Dirty Jobs

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Saison 4 Discuss
Big Animal Vet
Date de diffusion
Jan 08, 2008
Mike helps out at a BBQ restaurant and gets to help clean out the smoker. After that a trip to the farm to help out a big animal vet. For his last job Mike gets to help dig a tank out of the ground.
Steel Mill Worker
Date de diffusion
Jan 15, 2008
Mike Rowe gets dirty in St. Louis as he works with a river barge demolition team and then melts down the scrap steel into molten metal.
Cave Biologist
Date de diffusion
Jan 22, 2008
Mike Rowe works with a cave biologist and then braves the high seas in search of slime eels.
Buoy Cleaner
Date de diffusion
Jan 29, 2008
Mike Rowe gets dirty in Oregon making shingles and then jumps on a Coast Guard ship to clean dirty buoys.
Cranberry Farmer
Date de diffusion
Fév 05, 2008
Mike Rowe gets dirty making handmade bricks in South Carolina. He then masters the art of cranberry farming in Oregon.
Mud Mineral Excavator
Date de diffusion
Fév 12, 2008
Mike Rowe gets dirty in Death Valley, CA preparing for a gem and mineral show. He then helps save injured birds from a nearby salt lake. Finally, he gets dirty working at a rice plantation in South Carolina.
Dirty Jobs of the Big Apple
Date de diffusion
Avr 14, 2008
Mike Rowe rolls up his sleeves and gets dirty with some of the dirtiest jobs in New York City. First Mike climbs to the top of a giant building to build a water tower and then he masters the art of elevator repair.
Floating Fish Factory
Date de diffusion
Avr 21, 2008
Mike travels to Alaska for an adventure aboard a fish processing ship.
Dairy Cow Midwife
Date de diffusion
Avr 28, 2008
Inside an Indiana dairy farm, Mike learns how to milk a cow and use a blow torch to clean her udders. Then, Mike gets the inside scoop on how to inseminate a cow. Finally, he gets an up-close look at fatherhood as he helps deliver baby calves.
Aerial Tram Greaser
Date de diffusion
Mai 05, 2008
Mike heads to the site of a future California neighborhood where he learns that there's more to erosion control than one might think. Then Mike gets a bird's eye view of Palm Springs as .. show full overview
Turkey Inseminator
Date de diffusion
Mai 12, 2008
Making a home energy efficient by improving insulation, turkey artificial insemination, viewer mail, car crusher
Ice Salvage Crew
Date de diffusion
Mai 19, 2008
Mike gets dirty in Alaska as he helps protect the environment by cleaning up an oil spill. He then travels to Minnesota where he works to pull a car out of a lake that has fallen through the ice.
Wind Farm Technician
Date de diffusion
Jun 02, 2008
Mike heads to an Oklahoma wind farm and learns that going green sometimes means you've got to get brown first. Then he heads to Kentucky to clean out a sinkhole that some have unfortunately turned into a garbage dump.
Animal Barber
Date de diffusion
Jun 09, 2008
Mike first visits Terressentials where natural organic hair care products are made out of mud. He then returns to Montana to do some more work with big animal vet Charlene Esch. Finally, .. show full overview
Brown Before Green
Date de diffusion
Jun 16, 2008
Mike looks back on several of the Dirty Jobs that help to clean up the environment. From geothermal drilling, to wood and tire salvage, to building cobb homes, one thing seemed constant: in order to be green, you usually have to get brown first.
Tar Rigger
Date de diffusion
Oct 07, 2008
Mike hooks up with the tar rigging crew on the oldest active merchant ship in the world, the Star of India in San Diego. Then, Mike looks back at some of the dirtiest tools he's used, all which make life simpler for the rest of us.
Dirty Chip Maker
Date de diffusion
Oct 14, 2008
Mike heads to the Dirty Potato Chips factory and learns how potato chips are made and what it takes to keep the machines used to make them clean and in working order. Then it?s off to .. show full overview
Sheep Castrator
Date de diffusion
Oct 21, 2008
Mike helps saw down a giant concrete wall at an auto dealership in order to make way for a new wash bay. Then he heads to a sheep farm where he tries shearing and castrating a sheep and is treated to a pate of Rocky Mountain Oysters.
Leech Trapper
Date de diffusion
Oct 28, 2008
Mike teams up with the boys from Bartos Bait & Fish to catch leeches that will later be sold for fish bait. Then it's off to the Green Tripe factory in Hollister, CA where Mike helps make BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) for dogs.
Dirty Presidents
Date de diffusion
Nov 04, 2008
Mike takes a look at what dirty jobs past presidents once performed. This Dirty Jobs Extravaganza will leave us all looking at the country in a new way.
Mannequin Factory
Date de diffusion
Nov 11, 2008
Mike helps break down some homes at the Windsorland Mobile Home Park to make room for a new shopping center. Next, he heads to Patina-V where he learns the art involved in creating a mannequin.
Egg Farm
Date de diffusion
Nov 18, 2008
Mike visits a Chicken Farm to see how eggs make it to the store. There, he finds out that 1.4 million chickens equal a lot of poo, which he gets the chance to clean. Later, Mike learns .. show full overview
Vellum Maker
Date de diffusion
Nov 25, 2008
Mike travels to Yakama, Washington to harvest hops, the main ingredient in beer. From there Mike goes to the Hudson Valley where he turns animal hides in to paper.
Maggot Farmer
Date de diffusion
Déc 02, 2008
Mike moves a giant cactus in Arizona and then helps raise maggots on a farm in Idaho.
4x25 Épisode final de la saison
Gourd Maker
Date de diffusion
Déc 09, 2008
Mike Rowe cleans out a Connecticut lake and then turns gourds into artwork in Pennsylvania.
Brown Before Green 2
Date de diffusion
Déc 16, 2008
Mike takes a look back at some of his former coworkers who should be role models for the green movement.

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