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The New Year's Eve Murder
Episode overview
New Year's Eve and a seemingly random murder, in the small town of Benton Harbor, on the western shore of Lake Michigan. Police body cam video captured the heartbroken cries of young .. show full overview
Murder and the Sex Cam Model
Episode overview
The Amatos were a close-knit, middle-class family with three professional sons, who enjoyed Florida Gators football games together. So, it was a shock when Margaret and Chad Amato and .. show full overview
Murder and the Missing Mom
Episode overview
When Victoria Prokopovitz went missing in 2013, her three grown children were beside themselves with worry. Her husband, James, seemed oddly unconcerned, telling police she often .. show full overview
The Pizza Delivery Murder
Episode overview
25-year-old Ashley Biggs, a single mom and pizza delivery driver, was murdered on a late-night run for Dominos. Police arrested her former boyfriend Chad Cobb. For eight years, Cobb .. show full overview
Murder in Tallahassee
Episode overview
When Brandi Peters and her three children were found murdered in Tallahassee in 2010, prosecutors pointed the finger at her ex-boyfriend, Henry Segura, who owed her more than $20,000 in .. show full overview
Murder in a College Town
Episode overview
Popular South Carolina University college senior Samantha Josephson was the pride and joy of her family as she prepared to head off to Drexel Law School with a full scholarship. So, it .. show full overview
The Dallas Love Triangle Murder
Episode overview
Popular Dallas dentist Dr. Kendra Hatcher was in a deep romance with fellow doctor Ricardo Paniagua when she was brutally murdered in the garage of her apt building in what appeared to .. show full overview
The Murder of Mollie Tibbetts
Episode overview
When 20-year-old University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts went missing during her regular evening jog, her disappearance was headline news. Police had few clues until a local resident .. show full overview
Murder on Middle Mountain
Episode overview
Thirteen-year-old Dylan wasn't eager to fly to Colorado for the court-ordered long-distance visit with his dad, Mark, who tried to placate his son with a visit to McDonald's and shopping .. show full overview