares about her. They kiss and then make love. Carrie .. show full overview
Ep. #7463
Air date
Feb 09, 1995
Vivian's labour is a false alarm, but she's in hospital. Jennifer goes in search of "Clark" for her mother, which leads her on a plane to Chicago with an unsuspecting Jack sitting behind .. show full overview
Ep. #7464
Air date
Feb 10, 1995
Gabriel tells John he will suffer a great disappointment and he must prepare himself or else someone John loves deeply will die. Kristen tells Tony everything about her affair with John, .. show full overview
Ep. #7465
Air date
Feb 13, 1995
Jack shows himself to Jennifer in the car. Carrie still doesn't understand why Austin is so disgusted in her. Tony and Kristen decide to renew their wedding vows at St Lukes and John is .. show full overview
Ep. #7466
Air date
Feb 14, 1995
As the snowstorm rages, Jack and Jennifer's car stall.s Jack goes for help and when he returns, Jennifer is gone. She's unconscious in the snow. Jack finds her. Peter, Mike and Laura are .. show full overview
Ep. #7467
Air date
Feb 15, 1995
Jack and Jennifer walk in the snow and find a cave where they make a fire. Jennifer is running a fever and tells Jack she loves him. She has some memories of them together. Later when .. show full overview
Ep. #7468
Air date
Feb 16, 1995
Gabriel visits John and again tells him he needs to prepare himself. John tells him he lost his battle, he lost Kristen. Gabriel says that's not the battle. Tony and Kristen make love. .. show full overview
Ep. #7469
Air date
Feb 17, 1995
Peter and Jack bring Jennifer back to Salem and into hospital. They continue to argue of her. Laura sees "Clark" at Salem Place. John sets up a plan to capture the desecrator. Victor and .. show full overview
Ep. #7470
Air date
Feb 20, 1995
Vivian and Ivan find the hotel Victor and Kate are staying at and interrupt their wedding vows. Vivian is about to tell them that she and Victor are married, but she goes into labour. .. show full overview
Ep. #7471
Air date
Feb 21, 1995
Everyone pitches in to help get the church ready for Bo and Billie's wedding. Kate helps Vivian give birth to a baby boy at the hotel.
Ep. #7472
Air date
Feb 22, 1995
Kate asks Billie to be the baby's Godmother. Jennifer is home from the hospital and Jack comes to visit. He again misses Laura. Kate shows off the baby to his brothers and sister. Sami .. show full overview
Ep. #7473
Air date
Feb 23, 1995
Sami puts a tablet in Austin's drink. Abe has a warrant to arrest Marlena. Stefano steals Marlena from her room. He then sets a plan in place to save her. He has cloned five Marlena's to .. show full overview
Ep. #7474
Air date
Feb 24, 1995
Bo and Billie's wedding day. Austin is shocked to find Sami in his bed. Gina tells Billie she can't be bridesmaid for her. Stefano doesn't believe Celeste when she tells him Marlena is .. show full overview
Ep. #7475
Air date
Feb 27, 1995
Bo and Billie are finally announced husband and wife. Marlena starts to realise what is happening to her. She fights with herself. The devil wins again and she shows up at the reception after Bo and Billie have left, naked.
