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The Doctor Is Dead
Episode overview
Dr. Teresa Sievers was a rising social media star when she was found bludgeoned to death in her kitchen. Detectives quickly came to focus on her husband Mark, who had taken out a large .. show full overview
Murder Under a Blue Moon
Episode overview
When Richard Smith failed to show up for work, police discovered the murdered bodies of Smith, his mother and brother in their home. Sheriff's deputies told the media they were .. show full overview
Murder in the Kentucky Hills
Episode overview
Shayna Hubers called 911 to report she had killed her boyfriend in self-defense after he attacked her. However, investigators soon learned he was planning a date with another woman and suspected Shayna killed him in a jealous rage.
Murder on the Gulf Coast
Episode overview
When the body of former policewoman Taylor Wright was discovered buried on a remote Pensacola farm, detectives had a lineup of suspects to investigate including her ex-husband, her new girlfriend and her best friend.
Murder in a Wisconsin Field
Episode overview
Nicole VanderHeyden is found shot to death in a Wisconsin farm field; police immediately arrest her live-in boyfriend, who waited 18 hours to report her missing and has a history of domestic violence.
Killing Momma
Episode overview
An investigation into the murder of "Dee Dee" Blanchard found face down in the bedroom of her house just outside Springfield, Missouri.
Murder at The Mall
Episode overview
For decades, the mystery of Michelle Martinko's murder haunted her town and her family as police searched for her killer without success. 39 years later, through creative detective work .. show full overview
Cheerleader on Trial
Episode overview
High school senior Skylar Richardson told no one of her pregnancy. However, when a newborn's body was found buried in the family's backyard, Skylar was charged with murder.
The Farmer's Wife
Episode overview
After a woman is found murdered in her kitchen, the members of a jury are forced to decide if the woman’s abusive husband is the culprit or if the man might be telling the truth as he lays the blame at the feet of his son.
Murder in the Barnyard
Episode overview
Todd Mullis claimed his wife fell on a four-pronged corn rake and died; investigators found more than four holes in Amy Mullis' body; they knew her death was no accident.