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  • Premiered: Oct 1989
  • Episodes: 63
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  • Nippon Television
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Season 2 Discuss
Griffon Resurrected
Air date
Nov 22, 1990
It's 30 December 1999. Utsumi and Bud have returned to Japan to challenge the SV2 again, and sell their team's services in the format of the Griffin. At the SV2, the AV-Zero is going .. show full overview
SCHAFT's Counterattack
Air date
Dec 22, 1990
The remains of Division 1's Labors return to the hanger. Noa is somewhat scared of the prospect of having to fight the Griffin again, but Asuma assures her that she can defeat it. .. show full overview
The Greatest Showdown in History
Air date
Jan 23, 1991
The Griffin is ready to fight Division 2. Momoko Sakurayama races to the scene, but a traffic jam is holding them up. She decides she can wait no longer, and runs to the scene without .. show full overview
Game Over
Air date
Feb 20, 1991
Noa isn't moving, so Hiromi moves his carrier back, out of reach of the Griffin. Meanwhile Shinshi rams the Griffin with his carrier to enable Hiromi and Noa to escape. Noa's Labor is .. show full overview
A Miserable Day
Air date
Apr 24, 1991
Noa wakes up to discover she has a toothache. But some members of the team think it's more than that, especially when Asuma has been teasing her about her wisdom teeth all morning. The .. show full overview
Viewer Rate 90%
Air date
May 22, 1991
The children's TV program Together With Mother has finally been axed after 20 years, and is about to begin its final broadcast. Unfortunately, one of the cast members, Kumagoro, a man in .. show full overview
Black Trinary
Air date
Jun 26, 1991
After the hot water system (a 40-gallon drum attached to propane tank) at the SV2 literally blows up, Division 2 is forced to go to a bath house to wash themselves. Upon driving to the .. show full overview
The Seven Days of Fire
Air date
Jul 24, 1991
Ota has yet again totaled his Ingram in the line of duty. Sakaki orders the mechanics to fix the labor overnight. Shige tells him that they can't do it and have been working non-stop, .. show full overview
Air date
Aug 21, 1991
Captain Goto treats all of Division 2 to a break at hot spring. Things seem to be going well until Kumagumi tells Kanuka that she has put away the underwear she left in the change room. .. show full overview
It's Called Amnesia
Air date
Sep 25, 1991
Ota has a strange dream where he kills his team mates who have all become criminals. He wakes up to find himself in Shinshi's house where Hiromi, Asuma, Shinshi, and Shige are dead from .. show full overview
The Day Goma Came in from the Rain
Air date
Nov 20, 1991
While riding back to the hanger in the rain, Noa spots a cardboard box near the gate. Inside is a small kitten that was abandoned by someone. She sneaks it inside and asks Hiromi to help .. show full overview
Two in Karuizawa
Air date
Dec 18, 1991
Goto and Shinobu are returning from a conference in Karuizawa. Shinobu has sprained her ankle by falling down the stairs as she left and Goto has had to drive her back. Unfortunately, a .. show full overview
The Dungeon Again
Air date
Jan 22, 1992
A urethra stone made of pearl is excreted from the captured albino alligator (now in the Tokyo Zoo) that was found in the labyrinth of tunnels under the reclaimed land beneath the SV2 .. show full overview
Snow Rondo
Air date
Feb 19, 1992
Asuma discovers a postcard inviting him to a school reunion. However, he doesn't remember receiving it. He goes to the reunion and sees Yuki Kasama, a girl whom he once had a crush on .. show full overview
The Girl Who Came from the Stars
Air date
Mar 18, 1992
Noa has had a very hard day. She comes back to the hanger and heads straight for bed. She wakes in the middle of the night and notices a light on in a small building at the back of the .. show full overview
2x16 Show finale
All Quiet at the Second Unit
Air date
Apr 22, 1992
Division 2 are on vacation. Noa is doing some cleaning at home, but can't find a personal item she had since she was a child. She goes to work but can't find it there either. She meets .. show full overview

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