Ep. #7476
Air date
Feb 28, 1995
Everyone is stunned at the reception to see a naked Marlena . She is in a daze. The DA shows up and wants Marlena arrested and announces that she is the desecrator. They take Marlena to .. show full overview
Ep. #7477
Air date
Mar 01, 1995
Sami misunderstands Austin's let down. She thinks that he loves her. John and Abe find the policeman shot in the leg and Marlena unconscious on the floor. The cop tell Abe that Marlena .. show full overview
Ep. #7478
Air date
Mar 02, 1995
Victor and Kate bring Phillip Robert Kiriakis home and tells Vivian she can move back into the Alamian mansion. Vivian has other ideas. Bo wants Billie to adopt Shawn D. Alice is still .. show full overview
Ep. #7479
Air date
Mar 06, 1995
Marlena wakes and cannot believe what John tells her that she has done. Mike and John are sure there must be a medical condition to blame for what is happening to Marlena. She has a .. show full overview
Ep. #7480
Air date
Mar 07, 1995
Jack tells Jennifer he has a legal right to live in the house. Kate and Victor tell Vivian she can now go and live her own life now. Vivian pretends to bond with the baby by nursing him. .. show full overview
Ep. #7481
Air date
Mar 08, 1995
Marlena has burn marks on her hands from the holy water. Jennifer finds Jack and Laura hugging and thinks Jack is trying to "butter" up Laura to get her on his side. Alice again suggests .. show full overview
Ep. #7482
Air date
Mar 09, 1995
Stefano sneaks into see Marlena, who is actually glad to see him. She asks him to help her. This is all part of the devil's plan. Tony finds out that Celeste and Stefano have the .. show full overview
Ep. #7483
Air date
Mar 10, 1995
Sami and Marlena have a mother/daughter talk. Sami tells her about Austin. Marlena tells her to go for it. Then she has another heart to heart with Carrie and tells her to go after the .. show full overview
Ep. #7484
Air date
Mar 13, 1995
Austin tells Sami to get dressed and then tells Carrie to leave. Gina receives accolades after becoming a hero (she rescued a woman from a mugger), but tells Bo she isn't trying to .. show full overview
Ep. #7485
Air date
Mar 14, 1995
John searches Marlena's penthouse suite for any clues to her illness. John believes it's all Stefano's doing. Gina again comes to the rescue and captures a drug dealer in front of the .. show full overview
Ep. #7486
Air date
Mar 15, 1995
This episode has no summary.
Ep. #7487
Air date
Mar 16, 1995
This episode has no summary.
Ep. #7488
Air date
Mar 17, 1995
This episode has no summary.
Ep. #7489
Air date
Mar 20, 1995
This episode has no summary.
Ep. #7490
Air date
Mar 21, 1995
This episode has no summary.
Ep. #7491
Air date
Mar 22, 1995
This episode has no summary.
Ep. #7492
Air date
Mar 23, 1995
Kate has a nightmare about Vivian taking Phillip. She's starting to have suspicions about Vivian. Abe pull all stops to make sure Stefano doesn't take Marlena. Tony is worried that the .. show full overview
Ep. #7493
Air date
Mar 24, 1995
Tony tells Peter that Stefano will soon be arrested. John and Bo find Celeste alone in the hotel room and arrest her. Gina sees Stefano at Salem Place and rushes to find him. Stefano .. show full overview
Ep. #7494
Air date
Mar 27, 1995
John has placed a homing device in Celeste bag. Kate finally hears what Vivian is up to, but needs more proof. Marlena recites the rosary to ward off the devil. Stefano and Celeste .. show full overview
Ep. #7495
Air date
Mar 28, 1995
This episode has no summary.
Ep. #7496
Air date
Mar 29, 1995
Gina is in police uniform and ready to go to Police Academy. Vivian expects a drugged Kate to be returned home. When she realises Kate has left for Bermuda, Vivian finds a way to get to .. show full overview
Ep. #7497
Air date
Mar 30, 1995
Vivian and Ivan are distraught that they may have killed Kate. They hire a plane and pilot to take them out to search for Kate. Kate and her pilot are hanging onto pieces of plane in the .. show full overview
Ep. #7498
Air date
Mar 31, 1995
This episode has no summary.
Ep. #7499
Air date
Apr 03, 1995
This episode has no summary.
Ep. #7500
Air date
Apr 04, 1995
This episode has no summary.
Ep. #7501
Air date
Apr 05, 1995
This episode has no summary.
Ep. #7502
Air date
Apr 06, 1995
This episode has no summary.
Ep. #7503
Air date
Apr 07, 1995
This episode has no summary.
Ep. #7504
Air date
Apr 10, 1995
Marlena continues to refuse to have anyone look at her eyes. The devil inside her forces Celeste to buy some contacts for her. Father Jansen realises that the devil can always be identified by yellow eyes.
Ep. #7505
Air date
Apr 11, 1995
Marlena continues her preparations to seduce John. Luckily, Celeste was able to get the contact lenses for her, so John could not see the devil inside of her. While John removed himself .. show full overview
Ep. #7510
Air date
Apr 18, 1995
While having dinner with John and Marlena, Father Jansen explains how a person who has been possessed could save themselves. Peter promises not to interfere with Jack spending time with Abby.
30x209 Season finale
Ep. #7563
Air date
Jul 05, 1995
John recaps the story of Marlena's satanic possession to Father Jansen, vowing not to let something like that ever happen again.

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