Dirty Jobs

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Saison 2 Discuss
Dirtiest Animals
Date de diffusion
Déc 13, 2005
Mike Rowe revisits some his previous jobs involving animals and talks about some of the behind the scenes action. Mike looks at clips from when he was a pig farmer, a chick sexer, a pet groomer, a horse breeder, and finally an ostrich farmer.
Dirtiest Water Jobs
Date de diffusion
Déc 20, 2005
Revisit of dirty jobs involving water: shark catcher/tagger ("Chinatown Garbage Collector"), golf ball diver ("Roadkill Cleaner"), oyster harvester ("Chick Sexer"), crawfish catcher .. show full overview
Creepy Critters
Date de diffusion
Déc 27, 2005
Mike Rowe steps into the world of creepy critters and gets up close and personal with some small creatures. Mike talks about some of the behind the scenes moments from when he was an .. show full overview
Dirtiest Tools & Machines
Date de diffusion
Jan 03, 2006
Mike Rowe takes a look at some of the tools and machines which make doing dirty jobs a little easier. Mike talks about some of the behind the scenes machine action from when he was a .. show full overview
Super Dirty
Date de diffusion
Jan 03, 2006
Revisit of dirtiest jobs: disaster cleanup crew member ("Sewer Inspector"), septic tank technician ("Worm Dung Farmer"), sewer inspector ("Sewer Inspector"), sludge recycler ("Sludge .. show full overview
Avian Vomitologist
Date de diffusion
Jan 10, 2006
Mike first travels to Colorado to help out at a marble quarry. He then goes to California to collect owl vomit which is sold to school children for research projects. Finally, Mike .. show full overview
Turkey Farmer
Date de diffusion
Jan 17, 2006
Turkey farmer, potato farmer, waste water sewage plant
Alligator Farmer
Date de diffusion
Jan 24, 2006
Sugarcane mill, firefighter (Fremont, CA), alligator farmer
Viewer's Choice
Date de diffusion
Jan 31, 2006
Mike answers questions from viewers and shows some of the many outtakes and deleted scenes from the show. Mike also does a new dirty job and goes to a dairy farm in Pennsylvania to milk .. show full overview
Mushroom Farmer
Date de diffusion
Mar 07, 2006
Mushroom farmer, storm drain cleaner, drain cover foundry
Date de diffusion
Mar 14, 2006
Plumber, drilling mud, Rough necker (oil drilling)
Termite Controller
Date de diffusion
Mar 21, 2006
Concrete spreader, termite exterminator, concrete truck cleaner
Casino Food Recycler
Date de diffusion
Jun 13, 2006
It's a glitzy Las Vegas premiere as Mike visits the Lance Burton Theater to clean up the pens for Lance's show doves and geese. Mike then gets really dirty by visiting a pig farmer and .. show full overview
Parade Float Dismantler
Date de diffusion
Jun 20, 2006
Mike first goes to Pennsylvania at a coal processing plant and learns how to make coke, carbonized coal used to make iron which in turn is used to make steel. Mike then goes to .. show full overview
Garbage Pit Technician
Date de diffusion
Jun 27, 2006
Mike first heads off to Las Vegas to work at an old fashioned printing press making lithographs of himself for the official Dirty Jobs poster. Mike then goes to Lincoln, CA and helps .. show full overview
Skull Cleaner
Date de diffusion
Juil 11, 2006
Mike first goes to Sacramento, CA to help repair railroad tracks. Mike then heads to Louisiana to learn how to make "boudin" (Cajun sausage). Mike then cuts and fry's pig skins to make .. show full overview
Geoduck Farmer
Date de diffusion
Juil 18, 2006
Mike first heads off to California to help tear down a dam so trout on the endangered species list can spawn. Mike then goes to Pennsylvania to restore a church's pipe organ, a process .. show full overview
Fuel Tank Cleaner
Date de diffusion
Juil 24, 2006
Mike heads to a good old fashioned steel town in Pennsylvania to work at a 75 year old candy store named Wertz Candies making all sorts of candy treats. Mike then goes to California and .. show full overview
Jobs That Bite
Date de diffusion
Juil 30, 2006
Mike starts off Shark Week by going to South Africa to look at some great white sharks inside a shark cage. Mike then heads to a shark research lab and gets a deeper understanding about .. show full overview
Jobs That Bite Harder
Date de diffusion
Août 04, 2006
Mike Rowe concludes Shark Week with another hour of dirty jobs with the men and women who work with sharks. Mike starts off in Florida working alongside a taxidermist that makes replicas .. show full overview
Coal Miner
Date de diffusion
Août 08, 2006
Mike helps a family in New Jersey demolish and recycle parts from 100 year old buildings on an old college campus. Finally, Mike enters the dangerous world of a coal miner in an upstate Pennsylvania coal mine.
Hoof Cleaner
Date de diffusion
Août 15, 2006
Mike Rowe first joins a crew at a rock quarry in Washington and learns what it takes to make gravel from loading rocks to blowing up a side of a mountain. Next, Mike gets hip deep in mud .. show full overview
Alpaca Shearer
Date de diffusion
Août 22, 2006
Mike once again joins up with the guys of Taylor Shellfish Farms to help them harvest mussels. Next he goes to Hawaii to learn about harvesting taro. Finally, Mike joins a family of .. show full overview
Monkey Caretaker
Date de diffusion
Août 29, 2006
Mike Rowe meets his match when he travels to South Africa to take care of monkeys that are being trained to go back into the wild
100th Dirty Job Special
Date de diffusion
Sept 05, 2006
Mike celebrates his 100th dirty job as an Army mechanic and takes a look back at some of his past jobs. Also, Mike answers more viewer questions, shows even more bloopers and airs even more unaired footage.
Snake Researcher
Date de diffusion
Nov 28, 2006
Mike Rowe wrangles some water snakes, steps into the shoes of hard working bait and lobster fishermen in Maine, and opens the viewer mail bag which results in some seaweed trimming.
Penguin Keeper
Date de diffusion
Déc 05, 2006
Even though Mike has worked with concrete before in Dallas, he visits concrete workers in California today to learn the art of concrete stamping. Then he goes to New Orleans to care for .. show full overview
Bell Maker
Date de diffusion
Déc 12, 2006
Mike Rowe rolls up his sleeve and gets dirty making giant bells at the McShane Bell Foundry. Mike also gets down and dirty with the US Army Corps of Engineers as they conduct yearly .. show full overview
Mosquito Control Officer
Date de diffusion
Déc 19, 2006
Mike helps New Orleans residents restore, rebuild and revive their city in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
2x45 Épisode final de la saison
Really Dirty Animals
Date de diffusion
Mar 20, 2007
It's an extravaganza of Really Dirty Animals as Mike Rowe looks back at spitting alpacas, fainting goats, wild monkeys, pregnant cows, cheating penguins, kicking ostriches, squealing .. show full overview

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