World Trigger

  • Premiered: Oct 2014
  • Episodes: 100
  • Followers: 99
  • Running
  • TV Asahi
  • Sunday at 1
  • Action Animation Anime Science-fiction


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Season 3
New Start
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 10, 2021
With Hyuse joining as a member, Mikumo Squad makes a fresh start as a new Tamakoma-2. Before the Rank Wars match, Tamakoma Branch's senior members, Michael Kronin and Yuri Rindo return .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 17, 2021
During the dinner at Okonomiyaki Kageura, Yuma is told Yuzuru Ema's real thought that he is going to give up on victory in B-Rank Wars Round 7 because he cares for Chika. Meanwhile, at .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 24, 2021
The stage selected by Suzunaru Daiichi in the B-class rank battle, ROUND7, was "Urban D". Each unit rushes to take measures against a special map where a battle is expected in the .. show full overview
Secret Plan
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 31, 2021
Suzunaru Daiichi Murakami holding a black arc moon and Kageura attacking with a scorpion that can be transformed. With the support of the gunner Kitazoe, Suzunaru Daiichi seemed to be .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 07, 2021
Yuma and Hyuse fight together and make Kageura bail out, but the point goes to Suzunari-1, who dealt the most damage. Nevertheless, the two ride the momentum and take the fight to .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 14, 2021
B-Rank Wars Round 7 finally comes to its final phase! Being gradually surrounded by Tamakoma-2 who got an advantage in numbers, Azuma Squad decides to withdraw. Tamakoma-2 struggles to score to join the Away mission. Can they pull off a victory?
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 21, 2021
"Tamakoma-2's result for B-Rank Wars Round 7 exceeded Osamu's expectation, but the bad feeling he had from before the match remains. And now, the opponents for the Final Round are decided. Who will they face off next?!"
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 28, 2021
Those who the Tamakoma Branch members happened to meet at a barbecue restaurant are Ninomiya Squad agents, their opponents in B-Rank Wars Round 8. After getting back to the branch .. show full overview
Formidable Opponent
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 05, 2021
Yuma and Osamu, who are collecting information on the next opponent, are the same as Yuba Takuma and Midorikawa, who are the captains of the Yuba captain through Shun Midorikawa.Unit .. show full overview
Change of Plans
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 12, 2021
At the Tamakoma Branch, they are developing game plans based on the information that each of them gathered, but it is hard to find the decisive factor to beat Ninomiya Squad in a .. show full overview
Final Battle
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 19, 2021
At last, the Final Round begins. Chika is ferociously attacked by Ninomiya as soon as the match starts. Amid the intense attack, will she truly be able to shoot people for the sake of her teammates?
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 26, 2021
Osamu attempts to open the way for Hyuse who is encircled. However, receiving fierce attacks from Ninomiya Squad, Ikoma Squad, and Yuba Squad, who want to ensure his dropout, Hyuse faces .. show full overview
1 vs. 1
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 09, 2022
I was siege because Hughes was dropped Uni tteam It will be in a state of turmoil between each other. Tamaki No. 2 aiming at Ikoma Corps / Minamizawa and Yuba Corps / Obishima is wary .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 23, 2022
The archery that was just a short distance away from Ninomiya was dropped, and the rest were Tamaki No. 2 and Ninomiya Corps. Corps team In a direct confrontation. Ninomiya Corps is .. show full overview

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