Dirty Jobs

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Saison 3 Discuss
Bug Breeder
Date de diffusion
Jan 09, 2007
First Mike helps remove trees and tree stumps in California. Mike then gets himself dirty with some fainting goats in Tennessee. Then he vists a place that breeds exotic insects in New Orleans.
Poo Pot Maker
Date de diffusion
Jan 16, 2007
Mike first goes to northern California to count dead salmon. Mike opens up the mail bag and answers a viewer's question about the snake researcher segment. Just when Mike thought he .. show full overview
Mule Logger
Date de diffusion
Jan 23, 2007
Mike joins forces with a master-cooper, or in laymen's terms, a barrel maker. Mike also teams up with some mule loggers.
Well Digger
Date de diffusion
Jan 30, 2007
Mike joins the Bowie BaySox team at Prince Georges Stadium in Maryland acting as a groundskeeper. Next he fixes boat moorings with a former Navy SEAL. He then joins Watson Water company .. show full overview
Cave Digger
Date de diffusion
Fév 20, 2007
Mike helps dig tunnels that are used as underground wine caverns. Later he works behind the scenes with Southwest Airlines as a baggage handler. He also gets to work with the airport incinerator.
Salt Miner
Date de diffusion
Fév 27, 2007
Mike goes underground in Hutchinson, Kansas to learn about mining rock salt. This episode also focuses on the behind the scenes action in filming the show.
Wine Maker
Date de diffusion
Mar 06, 2007
Mike first heads off to Napa Valley to learn how to make wine. Mike then gets dirty at a Kansas Cattle Ranch learning about the cattle business.
Steam Ship Cleaner
Date de diffusion
Mar 13, 2007
Mike heads off to San Diego to learn the dirty job of hydroseeding. He then reads a viewer's letter and shows us never before seen footage from a previous episode. Finally Mike gets dirty cleaning up a 100 year old steam yacht.
Billboard Installer
Date de diffusion
Jun 26, 2007
Mike heads off to Texas to work with an outdoor advertising company.
Snake Wrangler
Date de diffusion
Juil 10, 2007
Reptile handler
Leather Tanner
Date de diffusion
Juil 17, 2007
Mike goes to Georgia to learn how to make artistic jugs. He then joins Richard Meyer and his sons in upstate New York to learn the ancient trade of tanning leather.
Dirtiest Machines on the Planet
Date de diffusion
Juil 24, 2007
Mike Rowe hosts a very special episode of Dirty Jobs as he looks back at some of the world's dirtiest machines that are making civilized life better for the rest of us.
Bridge Painter
Date de diffusion
Août 07, 2007
Mike Rowe and the Dirty Jobs crew travels to Michigan to work with the Mackinac Bridge Authority on one of the world's largest suspension bridges. Mike goes to great lengths, and heights, braving 50 mile per hour winds while helping paint the bridge.
Vomit Island Workers
Date de diffusion
Août 14, 2007
Mike Rowe gets dirty as he braves the untamed world of Vomit Island, a place where few have ever been and even fewer would ever want to go. Mike's mission is to help band and count newly hatched herons on the poo covered island.
Alligator Egg Collector
Date de diffusion
Août 21, 2007
Mike Rowe gets dirty as he forages the swamps of Louisiana in search of alligator eggs 90,000 of them to be exact. It's a very dirty job that's helping to preserve the population of the American alligator.
Wild Goose Chase
Date de diffusion
Août 27, 2007
Mike Rowe goes on a wild goose chase - literally! After traveling to the tundra, Mike joins forces with a team of workers that round up a flock of wild geese with airplanes.
Crew's Cruise
Date de diffusion
Sept 25, 2007
After working at some of the dirtiest jobs in America, Mike decided it was time for him and his crew to be pampered as they look back on some of their favorite dirty jobs on board one of the Royal Carribean's most luxurious cruise ships.
150th Dirty Job Extravaganza
Date de diffusion
Oct 23, 2007
2 hour special episode celebrating Mike's working 150 dirty jobs. The episode also brings back some of your favorite people from Mike's former jobs.
Special Effects Artist
Date de diffusion
Oct 30, 2007
Mike exposes the fascinating secrets behind the dirty world of special effects. He explores this very strange world as he is transformed into a real life zombie by special effects artist, Toby Sells. Also, Mike gets dirty harvesting kelp.
Reef Ball Maker
Date de diffusion
Nov 06, 2007
Mike rolls up his sleeves and gets dirty in order to help create an artificial underwater reef. It's a dirty job that is helping to revitalize fish and coral populations in areas that have been devastated by pollution.
Exotic Animal Keeper
Date de diffusion
Nov 13, 2007
Mike Rowe rolls up his sleeves and gets dirty at a recycling center in San Francisco that requires their dump truck drivers to clean out the back of their dirty trucks after each shift. It's a dirty job that even Mike has a hard time completing.
Creepy Slimy And Just Plain Weird
Date de diffusion
Nov 20, 2007
Mike Rowe looks back at some of the creepiest, slimiest and downright weirdest citizens on the animal kingdom.
Spray Insulation Technician
Date de diffusion
Nov 27, 2007
Mike Rowe gets dirty with a team of airport runway painters, examines dirty diapers for bad smells and then teams up with a group of spray insulation technicians that get dirty to keep our houses warm.
Dirty Innovators
Date de diffusion
Déc 04, 2007
Mike Rowe looks back at some of his favorite dirty jobs and salutes the men and women from around the country who have found innovative and entrepreneurial ways to get dirty
Tight Spaces
Date de diffusion
Fév 19, 2008
Mike Rowe looks back at jobs involving tight spaces: stripping and painting inside of Mackinac Bridge tower ("Bridge Painter"), replacing pipe underneath house ("Plumber"), KC-135R .. show full overview
Brown Plate Special
Date de diffusion
Fév 26, 2008
Mike Rowe Revisits jobs involving food: Coffee plantation ("Ostrich Farmer"); fish farmer ("Vomit Island Workers"); potato farmer ("Turkey Farmer"); oyster shucker ("Rose Parade Float .. show full overview
3x34 Épisode final de la saison
Greenland Shark Quest
Date de diffusion
Juil 29, 2008
In this special episode of Dirty Jobs Mike heads to the edge of the Arctic Circle, on the northeast side of Canada's Baffin Island in search of one of the most mysterious sharks known to man: the Greenland shark.

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