Princess Connect! Re:Dive

  • Premiered: Apr 2020
  • Episodes: 25
  • Followers: 6
  • Ended
  • Tokyo MX
  • Tuesday at 0
  • Action Adventure Animation Anime Comedy Fantasy Romance


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Season 2
A Walk on the Gourmet Side ~Curiosity Is the Best Bouquet Garni~
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 11, 2022
One morning over breakfast, Kokkoro pulls out a map showing the location of the ultimate seasoning known as "Drops of the Sea." Though the information had proved too questionable for .. show full overview
A Moody Cat's Hesitation ~Antipasto in the Moonlight~
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 18, 2022
One day, Yuuki heads out to deliver an item to a client. When Pecorine and the others meet up with him, they discover that the client is Tsumugi, a member of the popular idol group .. show full overview
Tea Party in the Mysterious Forest ~Afternoon Carries the Scent of Danger~
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 25, 2022
While visiting a store in Landosol, Yuuki and Kokkoro encounter Aoi wearing an unfamiliar uniform. It turns out that Aoi is a new student at the prestigious St. Theresa's Academy for .. show full overview
The Budding Detective ~Mirror Glaze on the Mind~
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 01, 2022
Having journeyed to Monster Isle, the Gourmet Guild runs into Kasumi and Makoto, who are there with their fellow Caon members to investigate a series of recent Shadow appearances. Armed .. show full overview
Light and Darkness as One ~Churrasco of Indecision and Resolve~
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 08, 2022
The Shadows on Monster Isle form a swarm with the golems and launch an attack on the islanders. Meanwhile Pecorine suddenly disappears from sight. While the Caon members, along with .. show full overview
Code Name: Monika ~Bouillabaisse Is Best Enjoyed Hot~
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 15, 2022
Recently, a mysterious knight has been appearing around Landosol and harming the residents. Inspired by Pecorine, who is angry that the people won't be able to enjoy their delicious .. show full overview
The Prankster Pixie ~Cuore in the Mist~
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 22, 2022
On their way back from farming rice, Yuuki and company find a girl lying on the roadside, who turns out to be Chika, a member of Carmina. As they tend to her, they call over her fellow .. show full overview
A Letter to Join Feelings ~Arancini on the Green Hill~
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 01, 2022
Kokkoro arrives at the post office to send a letter, where she is unfortunate enough to encounter a group of robbers who have broken in. In order to recover their stolen letters, Kokkoro .. show full overview
Converging Hearts, Passing Souls ~Crepes the Flavor of a Promise~
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 08, 2022
Pecorine and company visit a crowded festival in the Landosol shopping district, where they enjoy their time sampling the various food stalls and playing shooting games. Labyrista looks .. show full overview
Landosol at Sundown
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 15, 2022
When an injured Miyako and Shinobu show up at the Gourmet Guild, Pecorine and company are shocked to learn that Diabolos has been attacked, and its members have been kidnapped. As .. show full overview
Those Who Fight Back
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 22, 2022
Pecorine confesses to the people of Landosol that she is the true Princess Eustiana. In order to reclaim her name and throne, she vows to overthrow the imposter princess—the Omniscient .. show full overview
Connecting the Pieces With You Once More
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 29, 2022
Pecorine finally confronts the Omniscient Kaiser, joining forces with Kokkoro and Yuuki, who come to aid her in the fight. Karyl finds herself torn between her loyalty to the Kaiser and .. show full overview

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