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The Arson Murders
Episode overview
Firefighters made a desperate effort to save a young family from a blazing fire, but rescuers were too late. Police declared the fire was no accident and began an arson investigation, .. show full overview
The Mennonite Murder
Episode overview
A camper gathering firewood in Arizona's scenic Sunset Crater National Park was shocked to discover the body of a young woman in a traditional long dress, wearing black dress shoes. Her .. show full overview
The Exchange Student Murder
Episode overview
An exchange student found a career and a love match in the idyllic Missouri university town of Columbia. It was a shock to their friends and family when she disappeared, leaving both her child and cell phone behind.
Murder of the Basketball Star
Episode overview
Ten days after NBA player Lorenzen Wright went missing, the player's body was found in a swamp, shot 11 times. Police search for clues to identify who killed the basketball star.
Murder at the Beauty Salon
Episode overview
When a hairstylist failed to pick up her children for a planned celebration, she was reported missing by her ex-husband. Investigators discovered a bloody scene at the salon, but the hairstylist and her SUV were gone.
Murder in Broward County
Episode overview
An heir to the Halliburton oil dynasty fortune, Jill Halliburton Su was found by her son Justin dead in the bathtub at her upscale home in a Florida gated community in 2014. The security .. show full overview
Murder in Palm Beach County
Episode overview
Makeva Jenkins seemed to have it all. A successful businesswoman and mother of three, she boasted on Facebook that she had grown her business to six figures. But just hours later, she .. show full overview
A Mother's Secret
Episode overview
In the spring of 1993, two newspaper carriers driving down a rural road spotted what they thought was a doll but which turned out to be, in fact, a newborn baby's body. The coroner would .. show full overview
Murder on County Road M
Episode overview
Todd Kendhammer called 911 in a panic, describing a freak accident that occurred while he was driving with his wife, Barbara, in the passenger seat. He said a metal pipe had fallen from .. show full overview
Murder in a Cul-de-Sac
Episode overview
In Florida in 2015, Amanda Colley was starting her life over after a contentious divorce and an ongoing custody battle with her ex-husband, James. The 36-year-old mother of two was .. show full overview
The Jazz Musician's Murder
Episode overview
Jazz trumpet player Scott Sessions failed to show up for a gig. A well-known local musician, he played with groups including the Elvis Experience band. His body was found a few days .. show full overview
Murder at Ohio State
Episode overview
When Ohio State senior Reagan Tokes failed to respond to messages from her parents, they feared the worst. Their nightmare became a reality when a 911 caller reported the discovery of a .. show full overview